Untitled-1Together with Firelight Technologies, AudioGaming is proud to announce the latest integration of AudioMotors FMOD in the renowned rally racing game WRC5. Seamlessly embedded into FMOD Studio, AudioMotors creates real-life engine roaring sounds for the best audio immersion possible. Powered by AudioMotors FMOD, WRC5 has been released on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Check out this showcasing video made by WRC5 lead sound designer Nicolas Signat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAauKgM9AqY&feature=youtu.be

About procedural audio

Procedural audio refers to principle of generating audio from code and mathematical models. This computer generated audio can be driven directly by game-engine for realtime synthesis. It reduces the cumbersome sound loops/clips editing process and enables intuitive controls for graphically-synchronized sound synthesis.
Usually brewed in the intimacy of university labs or in the R&D department of large studios, the technology is gradually gaining ground into the entertainment industry. AudioGaming’s innovative technologies are now successfully used in the most demanding context, from Hollywood blockbusters like Django Unchained to advanced next-generation video games like WRC5. These new approaches offer groundbreaking possibilities for audio professionals.

About AudioMotors

audiomotors Based on advanced analysis & synthesis algorithms, AudioMotors opens a new era in cars & engine interactive sound design: imagine if you could analyze your vehicle or engine sounds to use them in a whole new way: you can now drive them! From a single recording of an engine revving up, the technology is able to generate any engine speed on demand and gives you instant access to any detected RPM seamlessly. It’s the end of long hours of editing and painful layering. By means of using multiple instances for different miking positions, the switching of perspectives can be efficiently carried out.

AudioMotors also comes with unique technology for tirerolling sound synthesis, which allows to synthesize by “scratching” non-harmonic sound textures.

AudioMotors FMOD Studio

audiomotors-studio • First of its kind analysis-synthesis engine
• Unrivaled analysis engine that automatically detects RPMs in your recordings
• Unrivaled real-time advanced synthesis engine, precise down to the engine cycle
• Use interior/exterior sounds with the same quality of results and ensure seamless transitions
• Sound design capabilities for generating a wide range of creative sounds
• AudioMotors Authoring Tools come with a command line app and a special version of DAW plugin.

Download FMOD Studio and AudioMotors here.