FMOD Studio 1.06 and FMOD at GDC expo program announced

Firelight Technologies announced today the upcoming release of FMOD Studio 1.06.

The release will include a number of new features, including support for fades and overlaps within Transition Timelines, further enhancements to the Profiler including API capture, and the custom-built FADPCM compression format, which is up to twice as fast as ADPCM while delivering better quality and compression.

FMOD will be demonstrating the 1.06 release at the GDC 2015 expo. A program for the expo booth featuring talks and tutorials by FMOD staff and guest speakers is now available on the FMOD website.

For more information on FMOD at GDC 2015 visit

FMOD Ex and FMOD Designer 4.38 are out! New videos, Sound of football

This new release provides new technology, performance improvements and features! Also check out our new YouTube videos for more tutorials, and read about a cool new project using FMOD that helps blind people play football by using audio cues!


FMOD Ex and FMOD Designer 4.38.
  • Added SRS Circle Surround matrix encoding support. This replaces FMOD's Prologic II support to provide a proper high quality surround encoder, which not only works on Dolby Prologic and Prologic 2 amps, but also with devices that support native SRS Circle Surround decoding. This encoder gives clearer and more accurate 5.1 positioning using only a stereo analog signal!
  • Added multi-threaded loading. Up to 5 threads can be used at once to load sound files!
  • CELT codec support now 2x faster. Use this as a royalty free alternative to MP3
  • Added support for new FSB5 format! FMOD Designer will now output FSB5 files. This new format holds more information than the previous FSB version at runtime, and at only 8 bytes per sound overhead! This is great for multi-thousand sound FSB files, and actually usies less memory than the old FSB 'basic headers' format which was 12 bytes per sound.
  • PS Vita, 3DS, Google Native Client and other new Nintendo platforms ready to evaluate. Contact us at for more information.
  • Added xWMA support for Xbox 360. This format is higher quality than XMA which means smaller files!
  • Added chorus and flange support to .IT playback, as well as 'effect sends'.
  • Optimized FMOD_DSP_COMPRESSOR, FMOD_DSP_TYPE_LOWPASS_SIMPLE and occlusion effects to be 2x faster
  • Added new FMOD_DSP_TYPE_HIGHPASS_SIMPLE which is a fast first-order highpass.
  • Added recording support for Wii
New youtube videos available.

Stephan Schutze has added several more official FMOD designer tutorial videos. Check them out here!

The sound of football helps the blind play football, funded by Pepsi, using FMOD.

A truly unique project. A team of blind footballers have been equipped with a system that lets them "see with sound" to play a football match against a team of former professional footballers. Read more here with the official site here. The project uses the iOS version of FMOD and FMOD Designer. Thanks to Ellen Sundh for the heads up on this cool project!