Firelight Technologies announces

Melbourne, Australia - March 2015 - Firelight Technologies announced today details of a new suite of online features for FMOD Studio. The features, collectively called, will launch with an innovative collection of sound effects and music designed specifically for games. The integrated service allows developers to go from having an idea to hearing it in the game within minutes, all without leaving FMOD Studio.
Firelight Technologies has partnered with leading audio producers to put together a collection of cutting edge content tailored for the unique requirements of game audio. Music will be provided by APM Music’s Quantum Tracks, a collection of thousands of loopable music clips with endless possible variations, and by Loopmasters, a leading supplier of music construction kits. Sound effects will be provided by Sound Ideas, a publisher with more than 35 years of experience, and by Soundrangers, a production house specializing in adaptive audio for games.
“We designed this feature of with indie developers in mind. We think indies with tight budgets and even tighter schedules will embrace as a source of high quality adaptive audio that not only sounds great but is ready to go.” said Raymond Biggs, Product Lead for FMOD Studio.
“It is more than just the most relevant and convenient collection of sound effects and music for game developers. It’s specifically designed to be deconstructed and remixed in FMOD Studio - the ultimate workstation for designers of adaptive audio.” said Matthew Connor, General Manager of Firelight Technologies.
Further details on the collection and other features of will be revealed closer to the launch. Developers, sound designers and musicians interested in learning more about, news on content, licensing, and beta access can register their interest at

FMOD Studio 1.06 and FMOD at GDC expo program announced

Firelight Technologies announced today the upcoming release of FMOD Studio 1.06.

The release will include a number of new features, including support for fades and overlaps within Transition Timelines, further enhancements to the Profiler including API capture, and the custom-built FADPCM compression format, which is up to twice as fast as ADPCM while delivering better quality and compression.

FMOD will be demonstrating the 1.06 release at the GDC 2015 expo. A program for the expo booth featuring talks and tutorials by FMOD staff and guest speakers is now available on the FMOD website.

For more information on FMOD at GDC 2015 visit

FMOD Studio for Unreal Engine 4 is now available

Melbourne, Australia – 13th October, 2014 - Firelight Technologies announced today that its next generation adaptive audio workstation and engine, FMOD Studio, is now available to Unreal Engine 4 users.
Built as a native UE4 plugin, the integration offers a truly plug and play experience without needing any source code patches.
FMOD Studio fully integrates with UE4’s powerful visual scripting interface, Blueprint, enabling those without coding experience to quickly and easily hook up sounds and music in their game.
“We think Blueprint will be a revelation for sound designers and composers.” said Geoff Carlton, Senior Developer at Firelight Technologies. “Without a single line of code, you have full control over the audio from design through to implementation.”
With the launch of the integration, Firelight Technologies have also released a video tutorial series (available on the FMOD YouTube Channel – FMODTV) that demonstrates the FMOD Studio workflow in a UE4 demo level.
Download FMOD Studio for UE4 and the tutorial assets at
For more information on Unreal Engine 4 visit

FMOD Studio 1.05 released featuring AstoundSound® 3D RTI™ spatial audio plugin

Melbourne, Australia - 9th September 2014 - Firelight Technologies announced today GenAudio’s breakthrough 3D spatial audio solution for games, AstoundSound 3D RTI, is now fully integrated into FMOD Studio for use by game developers and sound designers.
AstoundSound 3D RTI renders sound objects in 3D (including elevation and depth) with position information from the game world. This incredible technology even works over speakers, offering a life-like and truly immersive experience for a new generation of gaming.
AstoundSound 3D RTI is available as an FMOD Studio plugin for Windows, AMD TrueAudio, iOS, Android, and OS X platforms, with support for other platforms coming soon.
The FMOD Studio 1.05 release also features a number of workflow and user interface improvements focused on further enhancing productivity and ease of use.

FMOD Studio to Enable Next Generation Audio on Xbox One

Firelight Technologies today announced that its cutting edge audio technology has been optimized to support Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft

The high performance processor and dedicated Scalable Hardware Audio Processing Engine (SHAPE) is fully utilized by FMOD Studio to deliver next generation audio for the next generation of games. Authorized Xbox One developers and publishers can download an evaluation today.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Turn 10 on the Forza Motorsport franchise for Xbox One. They’re really pushing the of what’s possible in game audio.” said Raymond Biggs, lead developer for FMOD Studio. “They’re doing things in Forza Motorsport 5 that just weren’t possible with the last generation of consoles and audio tools. I know gamers are going to be blown away.”

FMOD Studio Learning Suite released

Sound Librarian offers official FMOD Studio training course.

Sound Librarian is proud to be the developers of The FMOD Learning Suite, the official FMOD education and training solution. The FMOD Learning Suite will include several levels of training material developed in conjunction with Firelight Technologies the developers of FMOD Studio.

Stephan Schütze is considered the world's foremost authority on using FMOD in sound design for game production, he has been using FMOD for over twelve years and has significantly influenced aspects of the design of the FMOD tool set, and wrote the manual for FMOD Studio.
Sound Librarian can now offer the following courses
  • FMOD Studio 101: Introduction to FMOD Studio
  • FMOD Studio 201: Certified training course
  • FMOD Studio 301: Educators Certificate
  • FMOD Studio API: Course for Programmers
Go to Sound Librarian to learn more on how to get certified or offer an official training course for FMOD Studio.

FMOD Studio 1.00 released at GDC 2013!

The game changer for interactive audio is public

To build upon the features in the previous developer preview, new features are included such as music system transition markers and regions, timeline and parameter automation for mixer snapshots, a new profiler with RMS/Peak and Loudness metering, and a new plugin system for advanced DSP plugin support.

Multi Track Editor with timeline, browser, effect deck, metering
  • single sound/multi sound, events within events, sound scatterers
  • 2d & 3d panner interfaces, automation by parameters, modulators, pre and post fader effect placement (on a track, or the whole event - ie the 'master' track)
  • Side-chaining (currently supported by FMOD Compressor effect)
  • Mixer interface
  • sends/returns, VCAs, solo/mute, effect deck, metering
  • realtime mixing while connected to game (requires runtime)
  • Side-chaining (currently supported by FMOD Compressor effect)
  • Source control support
  • Perforce and Team Foundation Server support - per event check in/check out
  • Editing improvements
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Hardware Control surface support
  • FMOD Studio with SSL Nucleus profile. Mackie and others supported
  • Added mixer snapshots:
  • Snapshots set overriding changes in the global mixer
  • Snapshots can be prioritized within the browser
  • Entire strips can be selectively scoped in to snapshots
  • Snapshots can be limited to as few or as many properties as the user needs
  • Snapshot modules can be added to events to trigger snapshots
  • Timeline and parameter automation for mixer snapshots supported
  • Sub-events (events within events!)
  • Sub-events are events that can be triggered and positioned independently while being routed into a master event
  • Sub-events appear as inputs in the master event
  • Interactive music
  • Now part of the event editor rather than being its own interface like FMOD Designer
  • Tempo markers can be placed on the Timeline
  • All sound module now have a Trigger Behaviour drawer to control delay/quantization as well as conditional activation
  • Transition markers and regions on the timeline for constructing interactive music
  • Profiler
  • Currently Supports RMS & Peak, Loudness Metering, CPU. More to come
  • Open

    FMOD Studio Developer Preview 0.2.2 released

    New features in this release!


    Added mixer snapshots:
  • Snapshots set overriding changes in the global mixer
  • Snapshots can be prioritized within the browser
  • Entire strips can be selectively scoped in to snapshots
  • Each property in the mixer can be scoped in individually
  • Snapshot modules can be added to events to trigger snapshots
  • Added sub-events:
  • Sub-events are events that can be triggered and positioned independently while being routed into a master event
  • Sub-events appear as inputs in the master event
  • Added music features to the Event Editor:
  • Tempo markers can be placed on the Timeline<
  • All sound module now have a Trigger Behavior drawer to control delay/quantization as well as conditional activation
  • Added Team Foundation Support (TFS):
  • The Microsoft source control solution can now be used natively from within Studio.
  • And more!
  • Added 360 and iOS support
  • Added channel ordering settings for meters
  • Added units to random modulators when modulating properties which have a linear response
  • Improved zoom range for Timeline and Game Parameters in the Event Editor
  • Added Bring to Front and Send to Back menu items for regions
  • Added audio file auditioning functionality to Audio Bin view.
  • Added "Identify Local Changes" to source control context menu.
  • Added "Loop Playback" setting
  • Added shortcut keys to toggle hiding of view areas
  • Remember cursor position after playback
  • Added Routing Browser window
  • Added support for stepping in to nested events via breadcrumbs
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to launch/activate windows
  • Added support for loading project with invalid Audio File and Mixer Return references (e.g. missing reference due to certain multi-users scenario)
  • Added Return Bus groupings in "Add Send" Effects Deck context menus
  • Added ability to drag Return Buses from mixer routing views onto the Effects Deck to create new Sends
  • Added ability to specify units in text entries for properties
  • Added ability to enable manual checking out of events and specifying whether to lock them on checkout.
  • Added ability to double-click fader to reset the value
  • Added editable value labels to range sliders
  • Some improvement to load time of large projects.
  • Open

    FMOD Studio in develop magazine

    Have a look at a Develop magazine interview with Raymond Biggs of Firelight Technologies, about the upcoming FMOD Studio. Learn more on page 43

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