REVISION HISTORY : FMOD Designer
             Copyright (c) Firelight Technologies, Pty, Ltd, 2004-2016
              + Added feature or noticable improvement
              – Bug fix or something removed
              * Changed or Information
              ! Important!

06/10/16 4.44.64 – Stable branch update (build 80535)
* Update for API release

31/08/16 4.44.63 – Stable branch update (build 79543)
* Update for API release

28/07/16 4.44.62 – Stable branch update (build 78370)
* Update for API release

20/01/16 4.44.61 – Stable branch update (build 71641)
* Add are you sure prompt for Ctrl-T to avoid accidental template event overwrites.

05/01/16 4.44.60 – Stable branch update (build 71162)
* Update for API release

12/11/15 4.44.59 – Stable branch update (build 69790)
* Update for API release

20/10/15 4.44.58 – Stable branch update (build 69027)
* Update for API release

21/09/15 4.44.57 – Stable branch update (build 68140)
* Update for API release

05/08/15 4.44.56 – Stable branch update (build 66571)
* Update for API release

07/07/15 4.44.55 – Stable branch update (build 65561)
* Update for API release

25/05/15 4.44.54 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

07/05/15 4.44.53 – Stable branch update
– Fixed parameter seek speed acting incorrectly if mininum parameter value was
  larger than the maximum.

1/04/15 4.44.52 – Stable branch update
– Added IMA ADPCM compression for 3DS (useful for interactive music as it
  requires software).

16/03/15 4.44.51 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

13/01/15 4.44.50 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

12/12/14 4.44.49 – Stable branch update
– Previous version retrigger fix was not 100% fixed, fixed properly this time.

28/11/14 4.44.48 – Stable branch update
– fix events not retriggering if retrigger feature was used and event was in non 
  master category.
– Fixed event player not saving settings on exit.  Introduced 4.43.05

13/11/14 4.44.47 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

16/10/14 4.44.46 – Stable branch update

– Fix crash with simple event editor if a 2nd project is loaded over the top of
  an existing project.

08/10/14 4.44.45 – Stable branch update
– Fix crash on older designer projects (4.44.26 and below) when opening an event
  that used peaker Levels effect with side speakers not present.  Side speakers
  are returned as present by default, but ‘disabling’ the side envelope will mute
  the sides as previously intended.  Also old projects with no sides will mute 
  the sides.

29/09/14 4.44.44 – Stable branch update
– Fix old FDP files with missing references to sound definitions causing 
  project load failure.  Now loads with error log on what is missing.

18/09/14 4.44.43 – Stable branch update
– Fix links to segments not moving with segments in the Music Theme editor

10/09/14 4.44.42 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

15/08/14 4.44.41 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

01/08/14 4.44.40 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

08/07/14 4.44.39 – Stable branch update
– Fix floating handles in bulk editor

27/06/14 4.44.38 – Stable branch update
– Fix stereo sounds set as ‘all mono’ not respecting ‘channel mix’
  when played in 3D.

23/06/14 4.44.37 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

13/06/14 4.44.36 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

28/05/14 4.44.35 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

14/05/14 4.44.34 – Stable branch update
– Fix crash on certain combinations of operating systems and wavebanks data, 
  when clicking on a wavebank entry and building sound file list.

28/04/14 4.44.33 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

19/03/14 4.44.32 – Stable branch update
+ Added ADPCM compression option for WiiU, recommended if using SW banks.

10/02/14 4.44.31 – Stable branch update
* The speaker level effect now mutes the side speakers if sides are not visible.  
  Side levels are removed from effect as default, returning visibility for those 
  speakers as to they way it was before 4.44.27 change.
+ Added preference setting for number of worker threads during bank build.
+ Improved memory usage of bank building allowing larger source files to be built.

20/01/14 4.44.30 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

10/01/14 4.44.29 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

06/01/14 4.44.28 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

26/11/13 4.44.27 – Stable branch update
* Add side left/side right speakers to the ‘speaker levels’ effect by default.
  Note – due to downmix algorithms if sides arent adjusted the signal could 
  still be audible if other speakers are attenuated.

13/11/13 4.44.26 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

05/11/13 4.44.25 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

28/10/13 4.44.24 – Stable branch update
– Fix a bug where right-clicking any waveform in the selected bank after moving
  at least one waveform to a different bank would cause waveform drag and drop
  to fail until the selected bank was re-selected

14/10/13 4.44.23 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

07/10/13 4.44.22 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

24/09/13 4.44.21 – Stable branch update
– Fix a crash in certain situations when bringing up the context menu on
  sound files in the Banks view
– Fix Xbox One bank settings showing hardware vs software options.  Changed
  to ‘force software = true’ like other software only platforms.

26/08/13 4.44.20 – Stable branch update

* AT9 compression option for PS4 is now called “PS4 AT9” and allows
  “Load into Memory” to be selected for bank type.
* AT9 compression option for Vita is now called “VITA AT9”

12/08/13 4.44.19 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

23/07/13 4.44.18 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

09/07/13 4.44.17 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

25/06/13 4.44.16 – Stable branch update
– Fix BB10, PS4, Xbox One being visible but not buildable.

11/06/13 4.44.15 – Stable branch update
+ Add BB10, PS4, Xbox One to platform list for bank settings.

– Fix crash when pressing play button in sound def preview screen.

21/05/13 4.44.14 – Stable branch update
* Fix corruption of project when applying template on non DSP type effects that 
  have more than 1 parameter in them, such as SurroundPan, Speaker Level, 
  Channel Mix, Reverb Balance.  Projects that have already been corrupted, it 
  is recommended to delete the effect, recreate it, then re-apply the template.

01/05/13 4.44.13 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

15/04/13 4.44.12 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

26/03/13 4.44.11 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

14/03/13 4.44.10 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

08/03/13 4.44.09 – Stable branch update
* FSBankLib will now always encode PCM FSBs as PCM16 instead of deciding based
  on the source file format.

25/02/13 4.44.08 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

11/02/13 4.44.07 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

31/01/13 4.44.06 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

25/01/13 4.44.05 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

08/01/13 4.44.04 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

17/12/12 4.44.03 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

04/12/12 4.44.02 – Stable branch update
– Music Player – Fixed crashes when clicking “Load Sound Data” or
                 “Free Sound Data” with no FEV loaded.

14/11/12 4.44.01 – Stable branch update
* Update for API release

09/11/12 4.44.00 – Initial stable branch release
* Update for API release

26/10/12 4.43.07 – Development branch update

+ Enabled CELT and Vorbis encodings for iOS.

– FSBankLib – Fixed encoder error for multichannel AT9 files when using newer
              libatrac9.dll files.

17/10/12 4.43.06 – Development branch update
* Update for API release

08/10/12 4.43.05 – Development branch update
– Fixed event player crashing at close on Mac.

25/09/12 4.43.04 – Development branch update
* Changed error during build when applying templates (when there are no 
  templates) to a warning, allows DesignerCL to continue when -T is
  specified for a project without templates

04/09/12 4.43.03 – Development branch update
* Update for API release

22/08/12 4.43.02 – Development branch update
* Update for API release

07/08/12 4.43.01 – Development branch update
– Fixed 3D Doppler Factor of all events being reset to default after undoing
  certain actions

19/07/12 4.43.00 – Initial development branch release
* Update for API release

29/06/12 4.43.00 – pre 10
* Update for API release

22/06/12 4.43.00 – pre 9
– Fixed multichannel wavs that had speaker setup to
  ‘multi mono/stereo’, not being affected by pan/speaker 

05/06/12 4.43.00 – pre 8
* Update for API release

25/05/12 4.43.00 – pre 7
* Update for API release

15/05/12 4.43.00 – pre 6
* Update for API release

18/04/12 4.43.00 – pre 5
* Update for API release

04/04/12 4.43.00 – pre 4
* Fixed compression quality being grayed out per-waveform for XMA.

01/03/12 4.43.00 – pre 3
* Update for API release

29/02/12 4.43.00 – pre 2
– Fixed incorrect build error being shown for hardware formats.

24/02/12 4.43.00 – pre 1
– Added Wii U platform to the Designer available platforms.
– AT9 format is now hardware only.

02/02/12 4.43.00 – Initial internal branch release
– Fixed -80db values in sneaking in from bulk editor

18/01/12 4.41.00 – pre 7
* Update for API release

28/12/11 4.41.00 – pre 6
– Fixed unassigned ASIO output channels in sound preferences

14/12/11 4.41.00 – pre 5
– Fixed fmod_designercl.exe returning 0 (success) even if the build failed

12/12/11 4.41.00 – pre 4
* Update for API release

28/11/11 4.41.00 – pre 3
* Update for API release

17/11/11 4.41.00 – pre 2
– Fixed hardware vs software selection to avoid mismatch errors at runtime.
– Made sounddef trigger delay work on hardware platforms

03/11/11 4.41.00 – pre 1
– FSBankLib – Fixed FSB5 header incompatibility causing failed loading, update
              runtime to handle both old and new FSBs.

20/10/11 4.41.00 – Initial Internal branch release
– Fixed crash when auditioning sound defs.
– Fixed crash after adding sounds to segments when primary language is not
– Fixed certain 3D event properties not being disabled when event is 2D.
– Fixed spelling of ‘3D Auto Distance Centre Freq’ event property from UK to US

05/10/11 4.39.00 pre 5

+ Added Reverb Def XML import/export

– Attempting to load a corrupt template file displays a warning
– Fixed crash after loading a corrupt project file containing simple events

16/09/11 4.39.00 pre 4

+ Added platform choices for Android and iOS.

31/08/11 4.39.00 pre 3

– Fixed Channel Mix effect not reading envelopes from FDP correctly if they
  include channel 15.
– Fixed a bug where sound definition trigger delay could be ignored if the
  sound was on a layer without software effects

18/08/11 4.39.00 pre 2

+ Added support for FSB5 output, now with PS Vita AT9 and Xbox360 xWMA encoding.

– Allowed occlusion effect in hardware for 3DS and PSVita. Allowed speaker
  spread and 3D pan level effect on all hardware.

03/08/11 4.39.00 pre 1

– Fixed keyboard navigation on the SoundBanks list
– Fixed HE-VAG banks being allowed as software.

– Mac/Win64 – Fixed CELT encoder not working.

14/07/11 4.39.00 – Initial internal branch release

* Update for API release

30/06/11 4.37.00 – pre 6
+ Made a few improvements to the music system interface including: improved
  stacking behavior in the theme editor, double click to show editors,
  all beats enabled by default for new segments, and toggling off cues in
  the audition console on reset

+ Added ToolTip to Simple Event playlist to show long filenames in full.

– Fixed hardware platforms not loading PCM FSBs.
– Disabled “Audition With Compression” for HEVAG.
– Make ‘New effect’ window larger to show all default effects at once.

* The event 3D Listener Angle parameter can now be affected by elevation and
  not just hoizontal direction if the event system is initialised with the flag 

02/06/11 4.37.00 – pre 5
+ Added a built-in distance-modulated bandpass effect to events. The effect can
  be enabled by setting the ‘Auto Distance Filtering’ event property to ‘On’.
  The ‘Auto Distance Centre Freq’ property sets the bandpass centre frequency.
  The system must be initialised with the FMOD_INIT_DISTANCE_FILTERING flag for
  the effect to work.
+ Added category browser context menu to copy/paste entire category structure

– Fixed auto generated duplicate sound bank name issue when adding new sound bank

– FSBankLib – Fixed potentially corrupted FSB audio for VAG and HE-VAG formats.

* .FEV file format updated! If you build with FMOD Designer 4.35.05, you must
  use FMOD version 4.35.05, 4.34.05 or higher.

20/05/11 4.37.00 – pre 4
+ Mac – Added command line version of FMOD Designer.

13/05/11 4.37.00 – pre 3
+ Added FMOD Highpass Simple effect to the Event Editor which is a fast
  first-order highpass

– Fixed crash when trying to paste sound defs and the clipboard is empty
– Disallow object names with forward slashes
– Stopped event dialogs from being reset when switching between tabs
– Fixed banks set to HE-VAG format being built as PCM.
– Fixed issue where min/max distance are presented using e notation for large values

28/04/11 4.37.00 – pre 2 
– Fixed excessive slowdown when adding new events to large projects

20/04/11 4.37.00 – pre 1 
+ Added build option (-i for command line) to continue build on error
+ Added a new 3D Min Position Randomization property for events and sound

* Changed designer to init to sample rate that windows is set to, rather than 
  48khz all of the time.

7/04/11 4.37.00 – Initial internal branch release
– Fixed volume and pitch of all events being reset to default after undoing
  certain actions
– Fixed excessive slowdown when moving or deleting events in large projects

08/03/11 4.35.00 pre 9
– Fix ADPCM source wavs causing error during build.
– Fix profiler reporting corrupted packets when they weren’t corrupted.

31/01/11 4.35.00 pre 8
– Fixed multi-track Event Editor having a fixed scrollable height

5/01/11 4.35.00 pre 7
– Fixed cache not being rebuilt when adjusting the optimized sample rate
– Fixed invalid param error when compressing as MPEG when source file is a
  certain length.

01/12/10 4.35.00 pre 6
– Fixed validation bug that caused sound def pitch and pitch randomization
  property to be limited to +/- 4 semitones
– Fixed crash when moving an event category into a category contained within it
– Fixed crash when copying an item after copying event layer which contains
– Fixed sometimes not being able to move sound def folders into other folders
– Fixed record output feature for simple event editor
– Fixed not being able to reset event category max playbacks to zero
– Fixed crash in command line versio of designer when building

* Changed text refering to ‘waveforms’, ‘wavetables’ and ‘wavefiles’ to
  ‘sound files’ and ‘sounds’
* Changed sound bank ‘Compression Quality’ minimum value from 1 to 0.
  0 is used to set default quality.

12/11/10 4.35.00 pre 5

– Fixed undo for reverb preset
– Fixed music headers written in FEV even when there is no music data
– Fixed segments adding samples even if the wavefiles are not included in the bank
– Fixed no undo push for disabling sync points during build
– Fixed project corruption issue related to undo and the music system
– Fixed FEV corruption when current build target does not build some events.

– Profiler – Fixed volume levels coming out incorrect.

22/10/10 4.35.00 pre 4

* Update for API release

5/10/10 4.35.00 pre 3
+ Added global versions of Sequential, Random Without Repeat and Shuffled
  segment play modes
+ Improved build dialog
+ Added user option to replace the old sounds on a layer when pasting a sound which
  obscures the existing sounds
+ Added support for the select all shortcut in the bulk editor
+ Changed Sound Def pitch units from octaves to semitones

– Fixed envelope deletion when deleting a parameter which is not controlling this
– Fixed command line designer crash while loading plugins
– Fixed “Fmod Engine Designer” sliders not being able to increment one single step
  by clicking above or below the slider handle
– Fixed designer crash while undoing “Add Surround Pan Points to Layer”
– Fixed event 3d position getting reset at the start of an event even when 3d dialog
  is open
– Fixed waveform index mismatch in .fev and .fsb
– Fixed Designer memory leak when auditioning event which has loop and cutoff sounds
– Fixed music tab not playing MP3s with large amounts of tag data at the start

* .FEV file format updated! If you build with FMOD Designer 4.33.03, you must
  use FMOD version 4.33.03 or higher

15/09/10 4.35.00 pre 2
+ Added different cache folders for each language .fsb file
+ Added a new ‘Linear Square’ roll-off curve which has a steep initial roll-off
  similar to ‘Inverse’ but tapers to zero at max distance
+ Added sound definition context menu option to sort entries alphabetically
+ Reduced designer build times by 30%-85%
+ Improved build performance when building banks with optimised sample rate
  waveform setting
+ Added sound definition waveform context menu items to mirror some of the
  actions in hierarchy

– Fixed unused files included in .fsb file
– Fixed designer crash when closing a project which has template with parameter

* .FEV file format updated! If you build with FMOD Designer 4.33.02, you must
  use FMOD version 4.33.02 or higher
* Renamed the ‘Logarithmic’ roll-off curve to ‘Inverse’ to reflect it’s current
* More descriptive undo text when setting template to an event

26/08/10 4.35.00 pre 1
– Fixed hang when deleting multiple sound def waveforms

+ Music Player – added ability to specify an encryption key via the Edit menu

5/08/10 4.33.00 
+ Added simplified editor for simple events
+ Added ‘Add Template’ in the template folder context menu
+ Added fixed sample rate option for waveforms. This option is available 
  through the ‘Adjust sample rate’ item in the waveform context menu
+ Dropping files onto the event hierarchy now creates simple events. This
  behavior can be changed through the ‘Preferences’ dialog
+ Sped up building

– Fixed build progress dialog showing negative value
– Fixed “Change wavetable…” adding files to wrong bank
– Fixed crash when changing the plugins directory when no projects are loaded.
– Fixed non-plugin files in the plugins directory causing plugin discovery to
  halt or crash.
– Fixed application focus glitch when switching between platforms
– Fixed crash when trying to build empty bank

– Mac – Fixed VST dialog not displaying when the show config button is pressed
– Mac – Fixed VSTs not loading when using the browse button via “Add effect”

* .FEV file format updated! If you build with FMOD Designer 4.33.00, you must
  use FMOD version 4.33.00 or higher.
* Changed ‘Add Event…’ to ‘Add Multi-Track Event…’ in the event hierarchy
  context menu
* Removed ‘Optimize Sample Rate’ bank option. This option can be set per 
* Waveform resampling mode is now plaform specific
* Changed ‘Adjust sample rate optimization’ to ‘Adjust sample rate’ in the 
  waveform context menu
* Moved ‘Rebuild’ item from ‘Project’ menu to build dialog

22/07/10 4.33.00 pre 5
– Fixed cleaning of build files when using the $(CurrentLanguage) macro in the
  build directory project settings
– Fixed paste event properties not pasting all properties
– Fixed designer crash when moving templates into event group
– Fixed 8bit PCM files not being accepted by some encoders
– Fixed build output to wrong directory

01/07/10 4.33.00 pre 4
– Fixed crash when setting template property on multiple events
– Fixed multiple undo actions created after deleting multiple sound def items

* Changed auto-save before build to only save the current project instead of 
  the workspace

28/05/10 4.33.00 pre 3
– Fix AuditionClient support.  Parameters now show proper range rather than 0 to
  1 all the time on the remote tool.
– Fixed event property 3d rolloff default value not set to logarithmic even if 
  designer shows that in property sheet
– Fixed invalid object handle error when auditioning in the bulk editor

10/05/10 4.33.00 pre 2
+ Added keyboard shortcut for the Project > Clean menu item
+ Added auto-save preferences to save projects automatically in .autosave files

– Fixed crash when setting filename prefix on multiple banks
– Fixed notifcation when the build output files can’t be opened for writing
– Fixed being able to click the build button while building
– Fixed greyed out “3D Position Randomisation” sound def property
– Fixed undo action created after moving an item in the hierarchy on top of
– Fixed undo action created when the existing waveform channel mode
  setting is reselected
– Fixed multiple undo actions created after moving multiple sound definition
– Fixed multiple undo actions created when dropping multiple wavefiles in sound
  definition list view and waveform view

* Disabled delete menu item for master and music categories

21/04/10 4.33.00 pre 1
+ Added a visual bulk editor for event properties
+ Added unlimited undo and redo
+ Added auditioning for compressed wave files
+ Moved the event editor and event properties so they appear side-by-side
+ Changed the layout of the main tabs so that the editors appear in the center
  and the properties along the side
+ Added ability to tweak values in the event property sheet and audition the
  change at the same time
+ Added ‘Category’ to the list of event properties
+ Added ‘Category’ to the list of event template properties
+ Improved ordering of properties in the property lists
+ Added a status bar
+ Move property descriptions to the status bar
+ Improved property descriptions
+ Changed the look and order of the main tabs
+ Reordered and improved the naming of items in the menu bar
+ Moved the project properties, reverb tab, and profiler into floating windows,
  accessible via the ‘Window’ menu in the menu bar
+ Made the audition 3D, engine designer, and surround pan tools always
  accessible and moved them into the ‘Window’ menu
+ Changed the look of the audition buttons and made their behavior consistent
  across the tabs
+ Changed the behavior of the event editor so that sound instances are freely
+ Added the ability to author for all platforms
+ Added notification when moving multiple items in the event or category
  hierarchies fails
+ The first segement in the theme now defaults to being a start segment
+ Themes created via cues are now named after the cue
+ Segment loop links now default to the ‘At Segment End’ transition type
+ Added ‘Show In Category Tree’ to the event context menu
+ Added ‘Show In Event Tree’ to the category context menu
+ Added ‘Create Template From Event’ to the event context menu
+ Added ‘Add Simple Event…’ to the event group context menu
+ Added ‘Template Properties…’ to the template context menu
+ Added the ability to toggle between displaying percentage or weighting in the
  sound def tab
+ Added the ability to lock the play percentage in the percentage slider popup
+ Added the ability to reorder waveforms in the sound def waveform list
+ Added the ability to drag n drop wave files into the waveforms list

– Fixed validation of property values
– Fixed sound def view being non-responsive on the first click
– Disabled global reverb when previewing waveforms
– Event Hierarchy and Category views retain their selection after moving
  multiple items
– No items are moved and the user is notified when one of multiple items in
  Event Hierarchy and Category views cannot be moved
– Fixed the multi-selection behavior for waveform XMA filtering in banks
– Fixed audio source directory file dialog not remembering the last direcotry
– Fixed crash when applying template to an event

* Changed the behavior of the spawn time and trigger delay properties for sound
  defs. The editors now pop up when the properties are clicked.
* Removed access to the cone designer tool from the menu bar. Cone designer can
  be accessed from the 3D cone properties in the event property list.
* Removed the ‘Template’ property from the event property list. Templates
  can be created by right-clicking on an event in the event hierarchy.
* Changed cone designer minimum outside volume from -1024 to -60 dB

06/04/10 4.33.00 

19/03/10 4.31.00 pre 11
– Fixed previewing of events when position randomisation is non-zero

26/02/10 4.31.00 pre 9
– Fixed duplicate effects on layers of events created from a template after
  template changes are applied
– Fixed crash when merging projects with same named soundef folders
– Fixed template file reported as modified on loading of project

12/02/10 4.31.00 pre 8
– Fixed crash when changing sound definition waveforms and switching from the
  sound definitions tab

22/01/10 4.31.00 pre 7
+ Added trigger delay property for sound definition

– Fix mp3 encoded bank files producing corrupted data if cache data 
  was used.  Alternate fix = ‘clean build files’ menu option and rebuild.
  Bug introduced 4.31.00 pre 5.

* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.31.00 pre 7 requires FMOD version
  4.31.00 pre 7, 4.29.07, 4.28.07, 4.26.17, 4.24.30 , 4.22.39 or higher

08/01/10 4.31.00 pre 6
+ Added the “-S” switch (specify which soundbanks to build) to fmod_designercl.exe

– Fixed oneshot detection in the event editor playback controls
– Fixed template file changes sometimes not being saved

18/12/09 4.31.00 pre 5
– Fixed crash when applying template changes
– Fixed crash when auditioning over network

10/12/09 4.31.00 pre 4
+ Added ability to change parameter cursor position in the event editor parameter bar

– Fixed crash when building when user DSP plugin is not found
– Fixed backup modification when the project has not changed
– Fixed crash when build output text was too long

03/12/09 4.31.00 pre 3
+ Added “Sequential Global” play mode for sound definition
+ Added support for CELT encoding.
+ Added music segment IDs to the generated header file
+ Added new event property “Include in build” to include/exclude events from
  build ouput

– Fixed solo state of event layers when adding and removing layers
– Fixed crash when cutting and pasting layers and layer dependancies are
  temporarily deleted
– Fixed control parameter not working on pasted layers
– Fixed simple events with spawned sounds stopping prematurely when played
– Made simple events play with the correct oneshot setting in designer
– Disabled MP2 compression format for PS3
– Fixed FSBs created on PPC Mac causing mismatch errors when loaded.
– Disabled “Pan” effect if an event is 3D

– Mac – Fixed problem with opening released DMG installer package on OS X 10.3.9.

12/11/09 4.31.00 pre 2
+ Event Player – Added category hierarchy

– Fixed event sound instance “Length” property when parameter range minimum is
– Fixed crash when dragging files into certain layers in the event editor
  introduced in 4.29.00
– Fixed error when attempting to edit multi-layered events introduced in
– Fixed layer control not appearing after adding new layers
– Prevented sound definitions from being moved into a folder where a sound
  definition or folder with the same name already exists
– Fixed sound instance not created when dropping a sound file, which is already
  in the project, onto an event layer and choosing the “use existing” option

05/11/09 4.31.00 pre 1
* Conflicting event properties, such as when ‘3D Min distance’ is greater than
  ‘3D Max distance’ or ‘3D Cone Inside Angle’ is greater than
  ‘3D Cone Outside Angle’, now cause build errors and are highlighted in the 
  Event property editor

21/10/09 4.29.00
+ Added event editor option to audition oneshot events repeatedly
+ Added ‘ignore pre- and post-build commands’ command line options: ‘-k’ and
  ‘-K’ respectively
+ Events are now shown with simple/complex badges: a green ‘S’ for simple
  events and a red ‘C’ for complex events
+ Event groups are now flagged in the event hierarchy with a red ‘C’ badge
  if they contain any complex events
+ Simple events’ Oneshot property is now disabled for editing, as it is
  overridden by the event’s sound instance

+ Profiler – Added ability to see snapshots of the peak volume for each DSP
             node, per channel

– Fixed “Pitch randomisation units” and “Pitch units” properties being
  overwritten by templates when properties are unlocked
– Fixed FMOD_ERR_EVENT_MISMATCH when project is partially built from multiple
  different directories

– Profiler – Spread out DSP input connections so any duplicates are more visible

* Event layers can now be selected by clicking on empty spaces in the layer
* NOTE: You should rebuild *all* wavebanks in your projects to avoid
        FMOD_ERR_EVENT_MISMATCH errors after upgrading to this build. You only
        have to do this once.

01/10/09 4.29.00 pre 10
– Fixed playback of side speakers when auditioning 7.1 surround pan on a 5.1
  sound system
– Fixed crash in command line designer
– Fixed crash when applying a template that has more layers than the target

11/09/09 4.29.00 pre 9
+ Added reverb property “apply to all platforms” togglebutton

– Fixed automatic wave bank “Force software” setting overrides for certain
  platforms and compression types

03/09/09 4.29.00 pre 8
– Fixed some command line output being truncated under Windows 7
– Fixed build error when surround pan is used with hardware sounds on some

27/08/09 4.29.00 pre 7
+ Added context menu item to reorder effects in Event editor

– Disable MPEG loop encoding on music waveforms if they are used in
  non-looping segments

21/08/09 4.29.00 pre 6
+ Added ability to control the music volume and reverb level in the music tab

– Fixed crash when pasting eventgroup in projecct’s master eventgroup
– Fixed “sort alphabetically” when selecting multiple items in Events and Sound
  definitions views
– Fixed visiblity of events created when dropping files onto blank space in the
  event hierarchy view

* Changed pasted item naming from “Copy of ” to “ Copy N”
* made “Force software” wave bank property always on for pc/xbox360/ps3 
* MusicSystem volume and reverb levels default to 0dB. Setting these levels
  will only effect FMOD Ex releases 4.29.00 pre 7 and above

13/08/09 4.29.00 pre 5
– Fixed crash when playing events with “programmer” sounds in event editor

06/08/09 4.29.00 pre 4

– Fixed a crash when merging projects
– Fixed double-clicking on sound definitions (introduced in 4.29.00 pre 2)
– Fixed project from becoming dirty after editing a number property, CTRL-S
  saving and clicking off the property editor

27/07/09 4.29.00 pre 3
+ Custom link transitions are now displayed in the segment links list

* Re-arranged the segment editor to be shorter and wider

16/07/09 4.29.00 pre 2
+ All GUID conflicts are now listed at the end of the build log

– Fixed designer crash when loading VST plugins
– Fixed sound definition instance volume curve not released from mouse

09/07/09 4.29.00 pre 1
+ Added ability to control individual envelopes in an effect with different
  parameters. This is accessed via the ‘Envelope control parameter’ entry in
  the envelope context menu

– Fixed cache file still being used when the wavebank property “Optimize sample 
  rate” is changed.
– Fixed a crash when pasting Reverb Definitions
– Made the music category control the music system’s output when auditioning

* FDP files for projects that use multiple parameters per effect can be opened
  in previous versions of designer except all envelopes within those effects
  will be assigned to the first envelope’s control parameter
* Saving a project that uses multiple parameters per effect in previous
  versions of designer will cause envelopes within those effects to lose their
  bindings with other parameters

02/07/09 4.27.00

+ Added Copy/Paste for Reverb Definitions
+ Added Copy all properties/Paste all properties for Reverb Definition properties

– 3D Speaker Spread and 3D Pan Level effects are now allowed with hardware
  sounds on the Wii
– Fixed sound definition list not rebuilding when moving existing sound
  definitions into folders or sorting sound definitions (introduced in 4.27.09)
– Fixed data corruption when applying templates to events with non-template
  effects controlled by non-template parameters
– Fixed crashes after deleting selected items on a non-visible tab
– Fixed wave bank list not updating after “Set as current bank” command

25/06/09 4.27.00 pre 12
+ Template file only saved with project if template has changed
+ Implemented network tweaking for event user properties (only int and float)

– Fixed template file project property change not being committed when property
  is deselected without enter key pressed
– Fixed sound definition and wave bank lists not rebuilding on project change
  when their respective tabs are already selected (introduced in 4.27.09)

19/06/09 4.27.00 pre 11
+ Added sound definition pitch randomisation modes for recalculating pitch
  either every spawn (default), when triggered by a parameter or only once when
  an event is started

– Fixed FEV and FSB files getting out of sync when reopening projects after
  adding or removing waveforms
– Fixed a crash when pasting sound definitions

* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.25.11 requires FMOD version
  4.25.11, 4.24.11, 4.22.20, 4.20.27, 4.18.35 or higher

11/06/09 4.27.00 pre 10
+ Added clean (-C) and rebuild (-r) command line options
+ Dropping a sound file onto a sound definition folder puts the new sound 
  definition in that folder instead of the master folder
+ Added yes/no to all buttons when deleting multiple sound definitions

– Fixed template file write errors being ignored when saving. Designer now
  prompts for a new template file path if the write failed.
– Fixed a crash in the “Apply template changes” command if no project is open
– Fixed scaling of LFE parameter for surround pan effect
– Prevented designer from building events with more than 16 parameters

– Mac – Fixed crash on load introduced in 4.27.00 pre 9.

– Profiler – Fixed profiler not disconnecting when Xbox360 reboots.

4/06/09 4.27.00 pre 9
+ Property sheets, lists and treeviews remember their selection when changing
  tab or project
+ Added workspace file path to window title

– 3D Pan Level and 3D Speaker spread effects no longer require software on
  PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii
– Disabled cone designer in tabs other than Events and Events Editor
– Fixed a bug where automatic parameters added from the context menu weren’t
  controlling sound instance playback properly

29/05/09 4.27.00 pre 8
– Made Designer respect the ‘Default event “Oneshot” property’ setting when
  adding an event based on a template
– Fixed a bug where changing the case of event and group names didn’t work

21/05/09 4.27.00 pre 7

– Fixed dropping files onto the sound definition list not working properly when
  it is full; there is now always a drop area at the bottom of the list
– Removed “Range spacing error” message when minimum exceeds maximum in 
  parameter properties range settings
– Ignore 3D Pan and Speaker Spread settings if the event is not 3D
– Removed “Couldn’t create effect” errors for Surround Pan (if the event is 3D)
  and Occlusion (if the event is 2D). The effect is now added, but disabled if
  necessary (see below).

* DSP Effects are now disabled if the event is 2D and the effect needs 3D.

15/05/09 4.27.00 pre 6

! “Apply speaker levels and close” button must be clicked to save speaker
  levels using the surround pan dialog.

+ Added “$CurrentLanguage” macro and enabled macros in the “Build directory”
  project property. This allows different build directories per language
+ Added ability to paste sound definitions into folders

– Fixed surround pan dialog from creating unwanted changes to event properties
– Fixed creation of new pan points in surround pan dialog
– Fixed crash when merging soundbanks with identical waveform names
– Fixed merge project to copy sound definitions into their proper folders
– Fixed network tweaking code not notifying target when properties are changed

* DSP Effects are no longer disabled based on the platform. Instead, they are
  disabled if the layer uses any hardware-only wave banks (VAG or GCADPCM).
  This means that many effects that were disabled on PSP, PS2, Wii and Gamecube
  can now be enabled if the layer doesn’t use hardware-only wave banks.

04/05/09 4.27.00 pre 5
* Update for API release

30/04/09 4.27.00 pre 4
+ Added the ability to enable early link transitions on bars or beats in the
  segment and link property editors
+ Added FMOD Tremolo effect which produces tremolo, chopper and and auto-pan

* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.25.04 requires FMOD version 4.25.04,
  4.24.04, 4.22.13, 4.20.20, 4.18.28 or higher

23/04/09 4.27.00 pre 3
!+ Improved optimized rate seeking and decimation quality. This will affect all
   waveforms for which optimized rates are used. Select the “Use old method”
   option in the wavebank “Optimize sample rate” property to process waveforms
   using the previous method and preserve their existing sound

– Fixed assigning a template to multi-selected events
– Fixed sample rate display in waveform “Adjust sample rate optimization” slider

17/04/09 4.27.00 pre 2
+ Added ability to associate sound file types to different external editors in
  the preferences dialog

– Fixed crash when adding and editing user properties when multiple events are
– Fixed event playback ignoring the position set in the Audition 3D dialog
  unless it was set after playback started
– Fixed event properties being incorrectly locked when multiple
  non-template-using events were selected
– Fix crashing with encoding sounds above 48khz when encoding to MP2/MP3.

31/03/09 4.27.00 pre 1
+ Added profiling of geometry thread to Profiler, this means new versions of
  the API cannot connect to older versions of designer for profiling!
+ Added dirty status to project dropdown list
+ Added sound previewing to add/change wavetable file dialogs

– Fixed ‘add parameter’ name checking which is now case insensitive
– Fixed event and sound definition play buttons disabling when auditioning

18/03/09 4.25.00
+ Added “Ignore Geometry” event property

– Fixed glitches when music theme crossfade duration is too short (the fade-in
  part of all crossfades now happens 50ms sooner)
– Fixed FDP and FEV file association setup on Windows
– Stopped dirty flag from being cleared after project build
– Fixed corruption of designer settings on mac platform

12/03/09 4.25.00 pre 8
+ Added ‘FMOD Delay’ dsp effect

– Fixed inconsistent path separators
– Fixed error saving projects with long paths on exit introduced in 4.25.00
  pre 6

05/03/09 4.25.00 pre 7
– Fixed wave bank software waveforms sometimes having no reasons in the tooltip
– Fixed Channel Mix effect forcing waveforms to use software
– Fixed reverb occlusion not working on newly created occlusion effects

26/02/09 4.25.00 pre 6
+ Double-clicking a wavebank waveform entry opens the external editor
+ Wavebank waveform context menu lists all sound definitions the waveform is
  used in
+ Added an “apply template changes” checkbox to the build dialog

– The value on the “Adjust envelope” button in the Event editor envelope
  control is now displayed in the correct units
– Elided long file paths in the ‘save changes’ dialogs to avoid linebreaks
– The parameter value displayed in event editor reflects its real value rather
  than being calculated from the cursor position
– The updated parameter value is correctly displayed after changing the 
  parameter range or resizing the main window

20/02/09 4.25.00 pre 5
+ Added a Copy Path entry to the Event Hierarchy context menu
+ Added direct editing of sound definition waveform percentages via the
  context menu, including editing of multi-selected waveforms and locking of 
+ Print a log message for each event GUID that is regenerated when pasting

– Update selection properly when right-clicking in event hierarchy and category
– Hide ambiguous context menu entries when more than one item is selected
– Automatically add a parameter when adding an effect and no parameters exist
– Fixed crashes when changing ASIO settings
– Made category max playbacks properties visible in the property sheet
– Support moving events via cut and paste while keeping the same GUID: GUIDs
  are not changed when pasting unless there would be conflicts in the workspace

12/02/09 4.25.00 pre 4
+ Added the ability to edit event template properties via the property sheet
  buttons when multiple events are selected

– Fixed a bug where oneshot sounds that were moved between layers after the
  event was played behaved as if they were still in the original layer
– Fixed events having bad GUIDs when created by dropping files onto Designer
– Fixed crashes when building FSBs
– Disable editing of the “Template” and “Use template” properties when multiple
  events are selected

06/02/09 4.25.00 pre 3
+ Population of waveform lists are detailed with an abortable progress bar
+ Added the ability to protect selected properties of individual events from
  template changes. This functionality can be controlled from two places: the
  “Allow template to affect” section of the “Use template” event property
  dialog, and the lock/unlock buttons in the event property sheet.
+ Added template property control buttons to the template’s property sheet
+ Added the CurrentPlatform macro for build and save commands

– The Channel Mix effect can now be enabled for Wii, PS2, PSP and GameCube

* Two settings now control which event properties are affected by a template:
  The template’s properties and the template user’s properties. A property will
  only be affected by the template if it is set for both template and user.

30/01/09 4.25.00 pre 2
+ Made sound instance “Wait for previous” start mode sample-accurate so sounds
  are stitched together seamlessly. This allows for granular synthesis
  with spawning oneshot sounds, seamless stitching of looping sounds and
  other effects.
+ Support loading FSBs as samples (this uses the first sound in the FSB)
+ FMOD Music Player now uses the speaker mode set by the operating system
+ FMOD Music Player now works with up to 16 channel wave data

– Double clicking a waveform in Sound Definitions brings up the correct wavebank
  and selects the correct waveform.
– Fixed a crash when editing event properties after collapsing user properties

22/01/09 4.25.00 pre 1

– Fixed crash when dragging file onto Designer.

16/01/09 4.23.00
+ Added a GUID field and regenerate button to the event property sheet
+ Added a “Regenerate GUIDs” context menu entry to the Events tab
+ Added event GUIDs to the programmer report and header file
+ Added “User properties” checkbox for event templates

– Fixed events having no category after pasting or merging. Events are now put
  into the source category if it exists, otherwise into the master category.
– Remove glitch sound from some mp2 encoded banks.
– Fixed loading of old fdp files from before sounddef folders were implemented
– Fixed building when first layer of two layer event is disabled.
– Downgraded the “GUID conflicts” build error to a warning 

* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.23.00 requires FMOD version 4.23.00,
  4.22.00, 4.20.07, 4.18.16, 4.16.26 or higher

18/12/08 4.23.00 pre 6
+ Projects now remember the expanded/collapsed state of their template file

– Fixed unsaved wave bank changes not being reported when closing projects
– Fixed unsaved changes being wrongly reported for projects opened at startup
– Fixed a crash on Alt-Left-click in the event hierarchy with no project loaded
– Fixed a crash when closing Designer

11/12/08 4.23.00 pre 5
+ Added Speaker level effect for per speaker manipulation of volume.
+ Added reverb preset selection option in EventPlayer.

– Fixed file change notification not working after a failed save command
– Fixed a crash if a music system view was open when “Save Workspace” failed
– Fixed failed build and save commands being ignored
– Fixed a crash when pasting into the sound definitions tab if it is empty
– Set the unsaved changes indicator when deleting a sound definition entry
– Fixed bad remapping of sound definition references when renaming a folder
– Fixed envelope mute flags for the wrong platform being written to FEV
– Fixed data corruption when copying and pasting envelopes

* XMA encoder updated from XDK, hopefully to address rare XMA encode based hangs.
* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.21.05 requires FMOD version 4.21.05,
  4.20.05, 4.18.14, 4.16.24 or higher

28/11/08 4.23.00 pre 4
+ Added the ability to copy and paste data between projects
+ Added option to open native file manager to containing folder where the
  wave files are stored. Available in Sound definitions and Wave banks.
+ Improved keyboard support in music tab lists
+ Show mode and software playback reason for waveforms used by the music system

– Fixed bug in conversion of projects created in designer previous to 4.22.03.
– Changing project name now updates project selection list immediately.
– Fixed sounds in disabled layers still being reported as used
– Clarified the “failed to build” dialog for hardware compression format
  wavebanks with software waveforms
– Tabbing in the Property editor now cycles through the properties for editing.

21/11/08 4.23.00 pre 3
+ Directories are remembered for choose sound file dialog.
+ Sound definitions with the same name in different folders are now supported.
+ Added event property “Steal priority”. Events with a lower “Steal priority”
  will never steal events with a higher “Steal priority”. This is only relevant
  for simple events when the programmer specifies a >0 value for

– Copy/Pasted events and event groups now show in Category tab immediately.

* Event API – Events with “programmer” sounds won’t be made into “simple” events
* Sound definitions are now referenced by full folder path, which can be seen 
  in sounds shown in the Event Editor.
* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.22.00 pre 3 requires FMOD version
  4.22.00 pre 3, 4.21.03 or higher to use all supported features.

14/11/08 4.23.00 pre 2
+ Added user properties to programmer report.

– Fixed “Audition 3D” tool overwriting internal event doppler & cone values
– Fixed memory usage display in Event Player

07/11/08 4.23.00 pre 1
* Update for API release

30/10/08 4.21.00
– Fixed some events being left in the template file when changing “Template” to
  “No” on multiple selected templates

27/10/08 4.21.00 pre 9
* Update for API release

23/10/08 4.21.00 pre 8
+ Audition console layout is now saved with the project

– Set simple events’ oneshot property to match their sound’s loop mode
– Fixed bad Surround pan effect speaker mode when built with fmod_designercl.exe

16/10/08 4.21.00 pre 7
* Update for API release

– Fixed a crash in “File->New Project” when no project is currently loaded

09/10/08 4.21.00 pre 6
– Fixed a crash when applying templates with no parameters

02/10/08 4.21.00 pre 5
+ Added support for per-project template files
+ Added support for cue drag n drop to the scene editor
+ Added support for centering on themes to the theme editor
+ Added the “Keep Non-template Effects & Parameters” template property
+ Added support for graphing channel and codec usage in the profiler tab.

– Fixed a crash when merging projects
– Waveforms used by the music system are now identified in the wave bank tab

* Removed the “Template File” setting from the Preferences dialog; template
  file names are now stored in FDP files
* The “Keep Non-template Effects & Parameters” template property is enabled
  by default, which is different from the old behaviour; disable it if you want
  to remove non-template effects & parameters when applying templates
* Updated Music Player to use the cue and parameter enumeration API; this means
  header files are not needed for FEVs built with Designer 4.19.00 or greater

22/09/08 4.21.00 pre 4
* Update for API release

11/09/08 4.21.00 pre 3
+ Added “Shuffle Global” play mode for sound definitions

– Fix a crash in Event Player when loading a project after unloading a project

* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.19.03 requires FMOD version 4.19.03,
  4.18.03, 4.16.14 or higher

04/09/08 4.21.00 pre 2
– Fixed a crash when deleting a sound definition folder hierarchy all at once

29/08/08 4.21.00 pre 1
+ FSBank – Added Mac support for MP2 and MP3 compression.

– Fixed a crash in “Edit->Clean project”

25/08/08 4.19.00
+ Improve usability of lists in the music tab. Drag n drop can now commence
  from any point within the item lists. Drag n drop can now be used to reorder
  priority lists
+ Added runtime enumeration of cues and parameters in the music system
+ Added volume display options: dB with amplitude ratio, dB with power ratio,
  and dB only

– Fixed crashes in drag and drop on big-endian systems (e.g. Mac PowerPC)

* .FEV file format updated! Features in this release require FMOD version 
  4.19.00 or later.

12/08/08 4.19.00 pre 10
+ Add support for Protools (L C R Ls Rs LFE) speaker mapping to wavebank screen.

06/08/08 4.19.00 pre 9
– Profiler – Fixed support for future versions of DSP tree network data.

31/07/08 4.19.00 pre 8
– Mac – Fixed window stacking issue in shared timeline dialog

25/07/08 4.19.00 pre 7
– Fixed bug that occasionally caused cue controls to jump about the audition
– Fixed reverb property sheet not updating when the platform is changed

18/07/08 4.19.00 pre 6
– Fixed intermittent crash bug when using value input popup boxes (eg. envelope
  point set position)
– Ensure changes aren’t discarded as properties are modified in the theme and
  segment properties dialogs
– Mac – Ensure tool windows always stay in front

* The “Edit->Clean project” command now removes empty sound definition folders

11/07/08 4.19.00 pre 5
– Fixed problem with build when events have disabled effects
– Fixed wave bank prefixes to support path elements in the primary prefix
– Fixed step editor initialization in segment properties dialog

– Mac (PowerPC) – Fixed crash when dragging sound definitions.

04/07/08 4.19.00 pre 4
+ Added shared segment timelines – synchronize playback of multiple segments
  along a single timeline
+ Added customizable crossfade durations to theme synchronization properties

– Event Player – Fixed problem starting multiple instances

24/06/08 4.19.00 pre 3
+ Added “Load Sound Data” and “Free Sound Data” buttons to Fmod Music Player

– Fixed a crash when deleting an event group with sub-groups containing events

20/06/08 4.19.00 pre 2
+ Load the last workspace at startup (if any)
+ Load the workspace given on the command line (if any)
+ Show tooltips for software wavebank entries detailing why they are software
+ Added message log output when saving/loading workspaces

– Fixed a crash when deleting event templates
– Fixed wavebank channel setup not honouring multi-select
– Fixed a crash when pasting sound definitions with a folder selected
– Fixed mp2/mp3 banks cutting the end off sounds if they are not looping.
– Fixed mp2/mp3 banks changing pitch of small sounds if they are not looping.

12/06/08 4.19.00 pre 1
– Fixed a crash when building an event with no enabled layers
– Prevent use of shortcut keys to copy & paste between projects

06/06/08 4.17.00
+ Added automatic build optimisation for “simple” events
+ Added project workspaces – you can now have multiple projects loaded at the
  same time – great for realtime mixing!
+ Added music audition palette – audition music interactively within designer
+ Added segment playlists – segments may now contain multiple samples

– Fixed problem with templates zeroing out properties
– Fixed problem with wave bank tab not being refreshed for music data
– Fixed problem with scene and theme editor canvas not being resized when
  loading new projects

* Older FMOD Ex API branches will load “simple” events but FMOD Ex API 4.17.00
  or higher is required to realize their full resource saving benefits

30/05/08 4.17.00 pre 7
* Update for API release

22/05/08 4.17.00 pre 6
+ FMOD Designer and FMOD Event Player now work with 16 channel files

16/05/08 4.17.00 pre 5
+ Added project property “Build interactive music”

– Fixed problem building when different languages were used
– Fixed “Spawn intensity” and “Time offset” forcing waveforms to software

02/05/08 4.17.00 pre 4
+ Mac – Added fmod_musicplayer application.

24/04/08 4.17.00 pre 3
* Update for API release

18/04/08 4.17.00 pre 2
– Profiler – made screen capture feature more obvious and fixed a problem where
             the produced image was at the current zoom level, it should save
             at the default zoom level for readability.

11/04/08 4.17.00 pre 1
* Update for API release

04/04/08 4.15.00
+ Enabled network profiling in fmod_musicplayer
+ “Open in external editor” now works with multiple select
+ Added “All platforms” checkbox to waveform quality slider
+ Added new tab providing profiler functionality, this is the same feature set
  as the standalone FMOD Profiler application provided with the FMOD low level
+ Added interactive music tab
+ Added fmod_musicplayer application
+ Added the “-t” argument (specify template file) to fmod_designercl.exe
+ Added the “-T” argument (apply templates) to fmod_designercl.exe
+ Added “RoughSequence” event to example project
+ Added support for network auditioning to FMOD Event Player
+ Added cue “Begin/End” and “Prompt” buttons to FMOD Music Player
+ Added parameter sliders to FMOD Music Player
+ Added persistent “All platforms” state for sound bank waveform quality
+ The wave bank “Adjust sample rate optimization” slider now goes up to 1000%

– Fixed a crash when editing link properties due to bad cleanup in file load
– Fixed theme timeouts not being written to FDP
– Fixed cursor jumping to the end when editing text in the interactive music tab
– Fixed broken sample length caching for nonexistent files
– Fixed crashes due to improper initialisation in command-line mode
– Fixed project merging to leave music data unchanged for the time being
– Fixed crashes in the Surround Pan dialog when a Reverb Level, Reverb Balance
  or Pan effect was present
– Builds that fail due to missing wave files no longer produce an incomplete FEV
– Fixed a crash when selecting a soundbank after dragging a music system
  waveform from one soundbank to another
– Fixed waveform “Open in external editor” sometimes not working
– Fixed auditioning of empty/zero-length segments
– Fixed network tweaking category volume/pitch
– Fixed a crash when moving sounds in layers if the parameter max distance is
  too large relative to the ruler spacing
– Wave banks are now left out of the BuildFiles macro if they are empty
– Fixed event player crash when attempting to play unrecognised fsb format
– Fixed the autopitch feature to use the layer’s control parameter instead of
  the event’s primary parameter
– Fixed “Reverb Wet Level” not working for templates
– Fixed network auditioning in nameless mode
– Fixed number formatting in the condition editor to avoid scientific notation
– Changes made to the project from the music tab will now prompt the user to
  save on exit
– Fixed waveforms with windows network path (\\blah) causing build to fail
– Fixed network tweaking crash between Windows and Mac.
– Fixed 3D Pan effect to be relative to the Event 3D Pan level

* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.13.05 requires FMOD version 4.13.05,
  4.12.05 or higher.
* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.13.06 requires FMOD version 4.13.06,
  4.12.06 or higher.

01/02/08 4.13.00
+ Added “ProjectFile” macro for pre/post build/save commands

25/01/08 4.11.06
– Fixed incorrect path issue when using -b with fmod_designercl

18/01/08 4.11.05
* Update for API release

10/01/08 4.11.04
– Mac – Fixed crash when loading Designer. 

20/12/07 4.11.03
– Fixed envelope cache flags being incorrectly written to FEV files
– Fixed copy/paste sometimes causing envelope name collision

14/12/07 4.11.02
– Fixed a crash when setting the template on an event which has just been added
– Fixed a bug giving incorrect paths for added files when the audio source
  directory contained “.” (e.g. “./audio” or “audio/.”)

* Various message boxes’ default button has changed from “No” to “Yes” for
  greater consistency
* FMOD Designer and FMOD Event Player now have software occlusion filters
  enabled so the Occlusion effect can be auditioned properly
* FMOD Event Player now has DSP network viewing enabled to allow testing with
  FMOD DSPNet Listener

7/11/07 4.11.01
– Fixed a bug where projects saved or built with Designer 4.11.00 could have
  DSP effects disabled due to incorrect flags

6/11/07 4.11.00
+ Added the BuildFiles macro for pre- and post-build commands (gives a list of
  all output files for this build)
+ Added ” = ” to the end of the Index field in the Reverbs
  section of the programmer report
+ Added “Numerical index” fields to the Groups and Categories sections of the
  programmer report (same as the Index fields, but constant names are replaced
  by actual values)
+ Added a “Spawn intensity randomization” Event property. The event spawn
  intensity is randomized based on this value when the event is started.
+ Added a Message Log window which keeps a log of all status, warning and error
  messages for the current Designer session. This window can be shown/hidden
  with the View->Message Log menu entry.
+ Added pre- and post-save commands. These can be used for source control
  management and file pre- or post-processing. All the macros available to
  build commands are also available to pre- and post-save commands. 

– Fixed a crash when multi-selecting wavebanks and changing the bank type to
  “Load into memory”
– Fixed crash when changing platform on newly-created project
– Fixed a bug where sound definition entry weights were not updated properly
  when the values were changed with the slider
– Fixed a crash when closing a project while a sound def is playing
– Fixed build command output getting skipped on Mac OS
– Disabled the Occlusion effect for 2D events (it’s not supported for 2D)
– Fixed crashes when copying or cutting effects or layers
– Fixed the Clean and Rebuild commands to look in the .fsbcache directory

* The pre- and post-build command progress dialog now limits the displayed
  command line to a maximum of 100 characters
* Various message boxes’ default button has changed from “No” to “Yes” for
  greater consistency
* Removed the “No files to clean” message from the Clean and Rebuild commands
* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.11.00 requires FMOD version 4.11.00,
  4.10.00, 4.08.10 or higher.
* Removed the “No files to clean” message from the Clean and Rebuild commands

23/11/07 4.09.09
+ Added a “Pitch randomization units” Event property. If this property is set
  to a unit other than Octaves, the randomly generated pitch variation is
  snapped to exact multiples of that unit.
+ Added the “-L” argument (select the language to be built) to fmod_designercl

– Fixed a bug where typing in some property editor text fields would constantly
  reset the cursor position to the end of the field
– Fixed crash when loading empty project with templates
– Fixed a bug where the FSB build process was ignoring the current language

12/11/07 4.09.08
+ Added a “Pitch units” Event property, allowing event pitch to be specified
  in Octaves (fractional), Tones or Semitones

01/11/07 4.09.07
+ Added an Occlusion effect.  This lets you set the cutoff for the built in 
  lowpass filter effect instead of using extra memory to add new lowpass 
  filters to each event. 

– Fixed a bug where files saved with “File->Save As” or “File->New” weren’t
  remembered in the recent file list
– Fixed the “File->Merge” file dialog to have the correct caption, filter and
  start directory
– Fixed a crash when merging from a project that uses templates

* FMOD Designer and Event Player version numbering has changed! The major and
  minor revision numbers are now 4.09 to correspond with the development version
  of the FMOD API. FMOD Designer 4.09.07 is the next version after 1.09.06.

19/10/07 1.09.06
+ Added the ability to edit effect envelope colours via the context menu
+ Added “Open in external editor” commands to the context menus for wavebank
  entries and sound definition entries (uses the system file type association)
+ Improved performance of the event editor
+ Added support for MinGW toolchain and Designer source compilation with
+ User interface now consistent across Windows and Mac

– Fixed several graphical issues with the event editor

– Increased the click area around effect envelope and envelope points
– Updated list of selectable output modes
– Text pasted into single-line property sheet fields now has newlines removed
– Mac – Fixed launch of user manual from help menu
– Mac – Fixed drag and drop support

* Wavebank entries are now shown in red if their file could not be read
* Mac – Designer is now a universal binary

12/10/07 1.09.05
+ Added parameter property “Keyoff on silence”. Use this with oneshot events to
  make a parameter keyoff when previously it would have ended. Put a sustain
  point in each sound and give your parameter a very large velocity and you can
  effectively sequence oneshot sounds together. Great for random dialog!

– Fixed error when building MP2/MP3 with waveform quality < 10

05/10/07 1.09.04
+ Added a "Language" drop-down box to the global toolbar. Use this to add, edit
  and select languages
+ Added per-language filename prefixes to wavebanks

- Fixed a crash when building a project with pre- or post-build commands from
  the command line 

01/10/07 1.09.03
* Update for API release

27/09/07 1.09.02
+ Added "ProgrammerSelected" to sound definition "Play mode". Use this to allow
  the programmer to choose sound definition entries at runtime.

- Fixed crash when right-clicking in "Waveforms" pane in newly-created project

* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 1.09.02 requires FMOD version 4.06.30,
  4.08.02, 4.09.02 or higher.

21/09/07 1.09.01
+ Added a "Groups" section to the programmer report

- Fixed programmer report output so constant names match the header file
- Fixed programmer report output to use forward slashes in event paths

* The programmer report now shows the parameter index value for each parameter

14/09/07 1.09.00
+ Added a list of recently opened files to the File menu
+ Added a "Spawn Intensity" property to events; this is a multiplier for the
  spawn frequency of all sounds in the event

- Fixed an incorrect "couldn't be opened" error when specifying the location
  of waveforms which have moved to a Mac or Linux networked directory
- Fixed Designer not being able to save to Mac or Linux networked files

* The File->New command no longer adds a parameter to the newly created event
* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 1.09.00 requires FMOD version 4.08.00,
  4.09.00 or higher.

7/09/07 1.07.25
+ Added an “(event angle)” parameter; any parameter with the name
  “(event angle)” is automatically updated with the angle to the listener from
  the event’s forward vector (0 to 180 degrees)
+ Added “Rebuild project…” and “Clean build files” items to the Build menu

* Changed the name of the “(heading)” automatic parameter to “(listener angle)”
  for greater clarity
* Changed the event editor ruler to never use scientific notation, and to
  adjust the number of digits after the decimal point to fit the step size
* The “Change wavetable…” context menu option in the sound definition tab now
  sets the file dialog’s start directory to the current wavetable’s location

3/09/07 1.07.23
+ Added a warning when the user tries to set bank type to “Load into memory”
  on a wave bank that has sounds with more than 2 channels
+ Added a build-time check for “Load into memory” wave banks that have sounds
  with more than 2 channels
+ Added event count constants to generated header files: EVENTCOUNT_,
+ Added a “(heading)” parameter; any parameter with the name “(heading)” is
  automatically updated with the angle to the event about the listener’s up
  vector (-180 to 180 degrees)
+ Added a “3D Position randomization” property to sound definitions; sound
  definition instances are offset from their parent event by a random vector
  based on this value, recalculated each time the sound is triggered

– Fixed a crash in fmod_designercl when building wavebanks with syncpoints
  from an FDP without the hasbuiltwithsyncpoints tag set
– Fixed ruler drawing for parameters with minimum > maximum
– Fixed automatic parameters to handle minimum > maximum correctly
– Fixed ruler drawing for parameters to display only 3 significant digits
– Fixed ruler drawing for parameters to calculate number of notches based on
  parameter spacing setting and available screen space
– FMOD Eventplayer now operates in the xz plane (i.e. top-down) rather than the
  xy plane (this fixes issues with head-relative events)
– Fixed oneshot events stopping when sounds with both “Wait for Previous” and
  “Loop and cutoff” set are still playing
– Fixed “Wait for Previous” sounds not being updated properly

* Changed header file generation to prevent name collisions between projects
  by inserting the project name in the constant names (e.g. for a project

21/08/07 1.07.22
* Update for API release

20/08/07 1.07.21
+ Added preprocessor include guards to designer-generated header files

– Fixed a Windows bug where build progress dialogs could steal the system
  keyboard focus from other applications
– Fixed a bug where the numeric input popup could go off the right edge of the
  screen on certain multi-monitor setups
– Fixed a bug where event parameter ruler spacing couldn’t be set to less than
  one tenth of the parameter range
– Fixed layer background not updating when parameter properties were changed
– Fixed Designer and FSBank not supporting sounds with > 6 channels
– Fixed Envelope copy/paste distorting envelope values on some effects
– Fixed a bug where the “XMA Filtering” entry was still enabled in the
  waveform context menu even when the wavebank compression type was not XMA

02/08/07 1.07.20
+ Added the ability to set the channel mode of multichannel wavebank entries
  to “n x Mono” (all channels panned to centre) or “n x Stereo” (channels
  alternate between front left and front right) via the context menu. Channel
  modes are saved to FSB. Useful for multichannel interactive music
+ Added a “Sort alphabetically” option to the wavebank list context menu
+ Added get/setUserData functions to all Event API classes
+ Added a “Disable seeking” option for XMA wavebanks (saves memory)
+ Added an “XMA Filtering” option for XMA wavebank entries (off by default)
+ Added a “Disable seeking” option to the fsbankex utility’s XMA options
+ Added the “IMA ADPCM” format to the fsbankex utility’s Xbox 360 format list
+ Added an “Enable syncpoints” option for wavebanks (can be turned off to
  save memory if waves have syncpoints)
+ Added a build-time warning and enable/disable dialog for wavebank syncpoints
+ Added multiple select editing for wave banks in Wave bank view
+ Added the ability to add/edit/delete user properties on multiple selected
  events/event groups at once
+ Added support for pre- and post-build commands
+ Added the ability to specify a random deviation in the 3D position of an
+ Added icons for the various curve and crossfade types in the event editor
+ Major improvements to network audition. Now only builds/syncs wavebanks as
  they’re played in event editor
+ Added “Max playbacks” and “Max playbacks behavior” for event categories:
  If too many events are playing in a category when Event::start is called,
  an event is stopped according to “Max playbacks behavior”

– Fixed “Clean project” to remove duplicate wavebank waveform entries
– Fixed a bug where Designer didn’t save FSB volume and pan defaults correctly
– Fixed a crash when copying & pasting a layer from an event with no parameters
– Fixed the sound definition panel so the “Sort alphabetically” option is
  always available in the sound definition list context menu
– Sound definition “Maximum spawned sounds” is now clamped to be at least 1
– Fixed a bug in wavebank list file generation where duplicate entries would
  have a blank filename rather than “”
– Fixed a bug where the sound definition list view would auto-expand when
  dropping a wave file on it to create a new sound definition
– Fixed a bug where record mode kept recording after the last event in the
  record batch stopped.
– Fixed loading from windows network shares
– Fixed a bug where editing a text property item would move the cursor to the
  end of the item after each keystroke
– Fixed broken cut/copy/paste in Event Category view
– Fixed a bug where copying & pasting certain effects didn’t work
– Fixed problem with network audition and empty wavebanks
– Fixed events/eventgroups being allowed to have names that differ only in case
– Fixed a bug where the Audition 3D tool didn’t update distance parameters
– Fixed Surround Pan effect forcing wavebanks to software mode on PS2

* Changed order of speakers in event properties
* Changed name of 7.1 speakers in event properties from “Left/Right Surround”
  to “Left/Right Side”
* Events created by dropping sample files onto the event screen no longer have
  a parameter added to them by default
* The Build button is now the default button in the Build dialog
* The Build dialog now shows a “Build aborted” messsage if the build is aborted
* Changed FDP writing code to replace XML special characters in text
  properties with entity references
* Changed “Optimise” to “Optimize” in the Wavebank panel for consistent use of
  American English
* Waveform “Sample rate optimization” is now a per-platform setting
* “Clean project” now deletes empty wave banks.
* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 1.07.20 requires FMOD version 4.06.23,
  4.07.20 or higher.

22/06/07 1.07.19
+ Added ASIO channel-mapping and speaker setup options to the “Sound” section
  of the preferences dialog
+ The play button in the sound definition tab now provides previewing of spawn
  behaviour (spawn time, maximum spawned sounds and play mode)  
+ Added the ability to cut, copy and paste sound instances in the event editor
+ Added the ability to cut, copy and paste layers in the event editor
+ Added “Search subdirectories” to file dialog for finding lost waveforms

– Fixed error in finding lost waveforms that have spaces in them
– Fixed crash when using File -> Merge…
– Fixed some platforms not building when they have disabled software effects
– Fixed file not found error after finding lost waveforms

15/06/07 1.07.18
+ Added a GUI option (in the Build dialog box) and command-line switch (“-l”)
  to generate listing files (.lst) for each sound bank, suitable for use with
  the fsbankex utility when building .fsb files

– Fixed a bug where events, groups, categories etc. could have leading or
  trailing spaces in their names
– Made adding/removing/editing envelopes in the effect properties dialog not
  take effect until “Ok” is pressed

* The fsbankex utility now preserves the case of file names from the listing
  file, rather than folding them to lowercase

05/06/07 1.07.17
+ Removed the “Spawn Intensity” sound definition property and re-introduced
  the minimum and maximum spawn time properties. The spawn intensity layer
  effect now scales the average spawn time by (1 / (envelope value))
+ Added a tree view for sound selection to the “New sound” dialog
+ Made the “New sound” dialog remember its size between sessions
+ Added the “Channel Mix” effect, providing control over the incoming levels
  of multichannel sounds in an event layer – useful to set volumes of 
  subchannels for things like interleaved multichannel music etc

– Fixed export of FSB files not writing correct flags, so that if a sound
  has 2d AND 3d wave entries in a soundbank, it wouldn’t load.

* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 1.07.17 requires FMOD version 4.06.20,
  4.07.17 or higher.

18/05/07 1.07.16
+ Added per-platform effect enabling/disabling; effects are automatically
  disabled in platforms which don’t support them
+ Added the ability to set envelope control point positions numerically
  (via context menu or double-click on the control point)

– Fixed problem with effect curve tweaking in network audition.
– Fixed a bug where layer resize handles could be hidden under effect widgets
– Fixed a bug where “Save as…” could adjust waveform filenames incorrectly;
  now waveform filenames are unchanged and audio source directories are set
  to the old project directory if they are blank

* FMOD Eventplayer now lists events in .fev file order (i.e. the same order as
  in Designer) by default; clicking on a column header sorts by that column
* Added error message when trying to build a GCADPCM wavebank that contains 
  software references

11/05/07 1.07.15
+ Added the ability to set parameter values numerically (via context menu or
  double-click on the parameter value display or parameter selection widget)
+ Added the ability to set sustain point positions numerically (via context
  menu or double-click on the sustain point widget)

– The Event Editor panel now updates the parameter value display and cursor
  widget when the selected parameter changes
– The project dirty flag is now set when sustain points are added/removed/moved
  so FMOD Designer will prompt to save on exit or when loading a new file
– Fixed a bug where oneshot sounds would retrigger if the parameter left the
  sound and returned to it while it was playing

* Double-clicking on the parameter selection widget now brings up a numeric
  input box, rather than the parameter properties dialog box
* The layer solo button now defaults to only soloing one layer at a time. Hold
  the Control key while clicking to solo multiple layers.

09/05/07 1.07.14
+ Added tickboxes for whether or not to include layers & effects in a template
+ Added a “Nonblocking” checkbox to FMOD Event Player (switchesEVENT_NONBLOCKING
  on/off for all calls to getEvent)
+ Added “Load into RSX memory” wavebank property (PS3 only)
+ Added the ability to copy/cut & paste effects from one layer/event to another
+ Added the ability to disable sample rate optimisation per waveform
+ Added MP2/MP3 compression for Xbox360

– Event sustain points are now clamped to valid parameter range
– Fixed a bug where sustain points could be written to .fev in the wrong order
– Fixed the event editor ruler to redraw when the selected parameter changes
– Removed annoying flashing when adding an effect envelope
– Fixed the “Replace sound…” menu option to only restart the event if it is
  already playing
– Fixed parameter value rounding issue
– Fixed crash on startup when event templates have user properties
– Fixed a bug where a template-based event could be made a template itself

* Wavebank “Bank type” is now saved per-platform

26/04/07 1.07.13
+ Added individual layer priorities; if layer priority < 0, use event priority
+ Added a Solo button to the event editor panel's layer controls
+ Added sound instance property "Autopitch at min" for offsetting autopitch ramping
+ Added a "Replace sound" option to the sound instance context menu

+ Upgraded the fmod_eventplayer tool:
+   Added a soundstage allowing sound sources (events) and the listener to be
    positioned in 2D, with visual feedback on which events are playing/audible.
+   Added the capability to drag and drop events from the event hierarchy onto
    the sound stage to create a source that plays that event.
+   Added saving and loading of test setups (source & listener positions,
    events playing, projects loaded etc).
+   Added multiple source & listener movement behaviours.
+   Added multiple source play modes: Once, Repeat & Random.
+   Added master volume and mute controls.
+   Updated the event and system properties displays to use a hierarchical list.
+   Added saving & restoring of UI configuration between sessions.

- Fixed dragging sounds between layers when there is no selected parameter
- Disabled dragging sounds onto locked layers
- Fixed "don't play" sound definition entry

* Sound instances now display in grey when their layer is muted
* Sound instances now display in dark grey when their layer is disabled
* Disabled and muted layers now have effects and sounds locked
* "Lay out sounds evenly" menu item is now disabled if layer sounds are locked
* The event editor play button now stays pressed while the event is playing 
* Updated the UI style for better pressed button display
* .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 1.7.13 requires 4.06.16, 4.07.13 or higher.

16/04/07 1.07.12
* Update for API release

05/04/07 1.07.11
+ Added an "Enable layer" checkbox to the Event editor tab. Layer enable state
  is stored on a per-platform basis. Disabled layers are not included in the
  build process.
+ Added the ability to specify the file name for a template file

- Fixed the layer mute button to correctly affect playing events

22/03/07 1.07.10
- Fixed error message when compresson format .dll not found
- Mac - Fixed playback of events "File Not Found" issue

01/03/07 1.07.09
+ Added Spawn Intensity effect, a multiplier for a sound definition's spawn 
  intensity parameter.
+ Added Record mode. Records output of a playing event to a .wav file

* Can now have multiple cumulative Pitch effects per layer.

23/02/07 1.07.08
* Update for API release

20/02/07 1.7.7
!+ Addded brand new documentation.  New documentation is comprehensive and 
   professionally written.
!+ Added gapless mp2/mp3 encoding.  Runtime API upgrade is required also otherwise 
   there will be small clicks on each loop.

13/02/07 1.7.6
!- FSBank - Fixed bad FSB data being written out which could cause hang with XMA
  and garbled sound on other formats.  This bug is present in 1.7.2 to 1.7.5 
- Removed "FMOD Reverb" from "New effect" dialog. Use "SFX Reverb" instead

08/02/07 1.7.5
+ Added File->Merge… Use it to merge a second project into the currently loaded one

– Fixed layer control parameter not being saved correctly

02/02/07 1.7.4
+ Added volume randomisation to events.
– Fix reverb balance effect not setting correct gain levels
– Fix event crossfades gettting reset on copy event
– Fix sound definitions not looping properly.
– Fix wave bank compression type saying ‘MP3’ twice in PS3 mode instead of MP2 and MP3.

29/01/07 1.7.3
* Update for API release

25/01/07 1.7.2
– Fixed problems with template events

23/01/07 1.7.1
– Fixed “Clean project” not cleaning everything the first time it’s used
– Fixed “Max playbacks” so it can’t go -ve

22/01/07 1.7.0
+ Soundbank waveform quality parameter now stored per platform
+ Event system memory/speed optimisations
+ Added Start Mode to layer sounds. Options “Immediate” & “Wait for previous”.
+ Added “Reverb Balance” effect

– Fixed “Max Playbacks Behaviour” writing out wrong value and causing wrong getEvent behaviour in runtime engine.

– Fixed whitespace on end of names when drag/dropping wav files to create events/sounddefs
– Fixed problem with “music” category and multiple projects
– Fixed audio source directory problem
– Fixed stereo sounds not playing correctly when non-pc platform selected
– Fixed conflicting guids when using cut’n’paste
– Fixed network connect version mismatch problem

14/12/06 1.6.0
+ Added MP2 support
+ Added linked control for event “Volume” parameter, which maintains relative dB gain between selected events. The operational gain values are clamped between -60dB and 0dB.
+ Added “music” category
+ Removed “Music” event property

– Fixed “Seek Speed” in “Parameter Properties”
– Fixed drag and drop in category hierarchy
– Fixed envelope point value tab disappearing when mouse approaches edge of layer
– Fixed parameter velocity and seek speed now in terms of parameter units
– Fixed bug in eventplayer loading
– Fixed sounds jumping into different layers

* EventCategory indices may be incorrect (+1) until projects are rebuilt

5/12/06 1.4.53
– Improved error message when adding mutliple effects of the same type
– Tweaked examples.fdp for each platform
– Removed “Steal next” from event “Max playbacks” behaviour as it was found to be extraneous

24/11/06 1.4.51
+ Added parameter to reduce a wave’s stored sample rate to a percentage of optimised samplerate, per wavebank waveform. The user can preview the resampled audio, and the revised sample rate is displayed.

– Fixed problem where no new banks could be created

16/11/06 1.4.49
+ Added new command line option to fmod_designercl.exe “-c ” to override the
  compression method specified for all wavebanks

– Fixed crash when renaming sound definition folders
– Fixed problem with crossfade curves

* Events can no longer put into more than one category

9/11/06 1.4.47
+ Added editable notes field for wave bank waveforms.

– Fixed sample rate optimisation optimising down to too low a frequency.
– Fixed crash after deleting sustain points involved in event copy operations

2/11/06 1.4.45
+ Added Event “Mode”, “3D Rolloff”, “3D Min Distance”, “3D Max Distance”, 
  “3D Position”, “3D Cone Inside Angle”, “3D Cone Outside Angle” and
  “3D Cone Outside Volume” to be updated in realtime network auditioning.
+ Added 5 new crossfade curves: “Power -0.5dB mid”, “Power -3dB mid”, 
	“Power -4.5dB mid”, “Power -3dB early” and “Power -3dB late”.
+ Added soundbank commands: “Set properties as default for new soundbanks” and
	“Copy properties to all soundbanks”.
+ Added “-s 2   Don’t build any FSB wavebanks.” to command line options for fmod_designercl.
– Fixed ‘needs 3d’ error popping up when trying to preview an event sometimes.
– Fixed crash when encoding 24bit wav files to xma or adpcm.
– Fixed ‘3D Pan Level’ effect’s ‘Level’ envelope tip units now in standard range [0,1]
– Fixed adding sinewave/oscillator producing an error box when trying to play it.

26/10/06 1.4.43
– Fixed crash when using “Clean project”
* Changed newly added waveforms to default to “bank” compression quality

19/10/06 1.4.41
+ Added scrollbars to event player for large projects
+ Allowed ADPCM for PS3
– Fixed crash when working with templates

13/10/06 1.4.39
– Fixed crash on selecting edit (user properties) in a category folder

12/10/06 1.4.37
+ Added new command line option to fmoddesignercl.exe “-b ” to allow override of Build Directory.  
+ Added category list for events in programmer report.
– Fixed crash after deleting an event
– Fixed surround pan effect not initialising correctly

04/10/06 1.4.33
– Fixed events with fadeout not stopping in event screen
– Fixed crash after Clean

29/09/06 1.4.31
+ Added new layer effect: “Time offset”. Specifies the start position, in seconds, within a wavetable.
+ Added specifiable template file directory
+ Added pitch randomisation for events
+ Standardised pitch and volume randomisation for sound definitions (fdp’s are backwards compatible)
+ Added interactive search for missing sound file directories on build
+ Sound definition “Goto event” now lists all events that use that sound definition
+ Frequency curves are now non-linear in certain DSP effects giving a more useful range of movement. Effects changed are “Lowpass”,
  “IT Lowpass”, “Lowpass Simple” and “Highpass”. Note: Curves in existing events are not affected. Only newly created curves will
  benefit from this improvement.
+ Added event “Pitch randomization” property
+ Improved sound definition “Volume randomization” and “Pitch randomization” interface
+ Added “Template File” filed in “Directories” section of “Preferences” dialog for specifying where the template file is located
+ Added new command line option to fmoddesignercl.exe “-a ” to allow override of Audio Source Directory.  Useful for 
  specifying different paths per project build for localization purposes.
+ Added new command line option to fmoddesignercl.exe “-s [0|1]” to specify only building streaming wavebanks or only building 
  static sample wavebanks.

– Fixed wrong input .fdp filename using fmod_designercl -m
– Fixed “Abort” button on build dialog
– Fixed Alt-Left-click on event in category hierarchy now previews event in same way as it does on event hierarchy
– Fixed command line -m mode to not include wave banks that aren’t referenced
– Fixed sound events appearing in the wrong layer when added
– Fixed network paths not working in sound definitions

08/09/06 1.4.29
+ Added multi-level sortable sound definition folders for organising sound definitions!
+ Added drag’n’drop sounds between layers
+ Added “Shuffle” sound definition play mode
+ Added fine control for dragging envelope points. Hold down “Z” while dragging
+ Added new curve type “Logarithmic”
+ Added new sound crossfade types “Linear” and “Raised”
– Fixed “3D Pan Level” slider not updating in realtime over network
– Fixed problem with shuffle sound definition play mode when entries are added/deleted
– Fixed problem previewing sound definitions that use shuffle play mode
– Fixed ruler range spacing bug when using -ve values
* If Event::start is called on an event that is fading out (“Fadeout Time” property), it will now restart that event immediately

23/08/06 1.4.27
+ Added Reverb Level effect whose envelope, when present, overrides the event’s reverb level property
+ Added keyboard command to Event Editor – restricts horizontal movement of edit points while CTRL held down
+ Added SI value tooltip display when edit points are being dragged
+ Updated header file and programmer report written out by FMOD Designer to include reverbs, categories and 
  event parameters. Full paths used now as well.
– Fixed command line build not rebuilding banks that are unchecked in build dialog
– Mac – Fixed fdp files not being shown in open file dialog
– Fixed “Audio source directory” changing sound definition waveform paths erroneously
– Fixed handling of ‘&’ in .fdp files

10/08/06 1.4.25
+ Changed “3D Reverb Level” to “Reverb Level”. It now works in 2D as well
+ Reverbs in reverb view are now network tweakable. Connect to your game and adjust reverbs in realtime.
+ Added “Loop and cutoff” and “Loop and play to end” to sound instance “Loop mode” properties
– Fixed “3D Spread” effect not working properly
* Event parameters now automatically reset back to 0 on Event::start if they have non-null
  velocity and setValue hasn’t been called on them

04/08/06 1.4.23
– Mac – Fixed files with lowercase extensions not showing up in file open dialogs.
– Fixed “Max playbacks behavior” “Steal oldest” not working correctly
– Enabled ADPCM compression format for Xbox360
– Enabled VAG compression format for PSP
– Fixed problem where PSP platform was never available
* NOTE: FMOD Event Player may not report correct memory usage. This is temporary and will be rectified in a future version

31/07/06 1.4.21
– Fixed problem with keyoff button in FMOD Designer

27/07/06 1.4.19
– Fixed problems with categories tab not being updated

21/07/06 1.4.17
+ Added user properties to event groups
– Fixed problem loading certain FEVs in event player
– Removed ADPCM compression format for PS3 platform
– Disabled “Adjust compression quality” context menu appropriately for format

17/07/06 1.4.15
– Fixed bug where it was possible to create multiple categories with the same name
– Fixed crash related to sound definition pitch randomisation
– Fixed surround pan dialog inserting -1024dB into event speaker levels properties
– Fixed freeEventData not freeing streams in certain circumstances
– Fixed ADPCM issues
* Disabled “Compression quality” wave bank property for formats that don’t have variable quality
* Allowed surround pan dialog for 3d events
* Changed IMAADPCM compression format to ADPCM. This is a name change only – the compression format is the same.

07/07/06 1.4.13
+ Added ability to load multiple projects into event player
+ Added “Load event data” and “Free event data” to eventgroup context menu in event player
+ Added extended event and eventsystem info to event player
– Fixed problem with some events not playing because they need software engine support
* Reworded event player load/unload menu items

03/07/06 1.4.11
+ Added event “3D Pan Level” property
+ Added “Reverb” view. Sound designer can now design and preview named reverb presets that the programmer can use at runtime
+ Added event “Fadein time” and “Fadeout time” properties
+ Added wave bank “Max streams” property
+ Added default event “Oneshot” property to Preferences dialog
+ Added “Edit->Clean project” to remove unused sound definitions and waveforms
+ Added alt-leftclick on an event in event hierarchy in event form to play that event (leftclick event to stop it)
+ Added “Play” button to “New sound” dialog for previewing sound definitions
+ Added doubleclick on waveform in waveform list view in wave bank view to navigate back to sound definition that uses that waveform
+ Added “Goto event” in sound definition context menu to navigate back to the first event that uses this sound definition
+ Added event templates
+ Added “key off” button per parameter in Event Player
+ Added “Audio source directory” project property
+ Templates update automatically when template properties are changed
– Fixed problem with relative paths in project “Build directory” property
– Fixed “Audio source directory” issues
– Fixed certain validation dialogs sometimes coming up twice
– Fixed problem with volumes reverting to previous setting in network audition mode
– Fixed event player initialisation code to be more robust
– Fixed 3d spread not previewing correctly
– Fixed Sfx Reverb problems
– Fixed Preferences dialog always prompting for a restart
– Fixed effect mute state not restoring properly on project load
– Fixed graphical corruption on some line edit widgets
– Fixed problem where effect mute was not working
– Fixed random volume/pitch not remembering values
– Removed “Synchronize files” menu item
* Speaker levels default to 0dB left/right isntead of -3dB
* Changed name of “Speaker spread” effect to “3d Speaker spread”
* Speaker levels properties can now be modified for 3d events
* FEV format extended. Rebuild FEV’s to access new features!

01/06/06 1.4.7
+ Added event “3D Speaker Spread” property. Use “Audition 3D” dialog to preview.
+ Added event “Oneshot” property. Event will automatically stop playing when all sounds are finished.
+ Added per-waveform compression quality in wave bank screen.
+ Added “Programmer sound” sound definition entry. Use event callback to feed external sounds into an event at runtime.
+ File->Open dialog remembers last directory opened from.
+ Added parameter “Seek speed” property. Use this to make EventParameter::setValue() seek the cursor to the specified value over time.
+ Added confirmation dialog to “Lay out sounds evenly” function.
– Fixed build dialog platform setting sometimes not matching up with project platform setting.
– Output mode set to “No sound” for command line builds.
– Removed parameter “Minimum value” and “Maximum value” from “Parameter Properties” dialog.
– Removed OpenAL output mode.
* Changed default event “Max playbacks behavior” property to “Steal oldest”.

30/05/06 1.4.4 – Stable release update
– Update for fixes in FMOD Ex low-level library

25/05/06 1.4.2 – Stable release update
– Update for fixes in FMOD Ex low-level library

23/05/06 1.4.0
+ Improved network tweaking performance
+ Added wavebank compression quality setting in wavebank screen
+ Added new “Bank type” setting “Decompress into memory” in wavebank screen
+ Added “SequentialEventRestart” play mode to sound definitions
+ LFE level can now be set for 2D/3D sounds and even boosted to +13dB (5x linear gain)
– Fixed bug where exported events had very low volume
– Fixed MP3 encoder
– Fixed problems with sound definition entry selection
– Fixed crash on exit after using copy/paste

16/05/06 1.3.10
+ Added command line switch -n to _not_ build .FEV or .FSB
+ Added random weighted sound definitions
+ Improved .fdp loading to recover invalid files (missing soundbanks)
+ Event system now uses FMOD_LOWMEM for all sounds
+ Fixed FMOD initialisation to be more robust and informative
– Oneshot parameters now visually clamp to maximum range
– Fixed empty context menu when no layer selected in event editor view
– Fixed crash when project references a dsp unit that doesn’t exist
– Fixed problem where oneshot event parameter went past parameter maximum range
– Fixed problem in sound definition view where sound definition wouldn’t play first time
* Newly created wave banks default to “Force software” for Xbox360
* Oneshot parameters that are at maximum range reset back to minimum range automatically when event is played in FMOD Designer
* “Oneshot and stop event” parameters don’t stop the event until all oneshot sounds have finished playing

02/05/06 1.3.9
* On PC platform, all 2D events are now played using FMOD’s software mixer.

26/04/06 1.3.8
+ Added dedicated command line version of FMOD Designer (fmod_designercl.exe)
+ Added -p and -h command line switches for toggling programmer report and header file output respectively
+ Added -m command line switch for producing dependency information
– Fixed problem with autopitch reference being expressed in terms of selected parameter not primary parameter
– Fixed quality issue in FMOD Pitch Shifter effect

18/04/06 1.3.7
+ Added “linear” curve shape. Use context menu on envelope curve segment, envelope or whole effect to change curve shape.
+ Added default curve shape option to preferences dialog
+ Added “FMOD Compressor” effect
– Fixed crash related to “oneshot and stop event” parameters
– Fixed problem with sustain points on parameters with range outside of 0 -> 1
– Fixed bug where event loop mode wasn’t being saved properly
* Changed some event editor context menus

07/04/06 1.3.5
+ Added event sustain points. Parameters with velocity stop on sustain points until programmer calls a “keyoff” function at runtime.
+ Added “keyoff” button to FMOD Designer and FMOD Event Player.
+ Added “Surround Pan” effect.
+ “Surround Pan” dialog can now be used in conjunction with the “Surround Pan” effect to automate 5.1/7.1 mixing.
– Fixed “Help -> User Manual” menu item not working when application was started by double-clicking a .fdp file.

31/03/06 1.3.4
– Fixed graphical glitches and flicker
– Fixed crash/file corruption caused by deleting event parameters
– Fixed build error when unreferenced wavebanks are encountered
– Fixed limitation where copy/paste would stop adding “Copy of” if name was identical
* Whitespace is no longer allowed at the start and end of any names i.e. event, eventgroup, eventcategory etc.

17/03/06 1.3.3
+ Major graphical overhaul!
+ Added “del” key to delete the current sound in event editor.
+ Added “Resize layers” item to context menu in layer control area in event editor view. Use this to make all layers the same height as the selected layer.
+ Property sheet properties now require only a single click to begin editing them.
+ Added ‘loop mode’ to parameters so parameters can now stop when they reach the maximum value, and even stop the whole event if instructed to do so.
+ Added ‘Max playbacks behavior’ property to event property sheet, for when the programmer runs out of event instances.
+ Added “don’t play” sound definition entry. This allows you to make sound definitions that sometimes don’t play anything when triggered.
+ Adjusting sound volume (with the blue curves) now updates across network.
– Fixed various issues with IMAADPCM compression.
– Fixed problem where an event that had been copied and pasted would play as looping even though it was oneshot.
– Fixed alphabetic/numeric sorting bug on wavebank waveform property sheet.
– Fixed problem where muted envelopes could still be dragged.
– Fixed envelope visibility on/off bug.
– Fixed eventgroup copy/paste bug where events in pasted eventgroups were playing silently.
– Fixed problem editing autopitch reference when parameter range minimum is > 0.
* Tightened up property sheet column width.
* Updated fmod_designer.pdf to mention command line mode limitation.

24/02/06 1.3.2
+ Added 3D “Cone Designer” for defining 3D sound cones
– Fixed problem with event priority not being saved
– Fixed crash on EventSystem::release

22/02/06 1.3.1
+ Updated documentation
+ Various minor graphical improvements
– Fixed uninstaller leaving files behind
– Removed target export path (wasn’t needed)

10/02/06 1.3.0
+ Added speaker level support to event property sheets (2d events only)
+ Added “Audition 3D” dialog box for event editor to preview 3d sound with an event.
+ Added “Surround Pan” dialog box for event editor to preview 5.1 panning with an event.
+ Added min/max distance and 3d position / speaker level preview to audition client (xbox 360)
– Fixed Audition client crash when disconnecting / closing tool.
– Fixed Audition client crash with changing pitch.

02/02/06 1.2.10
+ getEvent now only loads the sounds it needs, not the whole wave bank – much more memory efficient!
+ Reduced runtime memory usage
– Fixed rare crash on getEvent
– Fixed bug in random playback in FMOD Event Player

27/01/06 1.2.9
– Removed “Basic headers” option in wave bank view
– Fixed error when using “stream from disk”

23/01/06 1.2.8
+ Reduced runtime memory usage
– Fixed crash when calling getEvent after freeEventData
– Fixed 3D stereo wave banks
– Fixed events playing with incorrect (old) volume
– Fixed problem loading previous project when previous project no longer exists
* Increased timeout for network auditioning

12/01/06 1.2.7
– Fixed problem playing hardware sounds in 2d and 3d on xbox360

11/01/06 1.2.6
+ Added realtime network curve tweaking in the event editor. Adjust parameter curves while you’re playing your game!
+ Volume/pitch sliders now update over the network in realtime
+ Added drag’n’drop to the event tree view so events and eventgroups can be re-ordered how you like
+ Added “Sort alphabetically” context menu option for sorting events and eventgroups in the event tree view
+ Removed flicker when adding/removing items from event tree view
+ Added “realtime_tweaking” example for Xbox360
– Fixed crash when using event callbacks with oneshot sounds
– Fixed crash when changing compression format
– Fixed crash when deleting an effect
– Fixed bug where newly created effects aren’t pasted along with their event
– Fixed problem where FSB files were sometimes not being rebuilt

21/12/05 1.2.5
+ Added “Stop all” button to event player
+ Added more build progress output
– Fixed RandomNoRepeat play mode
– Fixed .FSB incorrect pitch problem
– Fixed crash when drag’n’drop sound file onto a playing event in event editor
– Fixed oneshot sounds not stopping in certain cases
– Fixed .FEV not going through filecallbacks in fmod_event_net.dll
* Removed .FEV checkbox in build dialog. FEV always needs to be built
* Improved build error messages

15/12/05 1.2.4
+ Limited the maximum number of streams created per eventsystem. Huge memory savings in certain cases!
+ Added drag’n’drop sound files from explorer into blank area below sound definition tree to create new sound definitions
+ Added drag’n’drop of sound definition entries between sound definitions
+ Added drag’n’drop to reorder sound definition entries
+ Added memory usage display to event player
+ Added “File -> Close” menu option to close loaded project in event player
+ Added “Play random” and “Stop random” buttons in event player
+ Added wave bank info display in event player
– Fixed drag’n’drop to always create relative paths not absolute paths
– Fixed drag’n’drop when treeview is scrolled down on event view, sound definition view and wave bank view
– Fixed problem with audition client for Xbox360
– Fixed problem with uninstaller
– Fixed build error when sound definition contains entries with absolute path
– Fixed copy/cut crash
– Disallowed multiple identical sound definition entries
* Updated example project
* When creating a new event by drag’n’drop, waveform references are now relative
* Paste sound definition properties now pastes notes as well
* NOTE: The .FEV file format has been extended! It is still backwards compatible with 1.2.3

24/11/05 1.2.3
+ Added “Copy all properties” and “Paste all properties” to event view context menu. Copy/paste all event properties at once. Paste works with multiple select.
+ Added “Copy all properties” and “Paste all properties” to sound definition view context menu. Copy/paste all sound definition properties at once. Paste works with multiple select.
+ Added Sound Definition cut/copy/paste/delete in Sound Definition view (Context menu and CTRL-X/CTRL-C/CTRL-V/DEL)
+ Added Sound Definition Entry cut/copy/paste/delete in Sound Definition view (Context menu and CTRL-X/CTRL-C/CTRL-V/DEL)
+ Improved event instance creation and event data handling
– Fixed wavebank loading/unloading when loadEventData is called multiple times on the same eventgroup
– Mac – Fixed tool not working with pre-Tiger versions of OSX.

18/11/05 1.2.2
+ Added command line mode. Specify -b and an .fdp file on the command line to build a project
– Fixed selection of VAG compression format (PS2 only)
– Fixed problems building VAG wavebanks
– Fixed problem updating properties for oneshot sounds
– Fixed oneshot sounds not crossfading properly in certain circumstances
– Fixed oneshot sounds not updating 3d position properly
– Fixed crash in fmod_event_net
– Removed duplicate “Save changes?” dialog when opening a project
– Removed SOURCE compression format
* Changed Event::start() behaviour – if event is already playing but Event::isPlaying() is false then the event will be restarted else Event::start() will just return immediately

10/11/05 1.2.1
+ Added drag’n’drop of wave file(s) onto event hierarchy in the event view to automatically create new event(s) + sound definition + placed sound
+ Added drag’n’drop of wave file(s) onto a sound definition in the sound definition view to add them to the sound definition
+ Added drag’n’drop of wave file(s) onto a sound in the event editor to add them to the sound definition
+ Added drag’n’drop of wave file(s) onto empty part of a layer. Adds new sound definition(s) and places sound instance(s)
+ Added “Default sound type” in preferences dialog. Choose whether to place oneshot or looping sounds by default
+ Added “Layout sounds evenly” to event editor context menu
+ Added ctrl-doubleclick on a sound to expand it into the available space. ctrl-double-click again to halve it
+ Added double-click to select from list in “New Sound”, “New Oscillator” and “New Envelope” dialogs
+ Added “Save As…” for projects
+ Added soundbanknames to Event::getInfo
+ Added Event::getCategoryByIndex
– Fixed “Delete Layer” context menu item – it’s not always greyed out now
– Removed old Event::release function from documentation
– Fixed graphical inaccuracy in sound placement
* Changed “Bank type” in wave bank view from “Sample”/”Stream” to “Load into memory”/”Stream from disk”

04/11/05 1.2.0
+ Significant optimizations in memory and cpu usage
+ Added FMOD Designer Network API. Tweak events playing in your game as it’s running using FMOD Designer!
+ Added realtime_tweaking example
+ Programmer report now lists what DSP effects are used per event
+ Added Event::getPitch, Event::setPitch
– Fixed getCategoryByIndex to return FMOD_ERR_INVALID_PARAM on bad indices
– Fixed oneshot sounds not spawning immediately when event is started
– Fixed software 3d sounds in FSB/EventSystem
* Multiple EventSystems are no longer allowed. This is to prevent inadvertant opening of the same soundcard twice

21/10/05 1.1.7
+ Added EventSystem::getVersion
+ EventSystem::getGroup and EventGroup::getGroup can now take a full pathname i.e. “level1/weapons/guns/bazooka”
– Fixed crash when deleting a wave bank
– Fixed loading multiple projects with eventgroups/categories of the same name
– Changing a sound definition’s play mode now doesn’t require a save/load to take effect
– Added “RandomNoRepeat” play mode for sound definitions

14/10/05 1.1.6
+ Added event categories
+ Added event callbacks
* Improved default XMA compression quality
* NOTE: FEV file format has changed! Rebuild all existing FEV’s for use with this version

04/10/05 1.1.5
+ Improved resource management. Added EventGroup::loadEventData/freeEventData
– Fixed problem when too many streams tried to play at once
– Fixed memory leak
– Fixed crash when loading a project

23/09/05 1.1.2
+ Added “music” property for events
+ Added user properties for events
– Fixed problem where it was possible to run out of room to add more eventgroups
* Build directory is now relative to .fdp path not fmod_designer.exe path

16/09/05 1.1.1
+ Added multiple select editing for Events in Event view
+ Added multiple select editing for Sound Definitions in Sound Definition view
+ Added EventGroup cut/copy/paste/delete in Event view (Context menu and CTRL-X/CTRL-C/CTRL-V/DEL)
+ Added Event cut/delete in Event view (Context menu and CTRL-X/DEL)
+ Added “Change wavetable…” to Sound Definition view.
* Changed terminology to be clearer. An “Envelope” is now called an “Effect”.
* Upgraded to Qt 3.3.5

08/09/05 1.1.0
+ Added Event copy and paste in event view (Context menu and CTRL-C/CTRL-V)
+ Added “User Manual” menu item in Help menu
+ Added more informative error messages
– Updated docs on renaming .bak if .fdp is trashed
– Fixed problem deleting waveforms from sound definitions also deleting from wave bank
– Fixed DSP connection error when using more than one volume envelope
– Fixed problem with wave files on a different drive than the project
– Fixed delete sound definition warning dialog
– Fixed problem with sound definition with no sounds in it
– Fixed sound definition randomisation
* Event/EventParameter now use reference counted handles

25/08/05 1.0.12
+ Improved event/eventgroup resource management
+ Improved finetune dialog for tuning sounds against the currently playing event
– Fixed a problem when changing a layer’s name
– Fixed a problem with Event::getIndex and EventGroup::getIndex
* .fdp extension is now automatically added if it’s not there when creating a new project
* EventGroup::release now releases all Events in the EventGroup

23/08/05 1.0.11
+ Added “Custom” 3D rolloff model
– Fixed problem loading/saving projects
– Fixed doubleclick on project loading wrong project

05/08/05 1.0.10
+ Added support for non-unique event names
– Added 3D listener functions to event api
– Fixed problem saving wavebank compression format

01/08/05 1.0.9
+ Added head/world relative property to events
+ Reworked sound properties dialog
+ Added support for more platforms
+ Added “force software” property to wave banks
+ Optimized event playback
– Fixed event editor graphical issues
– Fixed bug in wavebank creation
– Fixed remote target audition file synch issue
– Fixed height of new layer when create new project

16/07/05 1.0.8 beta
+ Added volume/pitch randomization
+ Added programmer report and header file output
+ Added 3D rolloff property to event
+ Added “Used” column in wave bank screen
+ Improved handling of 2D/3D, HW/SW properties
+ Fixed problem with stream wave banks
+ Improved installer/uninstaller
– Fixed various remote target audition issues
– Fixed wave bank waveforms showing wrong size
– Fixed memory leaks
* Changed “CROSS” platform to “PC”
* Moved 3D min/maxdistance property to event
* Changed to Qt 3.3.4

25/06/05 1.0.6 beta

+ Added remote target auditioning
+ Many optimisations for speed and memory usage
+ Events can now be instanced multiple times
+ Added encryption support to event player
– Fixed various memory leaks
– Fixed various graphical/interface glitches
– Fixed oneshot sound volume not being updated
– Fixed parameters going out of range
– Fixed property sheet issues
– Fixed various soundbank properties not being exported correctly
* Revised menus

09/06/05 1.0.5 alpha

+ Added output and buffersize settings in preferences dialog
+ Improved error handling
+ Added platform toolbar (still only supports cross-platform atm)
+ Added new build dialog
– Fixed focus issues
– Fixed various bugs
* Revised menus

31/05/05 1.0.4 alpha

+ Can now create sound definitions in sound definition screen by multiple-selecting wavs
+ Sound definition preview is now affected by volume and pitch
+ Added “Close” project menu option
+ Cleaned up interface
+ Added driver setting in sound preferences
– Added “Fix absolute paths” in Special menu
– Fixed bug that allowed multiple sound definitions with the same name or null name
– Fixed ruler min/max issues
– Fixed problem when enabling autopitch
– Fixed crash on save
* All new sounds are now added with path relative to their project file

??/??/05 1.0.2 alpha

+ Added an installer

03/04/05 1.0.1 alpha

+ Added help text in middle of event editor screen if no event selected
– Fixed debug dll dependency
– Fixed problems when no event is selected
– Fixed window maximise on startup
* Better variable names in simple_event example

01/04/05 1.0.0 alpha

* Initial release