FMOD Ex Programmer’s API

The FMOD Ex sound system is an audio engine for game developers, multimedia developers, sound designers, musicians and audio engineers. The development of FMOD Ex is based on the years of experienced of Firelight Technologies’ previous product FMOD 3. FMOD Ex is intended to push the creative boundaries of audio implementation for games and the like, whilst using minimal resources and being fully scalable.

FMOD Ex provides both a low-level API and data-driven API (used in conjunction with Designer).

DSP Software Architecture

The FMOD mixing architecture starts with a fantastic sounding mixer, that uses floating point calculations with full 32bit interpolation to provide maximum sound quality and headroom when summing signals. Using a node based architecture, FMOD Ex provides flexible routing, submixing and output channel choices to the programmer. Input channels can be mapped to any output channel through a simple 2D matrix. Output to mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Pro Logic or Pro Logic 2 with ease!

Included with the API is a whole suite of 14 DSP effects, such as echo, chorus, reverb, etc which can be applied throughout the DSP mixing network.

Advanced Compressed Sample and Streaming Support

FMOD Ex includes advanced support for compressed sample formats such as mp2, mp3, ADPCM, CELT, Vorbis and XMA. Compressed samples can be looped or sequenced with other samples, without gaps, clicks or other artefacts. Developers do not have to worry about anything to do with the destination format, FMOD’s encoder will just handle it perfectly for you every time!

Advanced streaming engine supports low cpu overhead, multiple stream support, over-ridable file callbacks and more.

File Format Support

FMOD supports a huge range of audio file formats including: wav, midi, mp3, XMA, celt, flag, ogg and mod just to name a few. You can even add your own codecs via FMOD Ex’s plug-in support. FMOD Ex can play audio files with up to 16 channels!

Create realistic soundscapes

Supply 3D positions for the sound source and listener and FMOD Ex will automatically apply volume, filtering, surround panning and Doppler effect to mono, stereo and even multichannel samples. Transition between calculated positioning and sound designer defined positioning using 2D/3D pan morphing! For even greater audio realism use FMOD Ex’s

  • Choice between linear, logarithmic and custom rolloff curves
  • Custom geometry engine to add polygon scenes (FMOD Ex will factor in obstruction/occlusion)
  • 3D reverbs to blend transitions between environments with different ambience

Virtual Voices

Virtual voices to allow a game to play thousands of sounds at once on limited hardware without worrying about handling the logic to switch sounds off and on. FMOD Ex provides voice management using 3D distance and priority properties.

Platform Support

FMOD Ex has the largest range of supported hardware, including:

  • Windows (32bit and 64bit)
  • Macintosh (PPC, x86)
  • Sony PS3, PSP, PS Vita
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Wii, Wii U
  • Apple iPhone, iPad
  • Android
  • Linux (32bit and 64bit)
  • Google Native Client

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