FMOD Studio

New Digital Audio Workstation inspired multi-track music and event editing interface

The enhanced interface is a major contributor to the creation of superior game audio. A familiar pro audio interface will allow the creation of slicker, more professional results in a fraction of the time.

A powerful multi-track event editor, giving you both flexibility and control.

The streamlined interface cleans up your screen real estate, letting you focus solely on creating great audio. The new multi-track editor allows you to create more complex and varied events with minimal effort and less resources. Music and event editing has been merged and a new effect deck allows you to add Pro level effects and control the output of the entire event at a glance.

Fully featured mixing desk with pro effects for mastering. Run time profiler for loudness and performance analysis

This new interface will be immediately familiar to audio professionals who have used Digital Audio Workstations such as Pro Tools. The net result is greater efficiency, added flexibility and creativity, and a more polished end-product. Connect to a Mackie control surface for instant tactile feedback!

Finally, professional 7.1 audio mastering comes to the games industry

The new FMOD Studio mixer interface has been researched and designed to provide an experience similar to popular Digital Audio Workstation interfaces seen within the industry.

This gives a sense of familiarity to the designer, and power to create mixes that reflect the moods within the game.  Mastering and metering is now a breeze, as is creating mix states that can be triggered from within the game to totally change the environment in real-time.

Live in-game mixing, tweaking and creation while the game runs

FMOD Studio’s live in-game support, gives you the ultimate in creativity and control. Experience the
mood change and view the action as you create, add, edit and mix audio content – all in real-time. Plus – add blended mixer snapshots that make your game come alive by having entire mixes respond smoothly to game states and audio event triggers

Author as you go

The ability to author your audio content live in-game gives you the ultimate in control. Create, add, edit and mix audio content with precise timing and efficiency. FMOD Studio takes care of your build live, as you work which means that you can instantly preview your results without that annoying edit, rebuild, restart cycle.

The immediacy of both creation and preview will reduce the time you spend creating and debugging your audio content. For the first time you will get a real sense of your audio coming alive while the game is running.

And so much more under the hood…

FMOD Studio continues to impress with important game features that make your life easier. We have taken care of the ‘boring stuff’ to enable fast ports to different platforms, and support for localization so you don’t have to bend over backwards to get the result you want.

FMOD Studio’s enhanced functionality is not limited to interface enhancements.

In addition to the interface enhancements and new features, FMOD Studio supports a range of other functional and performance related features.

These include:

  • The all new integrated profiler which captures game events and audio output, and lets the user scrub through the game audio as it played, allowing debugging of mixing and performance issues;
  • Hardware control surface support;
  • VCAs – Control groups of busses at once, even as part of a mixer snapshot;
  • Sends – direct signal flow around the mix, for greater audio control;
  • Nested events for complex audio that can be built out of components; and
  • Source control/multi user collaboration – with Perforce support supplied out of the box.

The new FMOD Studio API has been designed to make common tasks simple while still allowing full access for advanced usage. Coupled with our focus on empowering the sound designer we have streamlined the API to minimize work for the programmer.

Enhanced API for quick and easy integration into any game or engine.

The new FMOD Studio API has been designed to make common tasks simple while still allowing full access for advanced usage.

Coupled with our focus on empowering the sound designer we have streamlined the API to minimize work for the programmer who will find it easy to use, flexible and extremely powerful.

  • Virtual events – Now you can play as many events at once as you like, and only limit the audibility of these events if require
  • Mixer snapshots – the game can now trigger scripted responses to a game events. Full mix sequences can be started from the game such as ducking, and effects on busses
  • Fire and forget playback – Repetitive programmer tasks are streamlined with single function calls to trigger common simple events
  • Localization – The programmer can switch between multiple languages at runtime
  • Optimized Vorbis playback – High quality vorbis bank support is included for high quality, royalty free compressed sound
  • Bulk editing, complex instruments, and ‘events’ within ‘events’ will allow the user to create dynamic audio environments that minimize or remove repetition with a simple set of building blocks, lowering overall memory usage
  • Memory and file system overrides for streaming game engines – Streaming game data alongside audio is easy with FMOD Studio’s prioritized file request callbacks

FMOD Studio – something for everyone

Audio professionals: You will love the increased level of control and intuitive interface, and in particular the live in-game feature.

Programmers: Integrating FMOD Studio with your project is now much quicker and simpler

Management: FMOD Studio is a creative tool and game audio engine that will empower your team to create superior results in the all important area of game audio, in less time.

Audio Professionals

FMOD Studio is designed to be instantly familiar to audio professionals with its Digital Audio Workstation styled interface.

They will love the increased level of control throughout and in particular the live in-game editing and mixing features, coupled with hardware control surface support.

In addition, the new suite of professional level effects from industry leaders such as iZotope, McDSP, AudioGaming and Little Endian provide endless opportunity to explore, fine tune and create.

Add to this the enhanced workflow and collaborative features and you have the ultimate game audio creation tool.

Audio Programmers

FMOD Studio’s enhanced API has set new standards and provides audio programmers with the most flexible and powerful tool on the market today.

Integrating FMOD Studio with your project in C, C++ or C# is now much quicker and simpler, and there are a number of common tasks that the programmer would normally have to implement, that are now automated.

In addition, profile your game live and get instant feedback on events and CPU/memory usage throughout the game’s lifespan. Coupled with co-operative game data/audio streaming features, unparalleled cross platform support, and a new streamlined API, FMOD Studio is a pleasure to work with.

Company decision makers and executives

FMOD Studio provides a number of benefits to the budget and movie studio like quality for your game.

Firstly, interface enhancements and fine grained multi user collaboration support will create a high degree of efficiency within your studio.

Support is first class through our ticketing system, solution database and forums. On site visits are available, emails are answered same day. FMOD Studio is QA tested and runs through rigorous automated tests daily to avoid unexpected surprises.

Most importantly, the power of FMOD Studio as a creative tool and game audio engine will empower your team to create superior results

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