Firelight Technologies announced today the release of FMOD Studio 1.07

FMOD Studio is more powerful and flexible than ever. This release focuses on making FMOD Studio even more capable of supporting large scale projects, distributed teams and complex tool chains.

No limit on project size
It’s easy for multiple users to work on the same project. Studio’s highly granular file structure avoids the need to merge project data. Even when working on the same content simultaneously, the in-built merge mechanism means there’s no need to divide work into smaller units. With our in-built source control integration and robust project validation system, your project is in safe hands.
To top it off, FMOD Studio projects now load up to 5 times faster than before.

Total control with scripting
With the new scripting feature, FMOD Studio is the most flexible solution available.
Integrate Studio into other applications.
Access events in Studio directly from your DAW or game editor with network script commands.
Integrate any Source Control system.
Customize the user interface.
Drive a complex event without needing to have the game running.
Batch processing inside a project
Generate a list of all events of a specific type for auditing.
Batch rename events and folders, or add an AHDSR to every event.

Share and reuse content across projects:
Share and reuse content more effectively with the ability to copy and paste between projects. Open multiple projects at once to easily compare and import assets. And with improved support for copying of event references, it’s even easier to work with local copies of your project.

Streamlined workflow
FMOD Studio 1.07 includes a number of workflow features including: a brand new interface for finding references to files and events, making navigating through your project a breeze. improvements to the multitrack editor such as smart snapping and batch editing make it even easier to create dynamic music and effects. more data points packed into the profiler, debugging and optimizing your game is a cinch!

New Plugins
FMOD Studio brings two new plugins into the fold:
Two Big Ears “3Dception“ for highly efficient virtual 3D Audio over headphones and AudioGaming “AudioMotors” for real-time vehicle engine synthesis.

New Platforms
FMOD Studio now supports Windows 10 UWP apps, and the new Apple TV! UWP available now. For Apple TV contact us for an evaluation version.