Firelight Technologies announced today the release of FMOD Studio 1.08 and

FMOD Studio now includes Directly accessible from within FMOD Studio, brings more than 80,000 royalty-free sound effects for games from Soundrangers and Sound Ideas. These sounds are ready to use with no external editing required and can be applied without limitations to multiple projects. All sounds are priced at 99¢ – the lowest price currently available for a professional game sound library. And coming soon, music for games from APM Music’s Quantum Tracks collection and construction kits from Loopmasters, the leading provider of sample packs for the pro audio market.

FMOD Studio introduces Dolby Atmos® and Playstation VR support. Sound designers can now easily create object based audio for video games, which will provide gamers with a heightened and intensified gaming experience. Object based audio allows for height and more precise positioning of 3D audio.

All-new asset management workflow. Files are now mapped to physical locations on disk, greatly simplifying working with audio files. Finding and replacing files in the Assets folder structure is quick and easy, as they always match the structure you see in Studio. The Assets folder can be mapped to a network drive, or stored separately from the project metadata. New files are automatically detected when added on disk to the Assets folder. This allows you to set up your DAW to build directly into your project’s Assets folder. The assets view also supports filtering by newly detected files.

Added support for left-edge trimming, and sound splitting for sounds. You can now drag the left edge of time-locked single sounds to trim away the head of an Asset, accurate to samples. This process is non-destructive, much the same as trimming the tail of a file. Splitting lets you cut sounds into pieces, non destructively and use them as if they were new sounds.

Revamped platform management and encoding setting support. Speaker format and bank encoding settings can now be specified on a per platform, per folder, and per asset basis from the Assets browser. Custom target platforms (e.g. low spec PC vs high spec PC) can be created in the preferences dialog.

New script-based source control plugin interface. Source control solutions can now easily be integrated via Javascript. SVN integration is added as an example.

And more. Other new features include:
– New status bar for live update, validation warnings, progress bars and a platform selector for switching platform specific mixes on the fly.
– Snapping automation points to neighbouring points, making it easier to create vertical segments in automation curves.
– Assets browser tab in event editor. The assets browser tab has been added to the Event Editor window for quick access to audio files.
– File I/O information added to the profiler. A new graph is available in the master track of each profiler session, indicating disk bandwidth usage for bank loading, sample loading, and asset streaming.