Firelight Technologies announced today that its FMOD Studio audio middleware now includes the Google VR spatialization technology, bringing powerful VR capability to game and app developers on mobile and desktop platforms, including Unity and UE4.

The FMOD GVR plugin brings together Google VR spatial audio tools and FMOD Studio, allowing FMOD Studio users to create realistic audio models of physical environments for VR using Google VR’s spatializer; its sophisticated room reverb model; and its first-order ambisonic playback. These features work together to create a truly realistic and responsive audio experience for any VR application.

“We worked closely with Google’s team to bring ambisonics and height spatialization features to FMOD Studio users.” said Mathew Block, Development Lead at Firelight Technologies. “This is our in-box solution for VR and will further strengthen FMOD Studio as a leading tool for sound designers.”

Spatial Audio is a powerful tool used to control player focus in games and VR experiences. By presenting sounds from any direction it is possible to draw a listener’s attention and provide cues on where to look next. It is essential for providing an immersive VR experience. Room reverbs make sounds more realistic in indoor/enclosed environments by modelling early reflections and late reverberation. First-order ambisonic playback completes the scene by allowing pre-recorded ambience tracks to be spatialized in VR.

The FMOD GVR plugin easily integrates with Unity and UE4. Supported platforms include Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download the latest version of FMOD Studio to get started with Google VR. Go to to download FMOD Studio.

Firelight Technologies is the creator of FMOD Studio, a tool for creating interactive audio for all the major game consoles, desktop and mobile platforms. FMOD Studio makes it easy to get rich interactive audio into games, VR, simulations and any other application that requires rich, responsive audio. FMOD Studio is an industry standard toolset built on the powerful FMOD engine that has been driving game audio for the last 15 years.

Google VR’s spatial audio tools are part of the Google Virtual Reality (VR) SDK