Firelight Technologies announced today the release of FMOD Studio 1.09

Playback visualization

New Sound Visualization

Enhanced playback visualization provides extra usability for creators
of interactive audio. Once complex behaviours are now presented in a
unique and easy to understand manner. Sound modules have been
visually revamped to show loop points more clearly, as well as the
zero-crossing line for waveforms. Multi sounds and scatterer sounds will
now display a preview of their playlist items in their trigger regions,
providing playlist information at a glance.

Revamped Triggering Behavior

Revamped Triggering Behavior

More advanced sound module trigger behaviour Controlling the
trigger behavior of sound modules is now easier than ever. You can
directly specify synchronous (time-locked) or asynchronous playback of
sound modules, independently toggle looping of sound, and enable
sounds that have been untriggered to cut playback.

Multiband EQ

Multiband EQ

A brand new multiband EQ brings high-performance desktop quality EQ
to all platforms. With a distinctive graphical interface, the multiband EQ is
both powerful and easy to use. This is a highly efficient effect featuring
five toggleable bands that can be set to lowpass, highpass, shelf,
peaking, band-pass, all-pass and notch modes.

New Platforms

New platforms

Now available for Nintendo Switch and HTML5Get started with HTML5
right now. Contact for access to Nintendo Switch.

New Pricing

New Pricing

FMOD Studio can now be used FREE for game budgets up to $500k USD.
We've also moved to a simple, per game flat fee, regardless of how many
platforms you are targeting. Find out more.

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FMOD API detailed revision history

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