REVISION HISTORY : FMOD Studio
             Copyright (c) Firelight Technologies, Pty, Ltd, 2004-2017

06/07/17 1.09.06 - Studio Tool minor release (build 88495)

* Added support for manually resizing the number of logic tracks displayed.
* Added indicator to transition regions to display their quantization interval.
* Added option to hide marker lines, available under View > Show Marker Lines.
* Improved responsiveness when switching between events in the browser.
* Added option to Preferences > Interface to control when profiler tracks are
  automatically added.
* Added context menu items to profiler tracks to allow adding tracks based on
  recorded events, recorded buses, or from a given mixer view.
* Added option to Preferences > Interface, to select how an asset is opened
  when double clicking a single sound. The context menu for a single sound will
  also allow you to specify whether you open an asset in the current Event
  Editor, or the Audio Bin.
* Improved the profiler track heads to display the full path for events and
  buses. The track subheading will also show the object type.
* Added support for adding spatial effects (such as the 3D Panner) to any
  track in an event. Note that content authored to make use of this will only
  work correctly when using the 1.09.06 Studio API or up.
* Removed restrictions preventing adding multiple spatial effects to a track.

* Fixed automation applied to an AHDSR modulator not working correctly when
  the property being modulated is a dB-based parameter of a plugin effect or
  plugin sound.
* Fixed project validity issue after migration if the project contains event
  with no audio track.
* Fixed crash when importing a Designer project if the project contains event
  with -60dB wet level and wet level envelope.
* Fixed crash when importing a Designer project if the project contains event
  with auto pitch enabled sounds on a parameter with non zero velocity.
* Fixed migration incorrectly placed all sustain points from mulitple 
  parameters onto the timeline.
* Fixed intermittent flickering in the snapshots list display while recording
  in the profiler.
* Removed the translucent display for quantization intervals when zoomed out,
  as this this can become opaque when regions are stacked.
* Fixed marker lines for regions sometimes not aligning properly at the right
* Fixed the lead out length being computed incorrectly when undoing an
  adjustment of the transition length.
* Fixed issue whereby events that are loaded by recording through the profiler
  will require re-saving unnecessarily.
* Fixed migrating from a 1.05 or older project results in incorrect output
  format on global buses with sends.

* Designer migration now converts the first parameter with non zero velocity
  and sustain points to the timeline.
* Studio now displays a warning when migrating a Designer project with auto
  pitch enabled sounds on a parameter with sustain points. This setup is
  currently not supported by the migration.
* Studio now displays a warning when migrating a Designer project with event
  containing multiple parameters with sustain points. This setup is currently
  not supported by the migration.

08/06/17 1.09.05 - Studio Tool minor release (build 87666)

* Added support for fine tuning the value of an automation point by holding the
  control modifier key. Editing automation point values now behaves similarly
  to dragging the value of a dial control. The control or shift modifier keys
  can be used to lock the value of the automation point vertically or
  horizontally, respectively. The alt modifier key can be used to disable
  snapping while dragging multitrack items.
* Added support for migrating FMOD Designer's Reverb Level, Reverb Balance and
  FMOD Flange.

* Fixed newly added automation points not maintaining the value of the original
  automation curve.
* Fixed crash when loading an output plugin.
* Fixed the 3D Preview being visible when the first selected event in the event
  editor is not 3D.
* Fixed event creation dialog not respecting the default event selection when
  creating a new event from default.
* Fixed defaults not showing up in menu or combo box if they were not newly
  marked or has not been previously selected in the current session.
* Fixed lazy loading for referenced events not working correctly post migration
  before a save and load.
* Fixed excessive consumption of CPU resource when Studio is idle.
* Fixed crash when bringing up context menu for audio track when in bulk edit
  mode if there is a track in the current event that is not common to the
* Fixed Convolution reverb panning a mono IR with a stereo input incorrectly.
* Fixed intermittent crash when deleting an event.
* Fixed the initial value of an event sound's parameter being potentially
  incorrect when the referenced parameter's initial value is not zero.
* Fixed crash when building a project with an invalid platform hardware type
* Fixed automation point labels sometimes being incorrect for certain property
  types. The automation point labels will now match the dial label display.
* Fixed FMOD Designer to FMOD Studio migration not attenuating the wet level
  for event.
* Fixed crash when inserting a destination on a ToOne relationship via script.
* Fixed prompt displaying the wrong when renaming a folder or group bus to
  match another item's name.

* Studio no longer shows hidden files for Asset view if they are not already
  imported. This is to prevent hidden system metadata files from cluttering the
  Asset view. Importing via drag and drop or File->Import Audio Files is not
  affected by this change.
* The GoogleVR plugin has been disabled for Windows XP due to instability on
  this platform.

10/04/17 1.09.04 - Studio Tool minor release (build 86084)

* Fixed AHDSR release not working on single sounds shorter than 100 milliseconds.
* Fixed "Find References..." not working correctly after edit and save.
* Fixed performance of the profiler when many tracks (greater than 250) are
  present within a single session.
* Fixed issue where the panner LFE toggle button would not work when a channel
  mix effect with a grouping that contained LFE was in the effect chain.
* Fixed delayed playback on streaming sounds (introduced in 1.09.03).
* Fixed PS Vita AT9 encoder not working with currently available Sony library.
* Fixed bug where Studio allows user to create a loop region in a transition
* Fixed potential crash when building due to failed plugin unloading.
* Fixed regression introduced in 1.09.03 that prevents user from reversing
  the renaming or moving of assets.
* Added progress feedback and option to cancel when moving assets between
* Fixed regression introduced in 1.09.03 that resulted in crash when creating
  an encoding setting while renaming an asset.

* Building a Bank with PS Vita AT9 encoding now requires 64bit.

20/03/17 1.09.03 - Studio Tool minor release (build 85359)

* Added a new Create menu to the menu bar that allows creation of browser
  items, folders, and tracks, using keyboard shortcuts.
* Added increase track height and decrease track height commands to the View 
* Added a keyboard shortcut to build all banks (Ctrl+F7).
* Added an explicit option for Nintendo Switch to the list of available
  hardware types that can be associated with each platform.
* Improved layout and appearance of mixer strips to make better use of vertical
  screen space.
* Reduced the size of the mixer strip header text to allow for more of the
  item name to be shown.
* Added scroll wheel support for the effects deck and mixer editor, to scroll
  each view horizontally.

* Greatly improved performance when attempting to move large number of events
  between folders.
* Significantly improved performance when lazy load occurs after selecting a
  large number of events.
* Fixed the platform hardware types being displayed in an incorrect order.
* Fixed a potential crash if sound card returned a driver error.
* Fixed the Transceiver DSP clicking/glitching, after resuming from 
  being 'idle' (ie no sounds playing through it).
* Fixed 5.1->stereo Prologic 2 downmix causing lack of bass.
* Fixed preview with compression and looping for short sounds looping slowly.
* Fixed "Find References..." twice in a row not setting the filter correctly.
* Fixed crash when walking the 'changelist' relationship of the Workspace
  object via script.
* Fixed replacing an audio file with the same name failing silently if the
  audio file is already under version control.
* Fixed issue where the panner LFE toggle button would not work when a channel
  mix effect with a grouping that contained LFE was in the effect chain.
* Fixed bug where Studio no longer automatically checks out file when
  making edits and only checks it out on save.
* Fixed bug where a single sound waveform for an audio file downloading through 
  FMOD.io would not appear until the instrument was clicked.

* The Build shortcut has been reassigned to F7, the Zoom In and Zoom Out
  shortcuts have been reassigned to [ and ], and the New Project shortcut
  has been reassigned to Ctrl+Alt+N. This makes more frequently accessed
  keyboard shortcuts easier to initiate, while allowing for new shortcuts.

15/02/17 1.09.02 - Studio Tool minor release (build 84334)

* Fixed a crash when pasting a multi sound into a paused event.

09/02/17 1.09.01 - Studio Tool minor release (build 84153)

* Main windows will now darken when a modal dialog is present, to hint when
  they have been disabled.
* Update profiler graph hover labels to more descriptive of each displayed
  data stream. Label will also indicate when no data is present for a given
  data graph.

* Fixed event scheduling mode is not updated correctly when sound is deleted
  from track.
* Fixed issue where users could drop files from their operating system into 
  Studio while a modal dialog was active.
* Fixed profiler graph resolution not being refreshed when they are resized

01/12/16 1.09.00 - Studio Tool major release (build 82164)

* Added the Multiband EQ effect. This is a highly efficient effect featuring
  five toggleable bands that can be set to lowpass, highpass, shelf, peaking,
  band-pass, all-pass and notch modes.
* Added all-new sound module playback visualization. It is now possible to
  clearly see the playback state of sound modules when triggered on the
  timeline or via a parameter. This greatly simplifies designing and
  debugging event playback.
* Sound modules have been visually revamped to show loop points more clearly,
  as well as the zero-crossing line for waveforms. Multi sounds and scatterer
  sounds will now display a preview of their playlist items in their trigger
  regions, providing playlist information at a glance.
* Added explicit control over synchronous (time-locked) and asynchronous
  playback of sound modules (which was previously dictated by the looping
  state). This can be accessed via the 'Async' button in the sound module deck.
* Added support for synchronous multi sounds.
* Added support for non-looping single sounds which play back synchronously.
  This is useful when trying to avoid wrap-around when applying pitch
* Improved the event creation workflow. You can now create a new 3D or 2D
  event directly, or pick from a user-defined list of Default Events. Default
  Events can be added via the Event context menu. The new workflow applies when
  creating event in the browser, or creating events implicitly by dragging
  audio files into the events browser.
* Improved the multi sound playlist interface. Playlists now have full support
  for multi-selecting items, including removing or setting the play percentage
  of items in batch.
* Added support for copy and pasting sound modules to and from playlists.
* Playlist items now display their implicit play percentages if any of their
  siblings have a play percentage assigned.
* Added support for adding empty single sounds to the playlist of a multi
  sound to indicate silences.
* Added support for multi-channel impulse responses for the Convolution
  Reverb effect.
* Add support for assigning events to VCAs.
* Added a buttons bar to the bottom of all browsers, playlists, and condition
  lists, providing quick access to commonly used menu commands.
* Added support for automation of modulator properties.
* Added support for asymmetric seek speed. This allows a separate seek speed
  to be set for ascending and descending changes.
* Added support for displaying the stretched waveform of synchronous sounds
  that have a static pitch change applied.
* Added a total event count to Instances profiler graph, which includes
  instances which are not currently playing.

* Fixed incorrect playback volume for sounds and playlist items whose volume
  property is set to a non-zero dB value.
* Improved smoothness of metering levels when connected via live update.
* Fixed auditioning of programmer sounds with looping enabled.

* Synchronous single sounds will no longer be looping by default when they
  are added. Use the loop button in the deck to enable looping as required.
* Incremented runtime bank version, requires Studio API 1.09.00 or later.
* Latest Studio API supports loading old bank versions from 1.03.00.
* Disconnected sidechain modulators are now inactive. Previous behavior
  was to fall back to monitoring the event's master track output.

09/02/17 1.08.16 - Studio Tool minor release (build 83971)

* The marker track view will now only expand to the height of eight marker 
  tracks. Additional marker tracks will cause a vertical scrollbar to appear, 
  allowing the user to view all existing marker tracks. 
* Support using the paste shortcut when any areas of the window accept the
  clipboard contents for paste. For example, you can now have the events
  browser in while still pasting tracks to the selected event.

* Fixed instance polyphony not being applied to the master bus correctly
  following a project reload.
* Fixed Studio continuing to attempt login to Perforce server even though if
  server has returned a password error.
* Fixed commit dialog popping up during "Sync Latest & Merge Project" after
  attempting to commit project.
* Fixed intermittent crash when closing project introduced in 1.08.11.
* Fixed crash when playing back events at very high zoom levels.
* Fixed support for dynamically reloading plugins when the plugin directory
  setting is modified and certain plugins are no longer available.
* Fixed rare crash occuring when shutting down the application.
* Fixed Studio not cleaning up .restore backup directories properly after
* Fixed deleted projects showing up in the "Browse for Project" dialog.
* Fixed the label in the audio file preview not eliding text correctly.
* Fixed crash when undoing duplicating of folder with events.
* Fixed importing profiler session results in validation error if the session
  was exported by the same user trying to import.
* Fixed SVN integration incorrectly reporting out of sync when saving project
  after changing project settings.
* Improved performance of SVN integration when syncing and during browsing
  in the project.
* Fixed the paste shortcut pasting into the previously selected track under
  some circumstances.
* Fixed issue where dragging a selection from the routing browser into a mixer 
  view would not add any descendant items in the selsction to the mixer view.
* Fixed Batch Rename script example not always filtering correctly when
  prepending or appending.

* Studio no longer prevents committing to source control if the project
  contains validation errors. Users can opt to validate and repair their
  project at a later stage.
* Relative property bulk edits will no longer be the default type of property
  edit. Changes are now absolute by default and will only be relative if you
  are holding the shift modifier. Relative property bulk edit has also been
  disabled when a property is edited via text entry.

01/12/16 1.08.15 - Studio Tool minor release (build 82163)

* Events, sound modules and audio tables can now be opened in the user's choice
  of windows via the context menu.
* Added new scripting bank building function that allows user to specify the
  banks and platforms to build.
* Added support to replace an audio file by dragging and dropping from platform
  browser a valid audio file of the same name and extension.

* Fixed pops occuring at the end of very short waveforms, when auditioned
  through the Assets tab, with the looping option turned off. This bug does not
  affect playback of events.
* Fixed crash when dragging in an asset from FMOD.IO right after saving a newly
  created project.
* Fixed value not committing when modifying certain percentage based randomizer
* Fixed audio table window to now correctly open a new audio table when already
  viewing an audio table.
* Fixed crash when opening a FMOD Designer project if any of the envelopes is
* Fixed unused label for audio file not updating correctly under certain
  circumstances for a loaded project.
* Fixed convolution reverb 'clear' functionality for the impulse data not
* Fixed on certain SVN server, locking of pending changes failed due to
  unhandled benign error message if user has already obtained the lock.
* Fixed bug where dragging on a tree view item's disclosure triangle could drag 
  the currently selected items.
* Fixed issue where modules obscured by scrolling the audio tracks view were 
  selectable by marquee selection in the marker tracks view.
* Fixed issue where saving was failing if the xml is already checked out by
  another user.
* Fixed issue where validating a project would cause items in the events browser 
  to be exapnded.

20/10/16 1.08.14 - Studio Tool minor release (build 80900)

* Added support for migration from FMOD Designer the channel mix effect.

* Fixed bug when pasting an event sound, any modulator or automation of the
  nested event parameters are not copied over to the newly pasted event sound.
* Fixed crash on Mac when using the Bring All to Front menu item when all
  windows are minimized.
* Fixed migration from FMOD Designer not converting sound instances with
  spawning sound def to the sound scatterer.
* Fixed autopitch modulator not behaving the way it used to be if the parameter
  minimum is greater than 0.

* Autopitch modulator now behaves in 2 different modes. When migrating from
  FMOD Designer, autopitch will behave as it used to be in FMOD Designer (i.e.
  the modulation starts taking effect at parameter's minimum). If you are
  migrating from FMOD Designer, we highly recommend migrating using this 
  version. For FMOD Studio project, the modulation will start at parameter's
  zero and parameter with minimum value greater than zero will have the same
  pitch adjustment as before. These differences will be reconciled in next
  major release to match FMOD Designer behavior. 

04/10/16 1.08.13 - Studio Tool minor release (build 80479)

* Fixed crash if sidechain was located above a compressor in the mixer bus
* Fixed serialized value for auto pitch at minimum not taking effect after 
  project load.
* Fixed profiler session not loading on Mac (bug introduced in 1.08.09).
* Fixed intermittent bank building generating invalid banks (size of 1kB) if
  the asset directory contains large number of unimported assets.
* Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly removes a parameter condition when 
  changing the range of its trigger parameter if the parameter condition's
  value is on the boundary of the new parameter range.

22/09/16 1.08.12 - Studio Tool minor release (build 80229)

* Added support for migrating from FMOD Designer "steal quietest" max playback
  behavior to event automatable properties voice stealing behavior.
* Added support for pitch at minimum to auto pitch modulator.

* Fixed setting the value of a property via text entry not adjusting
  corresponding automation curves correctly in some cases.
* Fixed crash when closing project while downloading assets from FMOD IO.
* Fixed changes to automation track visibility not getting propagated to other
  selected events when in bulk edit mode.
* Fixed crash when modifying effects chain in bulk edit mode after several
  undo redo of effect creation.
* Prevent crash occurring when loading a malformed profiler session.
* Fixed crash when undoing while renaming an audio track or marker. (Mac only).

* Incremented runtime bank version, requires Studio API 1.08.00 or later.
* Latest Studio API supports loading old bank versions from 1.03.00.

23/08/16 1.08.11 - Studio Tool minor release

* Added proper support for "Copy Effect to All" for mixer bus fader. This now
  replaces the automation and modulation of the equivalent faders with the
  automation and modulation of the current fader. It also sets the volume
  of the faders to match.
* Added new #modified search term to filter any audio file that has a differing
  channel count and/or length to the value in the metadata.

* Fixed crash on 64-bit when encoding 16kHz or 24kHz sources using Vorbis at 
  low quality settings.
* Fixed crash when migrating project to 1.08 if the project contains invalid
  bank metadata file.
* Fixed search text not being updated correctly when using the "Find
  References..." menu item.
* Fixed bug where Perforce integration would consider Perforce workspace 
  invalid if the project folder name does not match the fspro name and the 
  folder containing the project folder is not in the workspace mapping.
* Fixed issue where marquee selection could not select automation points that
  were precisely on the edges of a parameter.
* Fixed bug where transition region quantization markings were only being drawn
  in beats display mode.
* Fixed crash when channel count of the current audio file in Asset View has
  changed and the length of the audio file is under a certain threshold.
* Fixed bug on Mac when a project is opened via "Open Recent..." and the 
  project path contains non English character, Studio would error out on save.

22/08/16 1.08.10 - Studio Tool minor release (build 79252)

* Dragging an automation point with the alt modifier key now vertically
  constrains selected points. This replaces the previous behaviour where 
  alt-clicking would delete an automation point.
* Added support for dragging multiple markers across tracks simultaneously.
* Added support for relative paths (relative to the Asset directory) when
  importing audio files via scripting.
* Added a menu bar item to jump to FMOD.io.
* Added support for setting polyphony on the master bus.
* Added "PathLineEdit" widget type to scripting. It provides a single-line
  text entry and a "Browse" button that brings up a path selection dialog.
* Added new setting for Perforce script based integration that allows user
  to specify a different location for the p4 executable. When unspecified,
  default location is "/usr/local/bin/p4" on Mac OSX and on Windows, it will
  be the first available p4.exe based on the PATH environment variable.

* Fixed issue with incrementing the duration value in move-to dialogs when
  viewed in beats display mode.
* Fixed scriptable UI combo box not committing manual entry changes if focus
  is changed via clicking on other UI elements.
* Fixed intermittent expansion of folders occuring in browsers when deleting
  items or when making assignment changes to banks, VCAs or tags.
* Fixed crash during building if there is a mismatch bit depth in the assets.

01/08/16 1.08.09 - Studio Tool minor release (build 78489)

* Browser selection will now take effect on mouse release. This allows for
  creation of referenced event trigger regions without requiring a second
  event browser to be opened.
* Added new option "-script" to the commandline tool to support automated
  project processing via scripting.
* Added option to switch the time display mode of the transport bar, move-to 
  dialogs and the timeline ruler using buttons in the transport bar. 
* Time values presented on the transport bar and move-to dialogs can now be 
  incremented using the up and down keys or a vertical mouse drag.
* The #unassigned filter will now exclude referenced events.
* Added support for dragging multiple modules across audio tracks 

* Fixed intermittent crashes when selecting and dragging items within the
  browser, often occurring when a load is triggered. This also fixes issues
  with queued mouse presses not being handled correctly while loading is in
* Selection of browser items on Mac is now more consistent with the Windows
  implementation. For example, opening a context menu will select the clicked
  item before being shown.
* Fixed Studio crashing for a new project if the user account name contains
  foreign character not found in the system locale.
* Improved build time when multiple editors for the same project are opened.
* Improved time taken to delete folder containing large number of events.
* Fixed Studio not cleaning up obsolete folders when migrating from a project
  that is of version 1.05 or older.
* Fixed accuracy issue with interpolated value between two placed automation 
  points for dB based automation curves.
* Fixed automations not being trimmed correctly when dragging a number box
* Fixed the active snapshot not being cleared from the browser correctly when
  navigating back to the mixing desk via the breadcrumbs widget.
* Fix recently introduced bug that caused rerouting bus to master bus via
  drag and drop to bail out without doing anything.

* The Two Big Ears 3Dception trial has been removed from the plug-ins list as
  it is no longer supported.
* Controls which cannot be scoped into a snapshot, such as buttons and
  dropdowns, will now display their baseline values, even when viewed in the
  context of a snapshot.

14/07/16 1.08.08 - Studio Tool minor release (build 77846)

* Added support for auditioning assets with their final compression settings.
  This can be enabled by clicking the "Compress" button below the audio file
* Added support for looping auditioning of assets. This can be enabled by
  clicking the "Loop" button below the audio file display.
* Metering information is now displayed along with fader values in the birds
  eye view of the mixing desk.
* Added option to enable include sub directories for audio tables. The keys
  of the entries will be the relative path separated by forward slash.
* Improved accuracy of FMOD Designer envelope migration. Studio now uses additional
  points and the diamond handles to better approximate the different curve
  types found in FMOD Designer.
* Added support for importing FMOD Designer's Time Offset to module's Start Offset.
  Note: the Start Offset in Studio is in percentage of the audio asset's length
  or in the case of multisound, the percentage of the shortest audio asset's
  length. Studio will clamp the value of the original envelope in Designer to 
  make sure all parts of the curve is within the range of 0 to 100%.

* Fixed looping sounds in a multi sound playlist failing to stop if the multi
  sound itself is non-looping.
* Fixed Asset browser losing focus after a rename of items resulting in 
  browser not responding to arrow keys.
* Fixed various errors and omissions in the FMOD Studio User Manual.
* Fixed project packaging function not including the master bank binary when
  the "Banks" option is enabled.
* Fixed crash when setting the Impulse Response on the convolution reverb.
* Fixed issue where after migrating a project and saving, the events can
  fail to load and present itself in the editor (can be worked around by 
  reloading the project).
* Fixed issue where renaming an asset folder with unimported audio files
  results in the unimported audio files going missing from the view. Instead
  Studio now attempts to import them prior to renaming.
* Fixed bug where the "Open" button in the Browse for Project... dialog 
  remains greyed out under certain circumstances.
* Fixed Perforce integration not prompting user to resolve conflict if the
  project was synced outside of Studio.
* Fixed Perforce integration returning an error when attempting to resolve
  conflict by accepting the server version.
* Fixed the automatic input format not being computed correctly when placing
  modules on the master track.
* Fixed the drag drop indicator sometimes being drawn at the wrong location
  in the browser.

* Newly created events will no longer send to the global Reverb return by

27/06/16 1.08.07 - Studio Tool minor release (build 77241)

* Improved the timecode display such that individual components can be edited
  directly via keyboard input. This includes positions displayed in measures.
* Increased the pixel area of which named markers and tempo markers can be
  double-clicked. This makes it easier to edit their values.
* Studio now supports recovering of invalid global mixer group and return.

* Fixed issue with certain plugins appearing to be incompatible after reloading
  a project.
* Fixed "Save As" failing if an attempt to "Save" has failed after modifying
  the project.
* Fixed crash when attempting to paste multiple single sounds onto a game
  parameter if their start positions are not unique.
* Fixed labels on the timeline ruler being displayed incorrectly for certain

17/06/16 1.08.06 - Studio Tool minor release (build 76937)

* Further fixes have been made to the email client used for the Contact Us
  dialog and Crash Reporter, due to problems with some users being unable to
  send from certain locations. Improvements have also been made to better
  explain when an email fails to send.
* Fixed "Identify Local Changes..." in Perforce not detecting all the changes.
* Fixed live update not connecting to older runtimes (1.08.00 to 1.08.02).

15/06/16 1.08.05 - Studio Tool minor release (build 76824)

* Detection of incompatible DSP plugins has been improved, such that placed
  instances must strictly match the loaded plugin's description. As a result,
  some older projects may have their placed plugin instances flagged as
  incompatible. To assist with this, this version also adds a new plugin repair
  utility (see below) which can be used to safely migrate old plugin instances.

* Improved build progress granularity when building banks.
* Linked the active selection in the Buses browser to the editor selection, in
  the Mixer window.
* Changed the alignment of the Trigger Behavior tab so that it stays in place
  when opened.
* Added functionality to import a profiler session from a Studio generated
  zip package.
* Added support for repairing plugin instances when a plugin description
  changes or a plugin DLL has been removed. This can be done by clicking on
  the deck widget of the corresponding plugin instance. Plugins can be
  repaired per instance, or optionally, repaired across an entire project.
* Improved support for high-DPI displays on Windows.

* Fixed the email client for the Contact Us dialog and Crash Reporter (this
  had been disabled due to issues with our underlying email service).
* Fixed Studio generating unused {????????-????-????-????-????????????} folder
  in the profiler user data folder when loading a project.
* Fixed issue where the type ordering in browser can sometimes be violated 
  after moving items around.
* Fixed stall when creating a new profiler session if there are existing 
  profiler sessions.
* Fixed verbose logging not outputting low level logs on Mac.
* Fixed migration from 1.07 not generating unique asset names if 2 or more
  assets have the same path with differing cases.
* Fixed extended selection not working properly right after Audio Bin view is
  opened via "Open in Audio Bin".
* Fixed some omissions and errors within the FMOD Studio User Manual.
* Fixed Designer effects migrated via plugin not having the correct automation
  curve and hence incorrect interpolation.
* Fixed Perforce integration not reporting an error if there is no available
  workspace when P4HOST is set.
* Fixed Perforce integration not using the environment variables as default.
* Fixed Perforce integration not logging in if a valid user and password has
  been specified.
* Fixed crash in "Source Control->Browse for Project..." dialog when clicking
  the "Open" button if the connection details was changed after a selection
  has been made.
* Fixed Asset view behaving weird after a new folder named "New Folder" is
  created if there already exists a "New Folder ()".

25/05/16 1.08.04 - Studio Tool minor release (build 76196)

* Revamped the event macros interface so that macros are displayed alongside
  the master track effect deck. This makes it easy to add or remove the 3D
  panner and simplifies management of the effect deck selection. The master
  track will also be displayed when nothing is selected within the event.
* Added the 'Steal Quietest' stealing behavior for events and group buses. This
  causes the quietest event to be stopped and replaced with a new event, when
  the event instance limit is exceeded.
* Improved the user interface for the package project dialog.

* Save as now works even if the original project has files that are read
* Fixed intermittent issue where audio assets not getting restored properly
  after a save failure during the migration of a project.
* Fixed path line edits being cleared when cancelling out of the file select
* Fixed the sandbox and profiler API playback not using the same audio output
  device that is selected in the preferences window.
* Fixed issues loading plugins that reside in file paths containing non-ascii
* Fixed sustain point in Designer project not getting migrated properly.
* Fixed sound def instance's volume not getting migrated from Designer to 
* Fixed audio assets not getting the correct length, channel count and sampling
  rate when migrating from a Designer project.
* Fixed SVN integration to use the preferred path for Mac and Windows. On 
  Windows it relies on location of svn.exe to be included in PATH environment
  variable and on Mac it looks for svn in /usr/bin.
* Fixed incorrect command option used for conflict resolve in SVN script.
* Fixed incorrect command option used for checkin in SVN script.

* Incremented runtime bank version, requires Studio API 1.08.00 or later.
* Latest Studio API supports loading old bank versions from 1.03.00.

05/05/16 1.08.03 - Studio Tool minor release (build 75571)

* Added new FMOD Studio Getting Started Guide. This can be opened via the
  Help > Getting Started Guide menu item.

* Added support for complex queries in the browser filter. You can now filter
  the events browser for events containing a particular parameter or effect,
  and filter the assets browser by audio file length. Filter suggestions have
  been added to the loupe menu.
* Added support for cooldown time for events. This is visible in the event
  macros deck. The cooldown time specifies the minimum time before another
  event of the same type can be played. This is useful for events that are
  triggered rapidly. This is set to zero (disabled) by default.
* Added an option to package a project or an individual profiler session to a
  zip file. Packages optionally include audio assets, profiler sessions and
  built banks. This can be initiated by from the File > Package Project... menu
  item to package an entire project, or via the Package Selection... context
  menu items for individual profiler sessions.
* Updated the AHDSR interface to include number boxes for each component. This
  makes it easier to edit components independently.
* Added support for bulk editing AHDSR values.
* Removed restrictions that prevent adding certain types of effects more than
  once to a given effect chain.
* Improved the accuracy of mouse selection in the profiler lifespans view. The
  selected lifespan will be drawn on top always.
* Added a context menu item to modify a snapshot's behavior after it has been
* Added an a build settings option to disable including audio file names within
  built banks.
* Added support for creating editable combo boxes via the scripting API. 
  Setting the "isEditable" property to true will make it editable and the state 
  can be queried via isEditable function.
* Added support to the scripting API to query if the operating system is
  Windows or Mac OSX. The studio.os.platform property will return either "win"
  or "mac" respectively.
* The user combo box of Perforce setting is now editable. This will allow users 
  using the Helix Cloud to type in the desired user name. 

* Fixed bulk edit not working correctly if the property is being modulated by
  more than one modulator.
* Fixed crash when validating project if the project contains Mixer View with
  events assigned to it.
* Fixed Audio Bin view allowing unsupported file types to be dragged in.
* Fixed shortcut key not working for Open in External Sample Editor.
* Fixed intermittent crash when dragging and dropping mixer input.
* Fixed programmer sound without a placeholder incorrectly setting the channel
  format to surround. Now defaults to mono.
* Fixed extended selection in Asset view not using the current after a "Open
  in Audio Bin" operation.
* Fixed the browser keyboard shortcuts for collapsing/expanding folders not
  working when the browser is in focus but an event editor is opened.
* Vertical markers in the multi-track editor fixed to align precisely with the 
  parameter ruler markings.
* Fixed crash when attempting to drag and drop a folder from Finder onto the
  Asset view.
* Fixed crash when attempting to drag and drop audio assets between projects.
  This operation is not supported and user should instead use Finder or
  Windows Explorer to copy audio assets between projects.
* Reduced the jittering of panners when changing bus selection.
* Fixed platforms still appearing in the platforms list after being removed,
  when following a rename.
* Fixed auditioning UI not working for audio table.
* Fixed surround panner speakers being disabled after switching platforms.
* Fixed crash when pressing the delete key immediately after deleting an entry 
  from the multisound playlist.
* Fixed new Perforce integration not populating the users combo box correctly
  on Mac due to differences in definition of newline on Mac and Windows.
* Fixed profiler levels graphs sometimes not resetting to zero properly.
* Fixed various minor errors and missing sections in FMOD Studio User Manual.

* Incremented runtime bank version, requires Studio API 1.08.00 or later.
* Latest Studio API supports loading old bank versions from 1.03.00.
* To avoid confusion, Audio Bin view no longer supports XM or OXM files to be
  imported. XM and OXM files are played back and converted to ogg internally
  when building which is not really the behavior user might expect (i.e. the
  XM or OXM files are packaged without modification). If the previous behavior
  is desired, users should convert the file to one of the supported formats 
  prior to importing.

13/04/16 1.08.02 - Studio Tool minor release (build 74770)

* Added indicators to transition markers that contain a transition timeline.
* Added minimum and maximum text to the automation track ruler.
* Added custom UI for VisiSonics spatialization plugin.

* Fixed unnecessary up/down mix applied to 2D events that have sidechain
* Fixed issue with Perforce integration for plugin that under certain 
  circumstances Studio would alter the file type of plugin to text instead
  of binary.
* Fixed crash when closing an editor view if there is effects that are
  currently selected.
* Fixed depot project dialog not refreshing properly if source control provider
  has no user modifiable settings in UI.

07/04/16 1.08.01 - Studio Tool minor release (build 74554)

* Drag and drop from IO view onto the Asset view is now supported.
* Added progress indicator to audio audition view when downloading an audio
  file from FMOD.io.
* Added a warnings indicator to display when a selected audio device is unable
  to be initialized.
* Added clear all button to multisound playlist.
* Added multiselect support to the multisound playlist. The shift and  ctrl
  modifiers can be held to select additional items.

* Fixed Studio not parsing the commas separated keys.txt correctly to populate
  the audio table.
* Fixed hang or crash when loading a .it file or mod file as a sound.
* Fixed Perforce integration incorrectly reporting workspace is not suitable
  if project name contains white spaces.
* Fixed the loading progress indicator in the status bar not updating on Mac.
* Fixed crash when an illegal character is entered in the platform output
  sub-directory and Studio loses focus (e.g. switching between different
* Fixed Studio incorrectly reporting an error when importing an audio assets
  that is already imported.
* Fixed crash when deleting an asset folder if it contains unimported assets
  for an existing project.
* Fixed bug where single sound modules are not removed when deleting an 
  asset folder if it contains audio files that are referenced.
* Fixed issue where Studio does not always refresh the asset view properly 
  after changing the asset folder in preference.
* Fixed crash when dragging an IR from the asset view onto the Convolution
  Reverb effect.
* Fixed error message when attempting to audition an audio file while 
  downloading it from IO.
* Fixed stall when attempting to browse for project using a javascript based
  source control provider.
* Fixed crash when adding a sidechain modulator to a sound while playing
  or paused.
* Fixed bug where Perforce integration is not handling null workspace root 
* Fixed bug where bulk edit in Audio Bin View not working when expanding the
  selection (bulk edit works in the Asset tab of the Event editor).
* Fixed bug where "Import" does not created metadata for the asset folder.
* Fixed the left edge of timelocked sounds not displaying correctly
* Fixed bug where after moving assets into a new folder, Studio does not select
  and put the new folder in the rename state.
* Fixed bug where Studio would silently fail when attempting to move an asset
  if the user is currently auditioning the asset in the Asset browser.
* Fixed bug where after renaming an asset folder, it would get deselected if
  it contains nested folders or assets.
* Fixed bug where the expanded state of the browser is not always retained
  when moving items around in the browsers.
* Fixed ASIO device list collapsing down to a single entry or sometimes blank.

* Incremented runtime bank version, requires Studio API 1.08.00 or later.
* Latest Studio API supports loading old bank versions from 1.03.00.

04/03/16 1.08.00 - Studio Tool major release (build 73609)

* Launched FMOD.io. You can now login and purchase assets via the FMOD.io tab
  in the Audio Bin window.
* The project file format has changed significantly. Please use the in-built
  migration option when opening older projects.

* Added the 3D Object Panner effect to allow events to be spatialized using
  Dolby Atmos and Playstation VR technology.
* Added tool support for loading custom output plugins and codec plugins.
* All-new asset management workflow. Files are now mapped to physical
  locations on disk, greatly simplifying working with audio files. Finding
  and replacing files in the Assets folder structure is quick and easy, as
  they always match the structure you see in Studio. The Assets folder can be
  mapped to a network drive, or stored separately from the project metadata.
* New files are automatically detected when added on disk to the Assets
  folder. This allow you to set up your DAW to build directly into your
  project's Assets folder. The assets view also supports filtering by newly
  detected files.
* Added the 'Consolidate' context menu. This is available when selecting
  multiple audio files in the assets browser and allows you to replace old
  assets with new ones, or merge multiple existing assets.
* Revamped management of encoding settings. Encoding settings can now be
  specified on a per platform, per folder, and per asset basis from the Assets
  browser. Assets can be assigned custom encoding settings directly, or can
  inherit settings more broadly by setting encoding settings at the folder
  or platform level.
* Added support for customizing available platforms for a project including
  support for multiple platform configurations for the same hardware type.
  Adding new platforms to your project can be configured from the Preferences
  dialog. Build output directory, speaker format, and default encoding settings
  can all be set on a per platform basis.
* Added a status bar. This includes new incators for live update connection
  status, a validation warnings indicator, and a loading progress bar.
* Added active platform selector to the status bar. This allows for building
  to a single platform, auditioning events in their platform speaker format,
  and adding per platform encoding settings in the assets browser.
* Added a 'Build All Banks...' option to the menu bar. This will build all
  banks across every platform. The 'Build' menu bar item will now build just
  the banks required for the active platform.  
* Added support for left-edge trimming. You can now drag the left edge of
  time-locked single sounds to trim away the head of an Asset, accurate to
  samples. This process is non-destructive, much the same as trimming the
  tail of a file.
* Added an offset field to the 'Move To...' dialog to support left-edge
* Added support for setting a start offset as a percentage of a module's
  content. This allows for setting a start offset that will scale based on the
  selected content, for example, scaling the offset based on the sound selected
  in a multi sound playlist. This allows for automation and modulation of
  start offset over the entire duration of the sound. This complements the
  newly added support for time-locked left-edge trimming.
* Added support for splitting sound modules. This occurs at either the context
  menu position or at the cursor position, when executed via the menu bar item.
* Added a command for replacing a single sound with the trimmed audio. Sounds
  that have been non-destructively trimmed on the timeline can be replaced with
  a trimmed copy of the asset, using the 'Replace Audio with Trimmed Copy'
  context menu item.
* Added support for snapping automation points to neighboring points, making
  it easier to create vertical segments in automation curves.
* Added the assets browser tab in event editor. The assets browser tab has
  been added to the Event Editor window for quick access to audio files.
* Added support for the 'Decompressed' loading mode. At runtime, this allows
  for assets to be decompressed into PCM data when they are loaded, rather
  than being decoded as they are played. This complements the existing
  'Compressed' and 'Streaming' loading modes. The 'Decompressed' loading mode
  can only be applied as a per platform encoding setting, under the
  'Advanced Loading Mode' drop-down.
* Added support for profiling file I/O. A new graph is available in the master
  track of each profiler session, indicating disk bandwidth usage for bank
  loading, sample loading, and asset streaming.
* Added indicators to event instances in the lifespans view of the profiler.
  You can now inspect when events have been delayed due to file I/O, or when
  they have been restarted via code.
* Added a new script-based source control plugin interface. Source control
  can easily be integrated via Javascript.
* Added SVN integration (Beta), backing onto the new script-based source
  control plugin interface.
* AT9 Band Extension is now enabled by default for supported bit-rates.

* Incremented runtime bank version, requires Studio API 1.08.00 or later.
* Latest Studio API supports loading old bank versions from 1.03.00.
* AT9 compression now requires AT9 library 1.7.1 (DLL version or later. 
  Compression in 32bit versions of Studio is no longer supported in line with 
  Sony's removal of 32bit compression libraries.
* As the assets browser now mirrors files on disk, operations such as renaming,
  moving, and deleting of audio files are no longer undoable.

03/03/16 1.07.08 - Studio Tool minor release (build 73591)

* Fixed hang during save after migration if there is audio file with malformed
  filename in the "Audio Bin" folder.
* Fixed crash when creating a transition timeline, then undoing and redoing 
  that action.
* Fixed bug where Studio was not marking the new audio asset for add after
  using the "Replace" function. 
* Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly migrated 3D Pan Level automation from
  Designer even though the event is 2D which resulted in an invalid automation
* Fixed the device list becoming empty when a broken output device is selected
  in the preferences dialog.

* Build warning pertaining to missing plugins now list the referencing events
  and buses.

16/02/16 1.07.07 - Studio Tool minor release (build 72710)

* Fixed crash when attempting to find project in Perforce server if the 
  workspace view contains mapping to an invalid drive.
* Fixed bug when finding project in Perforce server, Studio was not looking at
  the immediate folder specified in the workspace view.
* Fixed bug where Perforce workspace will be considered not suitable for
  project if the project folder instead of its ancestor folder is mapped in
  the workspace view.
* Fixed bug where Studio would mark the metadata of a newly created event for 
  add prior to saving which can result in dangling changes for non existance 
* Fixed crash when deleting a profiler session while it is in the process of
* Fixed Studio not terminating on shutdown if ASIO is selected as the audio 
* Fixed issue while dragging or resizing the birds eye view widget and 
  right-clicking other widgets.
* Fixed issue with changes to audio assets in nested folders not showing 
  correctly in the submit dialog.
* Fixed crash when attempting to move an incorrectly displayed audio assets
  in submit dialog to on hold or to the changes tab.
* Improved Designer to Studio migration performance.
* Fixed issue with the Zoom Out view menu command. The view now stays correctly
  positioned in relation to the parameter cursor.
* Fixed potential crash when switching output mode to ASIO.

* Added support for IT Echo migration from Designer to Studio. The effect
  is currently only available via migration for legacy purpose. Adding
  a new instance is not supported.

27/01/16 1.07.06 - Studio Tool minor release (build 71893)

* Added event mixer strips to the mixer desk. This reintroduces some of the
  previous mixer input functionality, such as the ability to meter, solo and
  mute events, and scope events into mixer views. You can also quickly view the
  event macros for selected event strips.
* The shift key can be held to multi-select track heads in the multitrack

* Fixed UI bug where under rare circumstances after validation, nested events
  would appear to be moved to the top level in browser even though project 
  data remains unchanged.
* Fixed the Resize All Tracks menu command for the Profiler.
* Fixed hang when changing output device while auditioning a waveform.
* Fixed live update connection state not updating properly when changing output
  device or project format.
* Fixed validation warnings appearing for control surface bindings.
* Fixed a Mac-only crash related to tooltips.
* Fixed crash when hitting the delete key twice in a row when an automation 
  point is selected.
* Fixed crash when deleting a selected automation point and performing another
  operation on the automation point via the keyboard, before the mouse is
* Fixed bulk-editing of plugin effects not working in mixing desk.
* Fixed script-based menu bar items causing crashes on Windows.
* Studio now remembers the last folder audio was imported from and opens 
  file dialog pointing at the folder on next import.
* Improved validation for projects with malformed profiler data.
* Fixed crash bug when resizing a transition timeline to zero length in an
  event that has automation points.
* Fixed crash bug when migrating from a Designer workspace to Studio.
* Fixed parameter values not being passed through to event sounds in
* Fixed crash when syncing to source control if there are unsynced changes
  made to the mixing desk.

07/01/15 1.07.05 - Studio Tool minor release (build 71238)

* Added a label to indicate the master bank in the browser.

* Fixed playlist percentage not clearing after removal resulting in loss of 
  settable percentage range.
* Fixed duplicate event name causing bank build failure even after the
  duplicate event is renamed or deleted.
* Fixed rare case in which a benign validation error would be detected after
  undoing a paste operation.
* Fixed dials and faders intermittently jittering when dragged.
* Fixed issues related to opening a project via file association while a modal
  dialog is present.
* Fixed opening projects via file association not working for some paths on
* Fixed rounding errors occurring when editing numeric properties via text.

11/12/15 1.07.04 - Studio Tool minor release (build 70728)

* Added indicators to highlight events that have been referenced and events
  that have not been assigned to a bank, in the browser view. A similar
  indicator has been added the audio bin to visualize which files aren't used.
* Extended support for the "Find references..." command. For example, you can
  find all snapshots that reference a particular bus, find all audio files
  referenced by a particular event, or find all VCAs that affect a particular
* Added a "Find sends..." option for return buses. This allows you to filter
  the events browser by items that send to a particular return bus. You can
  also filter the routing browser to find other buses sending to a return.
* Added support for quantization intervals of up to eight bars for sounds and
  transition regions.
* Added support for keying off sustain points in the sandbox.
* Improved the performance and responsiveness of the browser view.
* Improved reliability of live update connect.
* Improved indicators for when a plug-in is missing.
* Improved rendering performance of long transition regions. Quantized
  transition points will now be drawn as a transparent areas where necessary.
* Better support for sounds with channel/speaker masks, ie a 1 channel sound 
  specified as LFE, or a quad sound specified as LRCS instead of 2 front 2 
  back as an example.
* Added multi-select for tracks via their track head widgets. Multi-select 
  track context menu options include delete, copy, resize and change colour.
* Extended context menu commands for Markers and Modules to operate on the 
  entire selection when possible.

* Fixed the '#referenced' filter being incorrect when a reference is removed
  from an event.
* Fixed output format for single sound not being updated correctly after
  removing its audio file.
* Fixed crash when attempting to convert a snapshot module to a nested event.
* Fixed F2 shortcut key for renaming current item in browser not working after
  switching between windows.
* Fixed items being pasted under events, when an event is selected in the
  browser. Items will be pasted to their closest folder ancestor.
* Fixed the scripts menu not showing up on Mac in some cases.
* Fixed the reverb preset values sometimes being reset or overridden when
  changing selection.
* Fixed multiple issues with visible transition timelines when zooming and 
  scrolling via the BirdsEyeView widget.
* Fixed display issues with parameters that begin at a negative value.
* Fixed crash when attempting to use the volume and pitch number box in a 
  multisound with nothing selected in the playlist.
* Fixed rare crash when saving after syncing to source control. 
* Fixed crash when resizing transition modules while the multitrack editor 
  view is horizontally scrolling.
* Fixed issues when simultaneously moving automation points and using the 
  horizontal constraint feature.
* Fixed selection, movement and context menu issues with markers that are 
  locked when a transition timeline is visible.
* Fixed ui issue when adding a new track to the multitrack editor while a 
  transition timeline is visible.
* Fixed Multi Sounds and Scatterer Sounds not randomizing correctly when
  editing playlist items and switching between sequential and random mode
  during playback.
* Fixed possible crash when editing play percentages of playlist items during
* Fixed crash when pasting objects referencing a deleted transition timeline.

* "Refresh Event Sound Parameters" has been renamed to "Refresh Referenced
  Parameters" to better match the functionality of refreshing the list of 
  parameters available on a event sound or snapshot module. This can be used 
  to correct a module going out of sync with the event or snapshot it refers to,
  which can happen when multiple users make conflicting edits.

17/11/15 1.07.03 - Studio Tool minor release (build 69975)

* Added the Transceiver effect. Sends signals from multiple sources to a single 
  'channel' (like a radio station, up to 32 of them) and receieve from that or 
  any channel from multiple receivers. Great for receiving and broadcasting 
  a submix from multiple 3D locations (for example, it can be used to 3D
  position a reverb bus signal inside an event).
* Improved the multitrack snapping indicator appearance.
* Added an absolute mouse input mode (useful for tablets and touch screens).
  The input mode can be set via the preferences dialog.
* Added an "Open in Explorer/Finder" context menu item for profiler sessions.
* Added support for selecting a file for dsp 'data' type parameters, triggered via
  the context menu or by double-clicking the control.
* Added *.agp file extension filter to AudioMotors data property.

* Improved general performance of bulk edit and responsiveness when altering
  values using dials and faders.
* Fixed profiler sessions sometimes not adding tracks for recorded events
* Fixed browser windows disappearing unexpectedly when switching applications.
* Fixed crash when attempting to select a incorrectly recovered profiler 
* Fixed crash when using control surface input while a blocking operation is
  in progress.
* Fixed recovery mechanism to recover snapshot and profiler to the correct
  root folder.
* Fixed crash using FLAC files.
* Fixed export GUID not exporting event paths since (introduced in 1.07.00).
* Fixed issue when copying event references when the item that was referenced
  resides in the master folder.
* Fixed crash when migrating a 1.06 project to 1.07 under certain circumstances.
* Fixed crash when changing bus polyphony limit.
* Fixed the 'Move to' menu item not showing folders correctly.

02/11/15 1.07.02 - Studio Tool minor release (build 69450)

* Added support for modulating the stereo panner.
* Added functionality to refresh the parameters on an event sound.

* Fixed profiler sessions not loading on Mac.
* Fixed crash when dragging mixer return from Mixing Desk onto an effects chain
  to create sends.
* Fixed problem where Studio would load a system vorbis encoder instead of the
  one we ship, our encoder is now called libfsbvorbis.

27/10/15 1.07.01 - Studio Tool minor release (build 69235)

* Added support for recovery of audio bin item if its containing folder is
  missing from the project.
* Improved search times in the browser for very large projects.
* Added demo content for the AudioMotors plugin, when using the trial version.
* Added a new scripting API function: studio.project.importAudioFile. This can
  be used to import audio files to the audio bin of a project for a given path.

* Fixed intermittent crash occurring when reloading a plugin while it is being
  used for playback.
* Fixed intermittent crash when validating the project.
* Fixed mouse jitter occurring on some Mac devices when dragging faders.
* Fixed delete key not working when selecting playlist items.
* Fixed routing browser not reordering items correctly when dragging them to
  the bottom of the view.
* Fixed the output format for Multi Sounds not being computed correctly.
* Fixed multitrack view not refreshing the display intermittently.
* Fixed crash when rerouting a mixer input via the context menu.
* Fixed crash on Mac when performing undo and redo commands while editing text
  using a text edit widget.
* Fixed 'Tremolo' effect missing from the effect list (introduced in 1.07.00).
* Fixed programmer sound placeholders not auditioning correctly when contained
  within a nested event.
* Fixed issue where modulation tab would sometimes require two clicks to
* Fixed incorrect plugin names being written to banks. Plugins will now take
  the user-assigned name, or an empty string if none has been set.
* Fixed the 3D Preview being fixed to the maximum elevation when starting at
  the listener position.
* Fixed crash when profiling nested events.
* Fixed crash when selecting audio asset if the asset file path exceed 255
* Fixed the preview widget not working in the audio table editor.

* Selecting the deck for a parameter can now be done by clicking on its label
  in the transport bar.

05/10/15 1.07.00 - Studio Tool major release (build 68517)

* Studio is now a 64-bit application, providing greater memory capacity and
  improved performance. On Windows, separate 32-bit and 64-bit versions are
  available. On Mac, Studio is now 64-bit only.
* All plugin libraries must be built for 64-bit architecture in order to be
  compatible with the 64-bit version of Studio.
* The project file format has changed significantly. Please use the in-built
  migration option when opening older projects.
* The Studio tool now supports tracking of anonymous user analytics. This data
  will assist us in refining interface discoverability and tracking performance
  within the tool. Users can opt-out at any time via the About dialog.

* Added new scripting system, allowing users to control the interface and
  modify project data via a JavaScript API. Scripts can be run from the
  console window, assigned to menu bar items, or triggered remotely from a
  level editor or external application. Script files with the *.js extension
  will be searched for in the following directories: %appinstalldir%/Scripts,
  %systemuserdir%/FMOD Studio/Scripts, and %projectdir%/Scripts.
* Added support for marquee selection and movement of multitrack items. This
  includes moving markers, regions, and automation points in unison.
* Added support for snapping within the multitrack, including snapping to the
  ruler, cursor, playhead and other markers, regions, modules and loop points.
* Greatly improved project load times. Projects now load 4 to 5 times faster.
* Added support for finding all references to an event or audio file.
* Added polyphony controls to mixer groups, allowing you to limit the number
  event instances routed into a group.
* Improved nested event workflow. Nested events are now displayed under their
  parents within the browser. Added support for creating multiple references
  to a nested event. Added support for converting a nested event to a global
  event. Added support for converting a global event sound reference to a
  nested event by making a nested copy.
* Added support for profiling of snapshots and their intensities.
* Added profiler support for capturing the timeline position of event
  instances. This can be viewed in the deck, once an instance is selected.
* Added an option to filter by referenced events, within the event browser.
* Added support for moving the parameter cursor with the left and right keys.
  The control modifier can be held to move in finer increments.
* Added a new Channel Mix effect. This allows you to set per channel gain
  adjustments, and specify an input channel grouping.  User can control
  gain levels for up to 32 input channel signals (ie use a 32ch .wav file), 
  and pipe the output to a range of repeating speaker format modes.  Ie an 
  8ch signal can be represented as 4 stereo tracks, and the gain sliders can 
  be used to fade them in and out, for synced multi track interactive music.
* Studio now comes with AudioGaming's AudioMotors and Two Big Ears' 3Dception
  as built-in trial plugins. Both have include a customized deck interface.
* Panels within the properties pane can now be collapsed.
* Added a welcome dialog which is displayed the first time a new version of
  Studio is opened. This dialog also replaces the existing About dialog.
* Added support for horizontal scroll wheels. This includes horizontal
  scrolling with trackpads.
* Improved support for scroll wheels that track delta values with less than
  1/8th of a rotation, such as the Mac trackpad.

* Incremented runtime bank version, requires Studio API 1.07.00 or later.
* Latest Studio API supports loading old bank versions from 1.03.00.
* Mixer inputs have been deprecated; please use mixer groups to achieve the
  same effect. This allows for a more streamlined workflow, whilst also
  facilitates runtime optimizations. Old projects containing modified mixer
  inputs have been migrated to work with mixer groups.
* Renamed command line tool for Windows from fmodstudio.com to fmodstudio.exe
* Project open and save dialogs now point to the most recent location
* The polyphony stealing option "Quietest" has been renamed to "Virtualize",
  and the option "Off" has been renamed to "None". This more accurately
  describes their respective behaviors.
* Studio will now search for plugin libraries (*.dll and *.dylib files)
  within the following directories: %appinstalldir%/Plugins,
  %systemuserdir%/FMOD Studio/Plugins, and %projectdir%/Plugins.
* Warnings about missing or trial plugins are now shown post build.

05/10/15 1.06.11 - Studio Tool minor release (build 68487)

* Added support for migrating Distortion effect when importing a Designer
* Reduced installer size for both Mac and Windows.

* Fixed failure to load a plugin if it depends on another library located
  in the same directory.
* Extended the connection timeout period, which improves connectivity to mobile
* Fixed crash when importing a Designer project if it contains pitch effect.

* Extended range of min interval for sound scatterer to 10 mins, consistent
  with range of max interval. Setting to value greater than 30 seconds can be
  done via editing the min interval text.

15/09/15 1.06.10 - Studio Tool minor release (build 67958)

* Added support for loading custom DSP plugins when auditioning via the
  sandbox, or triggering the playback of profiler API captures

* Fixed irregular crashes on Mac when using trackpad gestures
* Fixed built-in parameters not being displayed as read-only in the sandbox
* Fixed bug with replacing audio asset not updating the trigger region length
  of timelocked sounds
* Fixed bug with source control file menu items doubling up under certain
* Fixed Trigger Delay not being applied to sounds on parameters that trigger
  immediately when an event starts.

* The sandbox now uses the FMOD_STUDIO_INIT_ALLOW_MISSING_PLUGINS runtime
  system flag. This means that banks containing missing plugins will not
  prevent the sandbox from loading.

01/09/15 1.06.09 - Studio Tool minor release (build 67431)

* Fixed submiting changes failing silently if multiline changelist description
  is used (Perforce only)
* Fixed commandline bank building not working as expected if Desktop and/or
  Mobile specified as the target platforms
* Fixed commandline not handling leading whitespace and trailing whitespace
  in platform name
* Fixed adding a parameter to a referenced event does not always propagate
  change to all event reference sound modules
* Fixed copying and pasting behaviour to compare audio assets by size for
  similarity if we are doing a lookup by path for replacement asset

* Studio now errors out during load if duplicate id is detected in multiple
* Improved error reporting for all functions of ScriptProcess

12/08/15 1.06.08 - Studio Tool minor release (build 66772)

* Fixed crash when trying to play a sound with more than 8 channels.
* Fixed bug where modified mixer inputs are no longer visible in submit dialog
* Fixed bug where deleted items are not reappearing after a revert if project
  is saved in the same session
* Fixed bug where items show up twice after undoing the deletion of audio bin

* The LFE of 3D panner can now be enabled or disabled by the user and is now
  part of the effect panel instead of the pan override
* Studio now errors out when building an out of date project using the command
  line tool

22/07/15 1.06.07 - Studio Tool minor release (build 66161)

* Fixed crash when dragging an audio file from Finder into the audio bin while
  a line edit for an item to be renamed is still active (Mac only)
* Fixed seeking occurring in the event editor during save
* Fixed units not being displayed on profiler graph rulers
* Fixed rare crash occurring when working with multiple projects
* Fixed marker priority not updating consistently when being reordered
* Fixed menu item not working due to a bug introduced in 1.06.06 (Mac only)

* Incremented runtime bank version, requires Studio API 1.06.06 or later.
* Latest Studio API supports loading old bank versions from 1.03.00.
* The birds eye view is now locked to horizontal scrolling when dragged
* Volume automations will now snap to 0dB

08/07/15 1.06.06 - Studio Tool minor release (build 65638)

* Added support to the compressor effect for unlinked channels
* Added support for automatically removing old banks prior to building all
* Added support for copying event references between projects

* Fixed issue with seek speed dial not going back to instanteous correctly
* Fixed nested events double counting voices in profiler
* Fixed bank building dialog remaining open when an error occurs while
  building the last bank
* Fixed issues when copying events that are referenced by a profiler session
* Fixed issue with menu bar items sometimes not updating
* Improved loading times for larger projects with many sends
* Fixed progress bar resetting to zero towards the end of loading a project
* Fixed issue with rerouted returns showing up twice in mixer editor view
* Fixed alignment issues with VCA handles
* Fixed intermittent issues with initialization of plugin parameters
* Fix copy/paste crash with convolution reverb

* Seek speed will now be rescaled when you resize a parameter
* Support for building for desktop, when no build settings are defined, has
  been deprecated
* Event references copied between projects are matched by path
* Horizontal scroll bars have been removed from views linked to a birds eye
  view to conserve screen space

24/06/15 1.06.05 - Studio Tool minor release (build 65161)

* Added support for placing named markers within profiler sessions
* Added support for profiling nested event instances
* Added separate profiler graphs for inclusive (self) and exclusive (total)
  instance and voice counts
* Added single-click option to scope in properties to snapshots
* Improved the clarity of the mixer snapshots interface

* Fixed crash during sync if a currently visible browser item is removed as
  part of the sync
* Fixed intermittent crash if pending changes has item with non ascii
  character in the filename (Perforce only)
* Fixed strips still in bulk edit model even if they are no longer in the
* Fixed crash when the folder of an item has been deleted and checked in
  before the deletion of its items
* Fixed markers "bleeding" graphically when dragged quickly
* Fixed loading of event being triggered spuriously in the editor
* Fixed automation curves for parameter properties not redrawing when the
  parameter range is changed
* Fixed bulk editing of the solo state for mixer strips not behaving correctly
* Fixed potential crash when starting a recording with the profiler
* Fixed crash when profiling a project containing invalid mixer inputs

* Extended max possible interval for sound scatterer to 10 mins. The setting of
  interval greater than 30 seconds can be done via editing the max interval
* The parameter seek speed dial has been given a more descriptive label

09/06/15 1.06.04 - Studio Tool minor release

* Added an auto-reconnect option when connecting to a game via live update
* Added option to build banks if banks aren't found when opening the sandbox

* Fixed issue whereby lines in the logging view would sometimes dissapear with
  filtering enabled
* Fixed sounds not using correct volume and pitch when auditioning in the deck
* Fixed automatic output format not being updated correctly when removing the
  last effect in an effect chain, when that effect was modifying the format
* Optimized loading of deeply nested referenced events
* Improved responsiveness when deleting referenced events
* Fixed Scatterer sounds not being spatialized properly. Introduced in 1.06.00.
* Fixed missing audio asset when importing an audio asset into an existing
  project and performing a save as immediate after
* Made connect to game error message more descriptive

* Incremented runtime bank version, requires Studio API 1.06.00 or later.
* Latest Studio API supports loading old bank versions from 1.03.00.

22/05/15 1.06.03 - Studio Tool minor release

* Added menu for filtering Event browser by the special search term
  "#unassigned" and by tag name
* Added menu for filtering Audio Files browser by the special search term
* Added support for filtering the logging view
* Added FMOD Reverb effect preset values accessible from the reverb effect deck
  panel context menu
* Added a control for the sound stealing behavior of scatterer sounds

* Fixed user settings not loading correctly in some cases
* Fixed audio bin not displaying the correct length when switching files
* Fixed Studio becoming unresponsive after using the "Replace" audio file
  function if the replacement is significantly longer than the original
* Fixed rare crash when displaying timelocked single sounds
* Fixed timeline sizing behaviour when timeline contents are shorter than the
  thirty second default timeline size
* Fixed intemittent issue establishing connection between project and Perforce
  workspace and incorrectly reporting an error
* Fixed crash when moving timelocked sounds between audio tracks
* Fixed crash deleting an audio track that has timelocked sounds
* Fixed an intermittent crash during sync merge and commit if the fspro file
  is out of date.
* Fixed intermittent crash occurring during shutdown
* Fixed lazy load being triggered when opening context menus for effect chains
  within the mixer
* Fixed crash when attempting to sync merge and commit if new audio folders
  were added during the session
* Fixed timelocked single sound losing its wareform when saving a new project
* Fixed mixer return not getting the right input format set during load
* Sections of the preferences dialog have been made clearer
* Fixed waveform on timelocked single sound not displaying after undoing the
  deletion of the source audio asset
* Fixed audio table exporting not working correctly if the audio filename
  contains "."

* The audio file audition widget now displays the cursor position and the file
  length separately
* Automation curve point values are now displayed in white to aid readability
* The deck tab widget now uses the common tab style
* The 7.1 to 5.1 downmix now lowers the volumes of the back speakers'
  contribution to the surround speakers by 1.5dB to lessen volume bulge
  in the middle
* The scatterer sound's stealing behavior has been turned off by default,
  to match the 1.05 branch behavior
* The shortcut key for toggling bulk edit has been changed to Shift+B
* The BirdsEyeView widget resize handles are now more usable at high zoom

06/05/15 1.06.02 - Studio Tool minor release

* Added support for toggling API capture during playback in profiler

* Fixed issue with saving profiler sessions on Mac OSX
* Fixed incorrect output format for mixer inputs after loading
* Fixed crash occurring when a plugin, which contains less parameters than a
  serialized instance of the same plugin type, is loaded
* Fixed bug in 3 way merge algorithm
* Fixed dragging of events from tag browser to banks for bank assignment not
  working as expected
* Fixed automapped parameter not working after range in parent event has changed
* Fixed serialization of the initial value for parameters in certain setups
* Fixed event macro pitch changes not appearing in auditioning
* Fixed assignment of mixer strips to UiMixerView not working
* Fixed module widgets becoming too small to see when using timeline zoom and
  resizing with the mouse
* Fixed module widget's resize cursors obscuring the option to move the widget
* Fixed a validation warning appearing when pasting event sounds in folders
* Fixed a validation warning appearing after removing a build setting
* Fixed save as not working if the project has profiler sessions
* Fixed performance issues when zoomed in closely to transition timelines
* Fixed crash during project validation commandline if project is invalid
* Fixed intermittent crash when altering timelocked single sound trigger
  region length while zoomed in to sample level
* Fixed crash bug when launching the Preference dialog if a previously selected
  source control provider is no longer available
* Fixed plugin data parameter widget to now show the source file name of the
  associated data file where possible
* Fixed module widgets on the birds eye view from becoming imperceptibly small
  when zooming out or resizing

* Parameter cursors are no longer reset to their initial values when stopping
  an event
* The minimum size for editor windows has been reduced

17/04/15 1.06.01 - Studio Tool minor release

* Fixed crash when pasting logic track items
* Fixed crash when removing a playlist sound with a play percentage attached
* Fixed play percentages being marked as invalid when removed
* Fixed Studio treating relative path for build output directory as relative
  to current working directory instead of current project directory
* Fixed undoing of adding fade curves causing validation errors
* Fixed crash when deleting transition timeline if the current playhead cursor
  is within the transition timeline
* Fixed crash when saving the project while profiler recording is active

10/04/15 1.06.00 - Studio Tool minor release

* Scatterer sounds now steal the oldest spawned sound if the polyphony limit
  has been reached when spawning a new sound

* Added support for source and destination regions to transition timelines
* Added support for arbitrary fade in/out curves to regions
* Added new project validation system, including numerous improvments
  to project robustness, stability, and options for project recovery
* Added new sandbox system, allowing playback of events from their built banks
  within a game-like simulation
* Added multi-listener auditioning support within the sandbox
* Added support for capturing API command data via the profiler, when
  connected to game/sandbox
* Added support for playback of API captures within the profiler, allowing
  you to re-audition the session against the currently built banks
* Added support for capturing levels via the profiler
* Added the console window for advanced diagnostics

* Fixed crash when removing automation point at end of a long timeline, when
  the point is the last item on the timeline
* Fixed crash resizing transition timeline when following cursor
* Fixed Paste menu item being available in browsers when incompatible items
  have been copied
* Fixed crackling noise with streams if a transition point jumped a short
  distance in the timeline.
* Fixed UI freeze on Mac OS X 10.10 in the multi track
* Fixed bulk edit not working for plugin parameter if more than 2 instances
  of the effect is selected
* Fixed follow cursor disabling after exiting a transition timeline
* Fixed Studio doing a exhaustive search for fspro when using "Browse for
  Project..." if P4CLIENT environment variable is not set (Perforce only)
* Fixed bug displaying the destination ruler when switching between transition
* Fixed intermittent crashing of Windows ntdll.dll, due to clipboard not
  containing a text representation of the copied data
* Improved profiler capture performance
* Fixed issues whereby some effects would not be initialized with the correct
  property values
* Fixed bug where Studio reckons the project is locked when attempting to
  commit to source control on first save
* Fixed cursor getting stuck after moving a sound between audio tracks while
  the cursor is inside a transition timeline.

* Filtering the events browser for events not assigned to banks can be done via
  the search term "#unassigned"
* Filtering the audio bin browser for audio files not used within event can be
  done via the search term "#unused"
* The properties under the polyphony panel for events and modules have been
  renamed appropriately to avoid using the term "Voices"

16/03/15 1.05.14 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed printFile error after renaming items (TFS only)
* Fixed Studio to now use the name of the fspro file for names of .tags,
  .snapshotList and .mixer instead of using the folder name
* Studio now warns user of conflicting event path before the build process

25/02/15 1.05.13 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed pasting allowing mismatched group track and parameter for sounds
* Fixed ordering of markers within the "Set Destination" context menu
* Fixed incorrect plug-in warnings for GenAudio AstoundSound RTI
* Fixed Perforce setting not displaying workspaces with no host defined as valid
* Fixed crash during initial save of a project if an error occurs during the
  saving process
* Fixed crash during sync merge and commit
* Studio now cleans up any invalid sounds with mismatched group track and
* Fixed crash if event has dangling parameter condition that is not associated
  with a valid parameter
* Fixed intermittent crash when closing project

* Full event paths are now shown in the banks browser
* The current session log file can now be attached when using the Help >
  Contact Support menu bar item

06/02/15 1.05.12 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed Studio not displaying built bank in changelist when source control
  integration is enabled for banks and banks are output to custom directory
* Fixed inconsistent behavior of Preference dialog where the "Enable source
  control integration for built banks" can be hidden under certain circumstances
* Fixed occasional crashes on Mac OS X related to multi-touch input devices
* Fixed stall/hang when attempting to view an event with deep nesting of
  reference events
* Fixed crash or hang using .XM music files as sounds
* Fixed crash when dragging unsupported impulse responses onto the Convolution
  Reverb effect
* Fixed crash when deleting playlist items via keyboard shortcut
* Fixed intermittent crash when deselecting sounds

22/01/15 1.05.11 - Studio Tool patch release

* The stream button now acts as a macro control for nested event sounds tracks.
  The button still has no effect on referenced event sounds.
* Added support for Move To and Move To Cursor to markers on the logic track

* Fixed drag drop from desktop/finder issue on Mac OS X 10.10
* Improved the accuracy of the loading progress dialog
* Fixed bug introduced in 1.05.10 that resulted in removal of required input files
* Fixed bug where playlist items lose play percentage display after reshuffling
* Fixed bug where module voice stealing setting not deserialized on load
* Fixed crash when loading a corrupted project. Studio now pops up an error dialog

12/01/15 1.05.10 - Studio Tool patch release

* The "Connect to Game" dialog can now accept port numbers by using the format

* Fixed crash when copying tracks which contain modulated effects
* Fixed VCA assignment serialization issue when migrating from older versions to
* Fixed intermittent crash after syncing
* Fixed Studio incorrectly marking events for deletion after they have been
  moved to a new folder
* Fixed crash occurring when a transition marker has no transition timeline but
  has been marked as visible
* Fixed bug where if an event was paused, unpaused then an effect moved in the
  effect deck, it would act like it was paused for a period of time.
* Fixed crash when syncing if there are duplicate files
* Fixed crash when undoing the deleting of event under certain circumstances

* The VCA assignment fix would result in project been marked as modified on loaded
  if any of the buses are serialized in the old format

12/12/14 1.05.09 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed bug where renaming then deleting an event will result in a dangling event
  that is missing its mixer input
* Fixed rare issue when copying and pasting complex sets of objects
* Fixed intermittent crash bug while building bank after syncing to source control
* Fixed silence after unpausing an event instance.  Introduced in 1.05.08.

28/11/14 1.05.08 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed profiler graphs sometimes not displaying correctly when their value
  scale changes while recording
* Fixed context menu popping up when left clicking away from the '+' icons in
  the effects deck
* Fixed save failure if an item (e.g. event, mixer group, etc) is added and
  removed prior to save (Mac only issue)
* Fixed window titles occasionally having incorrect indices

21/11/14 1.05.07 - Studio Tool patch release

* Allow property values entered with text to include leading whitespace
* Fixed crash when dragging anything other than an impulse response over the
  convolution reverb effect

13/11/14 1.05.06 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed bug where replacing audio file not performing the right source control
  changes required on save
* Fixed bug when saving if event has name in a different casing from the name
  on disk
* Fixed bug when reverting project does not undo unsaved changes
* Fixed intermittent crash after cancelling out of adding a mixer view
* Fixed rare crash when adding items to a browser while renaming

30/10/14 1.05.05 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed bug where Studio would lose the Perforce workspace setting if user is
  logged out
* Fixed issues with always-on-top window behaviors
* Fixed rendering issues when resizing profiler track heights

* The "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" shortcuts have been changed to zoom towards the
  cursor position
* Studio projects will now close once all editor windows have been closed,
  regardless of whether browser type windows are still open
* Browser type windows will no longer appear in the taskbar for Windows

22/10/14 1.05.04 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added "Revert to Saved" menu item
* Added proper support for non ascii audio asset and item names

* Fixed issues with the "Open" and "Open in New Window" menu items
* Fixed intermittent crash when deleting transition timelines
* Prevented editing the range of built-in angle parameters
* Fixed event playback restarting when stop the stop button is pressed while
  the event is already stopping
* Reduced memory usage in profiler
* Fixed white dialog when building banks
* Fixed the "Save As..." keyboard shortcut for Windows
* Added keyboard shortcut for "Open Most Recent"
* Fixed find in depot dialog not responding to change in workspace selection
* Fixed bank build failure if user login name contains non ascii characters
* Improved profiler performance
* Improved commandline bank building performance

13/10/14 1.05.03 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added bulk edit support for bus panners
* Added bulk edit support for bus input and output formats
* Added tooltips for the transport buttons and instrument loop buttons

* Fixed click noise when restarting an event with a lowpass filter added
* Fixed project loading issue if strip or snapshot in custom Mixer View has
  been deleted
* Fixed rare Mac OSX crash when MIDI interface cannot be initialized
* Improved control surface MIDI output performance
* Fixed intermittent crash when generating peak data
* Prevent the copying of profiler recording markers
* Fixed intermittent crash when syncing
* Fixed intermittent crashes when bank building finishes
* Fixed inaccurate scheduling of events with single scatterer sounds
* Fixed build error message when the build output directory does not exist

01/10/14 1.05.02 - Studio Tool patch release

* Prevent the profiler session itself from appearing in recordings
* Fixed bug in text entry for transport bar timecode
* Prevent the single sound deck from consuming the spacebar shortcut in the
  multitrack editor
* Fixed multitrack drag drop occasionally crashing on Mac
* Fixed crash when undoing the deletion of a return track
* Fixed sidechain modulators with negative amount
* Fixed crash when modifying selected fader using control surface while connected
  to live update
* Fixed audio bin window losing focus after attempt to replace audio file
* Fixed fade curve from Designer project been imported incorrectly resulting in
  silence playback
* Fixed snapshot intensity modulators occasionally appearing descoped
* Fixed crash when copying snapshots with scoped in mixer sends
* Fixed empty snapshot properties being pasted after deleting referenced objects
* Fixed crash when copying an empty single sound from a parameter to a timeline
* Fixed Return Bus formats when send loops are involved
* Additional fix for scatterer sound spatialization when min and max scatter
  distances are both set to zero
* Fixed default Return bus being mono on projects saved prior to 1.05
* Changed multisound random selection to prevent repeats in common cases
* Snapshot volumes are now interpolated in terms of linear gain
* Fixed mixer dials and faders intermittently showing incorrect values when
  snapshots are active
* Fixed incorrect channel counts on Track and Bus outputs after loading
* Fixed a bug in Studio where loading was taking significant amount of time
  during the updating of channel format stage
* Fixed convolution reverb input downmix
* Fixed crash when attempting to open a second project and closing the current
  project while loading

* Copy to All command has been disabled on the master track

22/09/14 1.05.01 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed bug in saving not restoring project to correct state on save failure
* Prevent Studio from allowing copying of modules that are invalid
* Fixed bus going silent when output format is stereo and system speaker mode is 5.1
* Fixed bug where Studio failed to open project if project has multisound that
  has event sound as playlist item
* Fixed Profiler showing referenced Event Sounds as top-level events
* Fixed Profiler showing incorrect voice counts for the master bus
* Fixed issues with remote connection state changing during profiling
* Fixed crash when dragging an impulse response onto the convolution reverb
* Disable scatterer sound spatialization when min and max scatter distances are
  both set to zero
* Fixed crash with looping sends
* Fixed snapshot intensity modulation not working correctly
* Fixed LFE level when 3D Panner's 'Mix' dial is in between 0 and 100%
* Prevent 3D Panner and other 3D effects from being added to buses

09/09/14 1.05.00 - Studio Tool minor release

* Added options for selecting the audio output device
* Added support for reordering of tracks in events
* Added support for resizing tracks
* Added support for compact strips in the mixing desk
* Added support for reordering of playlist items
* Added ability to override the input format on any bus or track
* Changing the project output format can now be applied instantaneously
* Added functionality to reroute of sends to existing or new returns
* Added GenAudio AstoundSound RTI trial plug-in
* Added context menu item to open in new window for events
* Split automation track headings across multiple lines
* Added option to open the selected audio table in a new window
* Added auditioning functionality to audio table view
* Added auditioning functionality to playlist items (single sound only),
  single sound and programmer sound

* Fixed automation track labels for event sounds parameters and plugin sound
  parameters to include the module name
* Improved the appearance of the snapshots browser
* Moved bank build cache files into the project cache folder
* Always build the master bank when banks are built from the banks browser

* Behavior of sidechain modulator attack/release has changed, it now follows
  the times set in milliseconds.
* Slight changes to surround pan algorithm when project format is Stereo

09/09/14 1.04.08 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed VCA, Snapshot and Banks naming dialog not preventing user from entering
  invalid characters that would result in errors when saving
* Fixed Studio incorrectly removing mixer input if there is a conflict and
  "Accept Theirs" is chosen as the resolution method
* Fixed crash when selecting event if the event has invalid/broken markers
* Fixed crash when deleting a transition during playback, while the cursor is
  over the transition timeline
* Fixed timelocked MP3 sounds sometimes playing a brief section from the start
  of the sound just before ending
* Fixed inaccurate seeking of timelocked MP3 sounds
* Fixed issue with saving project names containing a "."
* Prevent saving projects with a leading "."
* Fixed default save path

20/08/14 1.04.07 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed Studio not updating referenced event sound correctly when a parameter is
  deleted from the referenced event
* Fixed bug saving the asset source directory when importing Designer project

06/08/14 1.04.06 - Studio Tool patch release

* Prevent moving the master bank when it is included in a multi-selection
* Fixed numeric entry when the OS has been set to the French Canadian locale
* Fixed removing a event from multiple banks not working in the banks browser
  when using the context menu via multiselection
* Fixed removing a mixer strip from multiple vcas not working in the vcas browser
  when using the context menu via multiselection
* Fixed build cache being incorrectly reused when replacing source files of
  identical name with a different file that has an old time stamp.

25/07/14 1.04.05 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed recently introduced crash with attempting to open audio file with
  external program
* Improved performance when opening the context menu for a large set of events
* Prevent access to the marker deck from the profiler
* Fixed generated name for newly created snapshot groups
* Fixed crash when setting a plug-in folder which contains incompatible DLLs
* Fixed tempo markings occasionally displaying incorrect label
* Fixed input track not having the correct routing on first load of the project
* Fixed crash during Sync Merge and Commit for unsaved projects

* Opening an older version project is now indicated with a dirty flag in the
  Windows title if the user has not saved after the migration
* Opening an older version project now drops old profiler sessions that are
  not compatible with 1.04.

11/07/14 1.04.04 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed crash when import Designer project if project contains event with
  reverb levels
* Fixed regression in peak data display not being correct for all channels
* Fixed reduction in stereo width for stereo projects
* Fixed output format calculation for multi sounds to account for event sounds

* Studio now reports an error if Designer project contains event with
  nameless parameter

08/07/14 1.04.03 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added functionality to open entries in the audio table in external editor

* Fixed parameter name editor appearing when scrolling through parameter tabs
* Fixed intermittent crash when shutting down project if multiple projects
  were opened
* Fixed crashes on save and modification due to Studio auto reverting unchanged

27/06/14 1.04.02 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added an internal intensity property for snapshots. This multiplies with
  the snapshot module intensity, when used within events
* Allow automation of the doppler scale property

* Fixed cases where deletion of the master track was not prevented
* Fixed crash when loading project if project folders have been spammed with
  hidden files (e.g. ._ files from Mac OSX)
* Fixed false positive in project validation where referenced event or
  snapshot will be treated as missing reference
* Fixed context menu for AudioTable to only show the applicable options
* Optimization added to avoid initial hitch when loading large projects
* Fixed assign to tag and assign to bank context menu items when operating on
  heterogeneous selections
* Fixed sidechain modulators not getting added to bank, causing bank to not load
  in runtime.

* Studio now cleans up the hidden .recycle folder when exiting project
* Deleting the last group track in an event is now a valid action

19/06/14 1.04.01 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added doppler scale property to event macros
* Added Wii U build target
* Allow zooming down to one sample per pixel

* Fixed broken file associations on Windows
* Fixed crash handler not displaying on Windows
* Fixed crash when loading project if project folders have been spammed with
  hidden files (e.g. ._ files from Mac OSX)
* Fixed occasional crashes when bank building has finished
* Optimized profiler recording UI
* Improved accuracy of profiler CPU and virtual event instance data points
* Moved menu items for profiler data graphs into a submenu
* Disabled profiler recording when the session is paused
* Improved connect to game dialog
* Fixed jittering when dragging 3D Preview further than the max distance
* Fixed bug where double-clicking on playlist item fails to open editor
* Fixed crash when removing multiple profiler tracks

11/06/14 1.04.00 - Studio Tool minor release

* Project version has changed to support some of the new features. Refer to the
  following KB article for the migration process:

* Added new profiler system which supports waveform output recording, CPU tracks
  per bus, global memory tracking, voices and event instances per input bus,
  parameter values and 3D attributes per event instance
* Added support for asset tables to banks
* Improved UI performance on Mac
* Added context menus for jumping from the tags browser or profiler to an event
* Added option of scoping in mixer inputs to profiler sessions and snapshots by
  dragging in their events

* Fixed ADSR behavior for snapshot intensities (and other percentage properties)
  so that values are applied multiplicatively
* Fixed crash on build if event sound or snapshot module with invalid event
  or snapshot is present
* Fixed crash when selecting events if project has cache generated using an
  old version of Studio
* Remove scheduling delay of events containing only snapshots
* Fixed crash when attempting to open an invalid snapshot module in a window
* Fixed transition markers not getting the correct priority after event is lazy
* Fixed crash when deleting a transition region during playback, while the
  cursor is over the transition timeline

* Blending snapshots combine additively for volumes and combine and in overriding
  manner for all other property types
* Added additional reporting of invalid event sound or snapshot modules to
  project validation
* Added error message if the project version has changed since last sync
* User is prevented from syncing or checking in from within Studio if the project
  version has changed in server since last sync
* MP3 and xWMA compression for banks has been replaced by Vorbis

29/05/14 1.03.09 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed crash when pasting a module with automation on parameters to a
  transition timeline
* Fixed bug where event sound are not refreshed with parameters knobs when new
  parameters are added to nested event via copy and paste or bulk edit
* Fixed bug where copying an audio track with automated modules on transition
  timeline will result in dangling automation track
* Disabled activation of windows when dragging items over them
* Fixed bug where after reloading a project, the TFS integration fails to resolve
  the project's mapping to the depot
* Fixed bug where input buses are not assigned to VCA if the events are not
* Fixed crashes if audio file is of a certain length

21/05/14 1.03.08 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed crash when switching mixer view after creating a new mixer view while
  a snapshot is currently active
* Fixed crash when dropping files onto plug-in data drop zones
* Fixed MP3 files with large ID3 tags not playing on the timeline.

* The word 'Trial' has been added to the name of trial-only plug-ins
  indicating that these must be purchased (sales@fmod.org) if used in a game.
  A warning message will now pop up after building banks which reference
  trial-only plug-ins.

08/05/14 1.03.07 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added support for event references to multi sounds
* Added cycle through window ctrl + ^ shortcut for German keyboards
* Added #!unassigned search tag for events unassigned to banks
* Added text entry for transport bar timecode display

* Fixed Open in External Editor not working on Mac OSX
* Fixed version number in the About dialog to include leading zeros
* Fixed downmixing to a quad speaker setup
* Fixed AHDSR Release not working when timelocked sounds are stopped by a
  parameter condition
* Fixed AHDSR Release resetting to Sustain value when instruments with limited
  Max Voices are stopped repeatedly
* Fixed AHDSR Release not working inside nested events

17/04/14 1.03.06 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added support for bulk editing 3D Preview settings

* Fixed crash on startup when running on Mac OS 10.7.5 or earlier
* Fixed crash when trying to create a folder in the Audio Bin View if the
  currently selected item is an audio asset
* Fixed multi and scatterer sounds in sequential mode disobeying playlist order
* Fixed crash when right clicking on the "Stream" button for audio tracks

14/04/14 1.03.05 - Studio Tool patch release

* Updated OpenSSL library to 1.0.1g

08/04/14 1.03.04 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added support for connecting to Perforce server using SSL

* Fixed crash when trying to set time signature numerator to zero
* Fixed bug where Studio is unable to open project that are read only (Invalid
  database error. Studio now falls back to creatiing the database in memory)
* Fixed crash occurring after adding a new unnamed snapshot module
* Fixed intermittent crash when removing modules from tracks
* Fixed FMOD Delay effect popping when increasing the delay time

28/03/14 1.03.03 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed crash when building bank if no source control is setup
* Fixed crash if Studio failed to update SQL cache under certain circumstances

26/03/14 1.03.02 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed Studio not handling relative path for audio source directory when importing
  a Designer project

* The string output file of Master Bank has been changed from .bank.strings to
  strings.bank to address an issue with deploying of banks on Mac OSX

18/03/14 1.03.01 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed SRS downmix crash on startup if software mixer was set to 5.1, and the OS
  was set to stereo, and the system sample rate was not 44/48/96khz.
* Fixed crash when dragging Multi Sounds and Scatterer Sounds between audio
  tracks during playback.
* Fixed crash when deleting a sub event.
* Fixed crash when syncing if there is newly deleted files to be retrieved from the
* Fixed bug where external shared audio source directory is not working on MacOSX
  for newly added audio asset
* Fixed bug where dials are not created with modulation ranges shown correctly
* Fixed bug where pasted modules would not carry across their fade curves
* Fixed layout issues in the mixer strip macro dials section
* Fixed intermittent crash when double clicking mixer strip faders
* Fixed tempo markings within Transition Timelines
* Fixed crash when resizing a Transition Timeline to have no length
* Fixed bug where dragging a track item continues to cause automatic scrolling
  after the mouse button has been released
* Fixed Marker Track being deletable via shortcut key

03/03/14 1.03.00 - Studio Tool minor release

* Added bulk editing for Events and Banks
* Added support for Sounds in Transition Timelines
* Added Blended Snapshot behavior
* Added local monitoring of live mixer values
* Added probability logic for transition markers and loop regions
* Added support for variable time signatures
* Added parameter deck allowing for modulatable parameters
* Added Initial Value property for game parameters
* Added Held property for game parameter
* Added Seek Speed property dial for game parameters
* Added Sidechain Modulator
* Added height previewing in 3D Preview by dragging with CTRL key pressed
* Added "Open In Audio Bin" menu item for Single Sounds
* Added "Open In Explorer/Finder" menu item for Single Sounds
* Added context menu items for deleting automation curves and points
* Added context menu item for deleting transition timelines
* Added context menu items for copying the name and guid of mixer strips
* Added option to filter browsers by object guid
* Added support for copying an Event Sound to the events browser
* Added the option of deleting transition timelines by collapsing them entirely
* Adjusting the length of a transition timeline will now trim its contents
* Event Macros are shown in the deck when nothing is selected in an event
* The state of drawers in the deck area are now serialized
* The state of selected items and parameters in events is now serialized
* The state of parameter zoom level and scroll position is now serialized
* Exclude properties that are set to their default value from serialization
* Parameters contents can now be rescaled when their range increases
* Added tooltips for abbreviated and elided text labels
* Made name labels on mixer strips editable
* Added special tag #!unused to search for unused files in Audio Bin
* Added build targets for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita
* Added polyphony controls for sound modules
* Added the ability to select conflict resolution method when syncing
  instead of just merging (accept theirs, accept yours)
* Added support to sync selected items

* Newly added banks will now generate a unique name
* FMOD Delay ramps smoothly between Delay settings
* Fixed bug where Referenced Events don't bound their auto-mapped parameters
* Fixed bug where Studio would report an error with dragging an audio asset with
  # in its path from the Audio Bin onto the tracks
* Fixed bug where copied parameters have their ranges set incorrectly
* Fixed crash when user clicks on the audition window of Audio Bin view if there
  is no audio asset selected
* Fixed bug in Chorus Effect not playing back with the user set values after
  event is reselected

* The runtime now supports loading multiple banks that contain the same event.
  The associated build warning has been removed.
* Referenced events are automatically pulled in to the banks from which they are
  referenced. The associated build warning has been removed.

24/02/14 1.02.13 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed a bug in which Start Offset would not be applied during project load
* Fixed crash when one of the Studio project files is missing (reports an error
  loading project instead)
* Fixed bug in which Studio incorrectly pop ups a error dialog after tabbing to
  select next event while attempting to rename an event and changing focus
* Fixed crash when moving 3 or more events to the folder they reside in
* Fixed crash when pasting a send to an upstream return
* Fixed crash when viewing an event with event sound after saving project to a
  new location
* Fixed crash when syncing and merging if an existing effect is moved next to
  a new effect
* Fixed Studio incorrectly determine user is not logged on to Perforce (for
  certain setup TicketExpiration is not present as a tagged field)
* Fixed Studio not setting the P4HOST correctly
* Fixed multiple automation combination behaviour on FMOD Parametric EQ's Gain
  parameter to be additive
* Fixed Studio incorrectly checks out files after reverting project
* Fixed deleting audio file not prompting user for action if it is used in events
* Support project names which contain periods ('.')
* Fixed opening a recent project whose name contains periods
* Fixed crash when attempting to undo while renaming an event
* Fixed bug where Studio would lock an audio asset file for write if it is the
  current selection in the Audio Bin View.
* Fixed event priority value not being reset to "Medium"
* Fixed name displayed for Mixer Inputs within the Routing browser

* Improved diagnostic function to check for duplicate ids and invalid mixer
  input files
* Build error dialog now has a detail section with more detail information useful
  for debugging and troubleshooting purpose

07/01/14 1.02.12 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed crashes after bringing up the submit dialog
* Fixed potential crash on reloading of events with playlist items
* Fixed intermittent crashes when pasting items that require trimming
* Fixed calculation of scheduling mode for events containing one event sound
* Fixed missing mapping when building the MasterBank
* Removed redundant error dialog if missing audio asset caused a build error
* Fixed bug were missing audio asset error would result in error in all
  subsequent attempt to build banks

17/12/13 1.02.11 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added option to generate a send's return if it does not exist when pasting
* Added menu item to run project validation on the loaded project

* Fixed new VCAs not being assigned a unique name
* Fixed crash bug if the project save path contains unicode characters
* Fixed crash bug when user tries to bring up context menu for a track if the
  track has invalid output
* Fixed crash bug when user tries to bring up context menu for effect deck if the
  track has no valid output
* User can now reroute these tracks with invalid output via the context menu
* Fixed crash when reverting event that has marker tracks that do not exist in the
  server revision

* Improved diagnostic function to check for tracks with invalid output, parameter
  with invalid range and any loose automation curves

02/12/13 1.02.10 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly checks out all the project files if
  P4PORT was not set to the correct server (Perforce only)
* Modified Perforce integration to reuse one TCP connection instead of constantly
  opening new ones
* Fixed bug where Studio would import unused audio assets when saving project for the
  first time
* Fixed bug where Studio would crash on save or fail to load if project path or its
  files contains single quote

26/11/13 1.02.09 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed track selection being cleared unintentionally
* Fixed crash when setting the Built Banks Output Directory and switching between
  the Asset and Build preference tabs.
* Fixed submit dialog not displaying the correct status icon for each submit
* Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly report "No Pending Changes" when trying
  to bring up the submit dialog if all the items had checkin lock
* Fixed bug where Bus Browser is not refreshing the source control status of
  the buses
* Fixed bug where adding/removing parameter from Snapshot is not updating associated
  snapshot modules.
* Fixed bug where some modulation would not be applied correctly

19/11/13 1.02.08 - Studio Tool patch release

* Made FMOD Loudness Meter completely EBU-R-128 compliant

* Fixed pops when playing nested events that have silent tracks
* Fixed incorrect duplicating of audio asset when dragging them
  from the Audio Bin View (Mac only)
* Fixed plugin sounds not being built to bank files correctly
* Fixed loundness meter reset when audio is paused
* Disable tagging of event of an event sound
* Fixed potential crash during Sync depending on browser selection

12/11/13 1.02.07 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added support for copying and pasting timeline markers

* Fixed crash when importing Designer project that uses custom VST (VST are not
  supported at the moment)
* Fixed issues related to saving and loading of profiler sessions
* Fixed possible crash if using stereo output on startup
* Fixed commandline build tool incorrectly returning exit code 1 even on
  successful builds
* Fixed Multi Sounds and Scatterer Sounds not randomizing correctly after
  deleting all entries
* Fixed crash when switching event selection while auditioning if the event
  has nested event sound with parameter automation
* Fixed crash during Sync Merge and Commit if project contains missing
  references such as Mixer Return, etc
* Fixed intermittent crash related to pasting events while the routing browser
  is open

06/11/13 1.02.06 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed renaming issue if the item (e.g. folder, mixer group) has name with a
  different case from its corresponding file on disk
* Fixed issue related to copy and pasting audio tracks that contain multi sounds
* Fixed a bug where adding automation or modulation to snapshot properties
  via Live Update would fail, leaving the game in an inconsistent state
* Fixed crash when loading a project with a missing referenced snapshot

29/10/13 1.02.05 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added automatic automation of event sound parameters to parent event

22/10/13 1.02.04 - Studio Tool patch release

* Update for API release

15/10/13 1.02.03 - Studio Tool patch release

* Made programmer sounds take their channel format from their placeholders
* Added support for checkin locks for Events
* Added -diagnostic commandline option to allow user to check project for
  invalid references and prints out a report to console if any is found

* Fixed Studio incorrectly reverts the project file after user has alter the
  project output format
* Fixed Studio incorrectly discarding server changes if item (e.g. Event) has
  been renamed
* Fixed issue where programmer sounds would appear as mono in the tool but
  are in fact surround
* Fixed click with cross-fade for nested events

07/10/13 1.02.02 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added an option to set the build output directory
* Added an option to enable source control integration for build output (defaults
  to enabled)
* Added option to update audio files in the audio bin

* Fixed metering on effects not working after parameters are changed or effects
  are reordered
* Fixed error during build if source control integration is enabled if the
  settings sub directory does not exist
* Fixed TFS integration so we no longer need to create a 0kb stub file when
  marking files for add
* Fixed bug where the build process would stall if there more than 1 error
  occurred when building multiple banks
* Fixed crash when attempting to open a project via double clicking the fspro
* Fixed FMOD Limiter channel linking not working
* Fixed setting bool plug-in parameters
* Fixed crash when file is auto revert by Studio when no change is detected
* Fixed crash when reverting project if reverting removes items that have been
  committed to disk
* Fixed issue where audition widget would play while typing into the search box
* Mac - Fixed final 5.1 and 7.1 downmix to stereo

01/10/13 1.02.01 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added new 3D Parameters to events:
  + Direction [-180, 180]: the horizontal direction of the event from the
    listener's forward direction
  + Elevation [-90, 90]: the vertical angle from the horizon of the event's
    position relative to the listener
  + Event Orienation: the event's orientaion relative to the listener's
  * Changed the name of the 'Angle' parameter to 'Event Cone Angle'

* Fixed crash on startup on older versions of Windows
* Fixed crash when flipping to faders in the mixer
* Fixed crash after a successful submit or closing of the submit dialog
* Fixed custom Mixer View not getting save on close

23/09/13 1.02.00 - Studio Tool minor release

* .bank file format changed Studio API version must be upgraded to 1.01.10 for

* Added AudioGaming AudioWeather and McDSP Limiter plug-ins free to try
* Improved load and save times for large projects
* Added support for having multiple projects open at once
* Added support for copying and pasting between projects
* Added support for placing multiple tempo markers on a timeline
* Added support for LFE only speaker setup when importing from Designer to Studio
* Added support for plug-ins with sidechain inputs
* Added ability to change the orientation of events in the 3D Preview using the
  mouse wheel
* Improved performance of the Audio Bin browser
* Improved resolution and accuracy of the loading progress dialog
* Improved stability of copying and pasting
* Added basic support for user scripts
* Allow snapshots to be placed on any track
* Added delete key shortcut for buses browser
* Added support for dragging and dropping browser items to external tools

* Fix for priority in event macros not working
* Fixed event track mute/solo resetting when the event is restarted.
* Updated Designer to Studio event speaker setup to use Stereo In L/R when possible
* Fixed meters not dropping when pausing.
* Fixed bank building error if the process was canceled
* Fixes and improvements to 3D Preview
* Fixed behavior of the delete key in the banks browser
* Selection is cleared when stepping into a nested event
* Fixed the project icon in the source control browser

20/08/13 1.01.15 - Studio Tool patch release

* Update for API release

26/08/13 1.01.14 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fix a bug where input format for audio track is not computed correctly
  if it has event reference sound.

19/08/13 1.01.13 - Studio Tool patch release

* Improved Bank building times.

12/08/13 1.01.12 - Studio Tool patch release

* Update for API release

05/08/13 1.01.11 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added support for Designer to Studio importer to convert Occlusion to Lowpass Simple
  and a send to global reverb.
* Added support for Designer to Studio importer to convert auto distance filtering on
  event to a combination of Lowpass Simple and Highpass Simple effects on the master track.

* Fixed critical bug in Perforce integration where repeatedly reverting the same
  items can result in incorrect reverting of unrelated files.

* Reverting using the Submit Dialog now has a progress dialog to indicate the status.
* Opening a Designer project now pops up a warning dialog if the Designer project uses
  dsps that are not supported in Studio.

29/07/13 1.01.10 - Studio Tool patch release

* .bank file format changed Studio API version must be upgraded to 1.01.10 for

* Added -export-guids option to command line tool for exporting of event guids
  and mixer guids to text file in build folder.
* Updated Perforce API to r13.1 and streams is now supported.
* Exposed the P4HOST settings in the Perforce settings.

22/07/13 1.01.09 - Studio Tool patch release

* Studio now has a fixed size memory pool for peak data cache to reduce the amount
  of memory used.

15/07/13 1.01.08 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added option to set/override the project's shared audio source directory when using
  the command line tool for banks building
* Added build status reporting when building banks using the command line tool

* Fixed incorrect dialog when renaming an event to the same name as an existing
* Fixed bug where renaming behavior between losing focus on the event is different
  to that if user were to hit enter/return. They should now always prompt if event
  name already exists.
* Fixed hang with building banks using command line tool if there is an error
  during the build process
* Fixed a memory leak when source control integration is enabled.

10/07/13 1.01.07 - Studio Tool patch release

* Update for API release

08/07/13 1.01.06 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed automations on plug-in sounds not working
* Fixed crash when load a project containing automated plug-in sounds
* Fixed issue with searching in the event browser not working in some cases
* Fixed stereo panning automation
* Fixed FMOD Compressor sounding erratic and unresponsive

* Changed FMOD Compressor attack time to go from 0.1 to 500ms.

28/06/13 1.01.05 - Studio Tool patch release

* Enabled caching of audio files for builds

* Fixed initialization of BPM for new Tempo Markers
* Fixed crash when attempting to submit changes after deleting an event sound that
  was created by copying and pasting an existing event
* Fixed bug in Designer to Studio import where events will not be imported after
  a simple event will not be imported if the simple event has no item in playlist
* Fixed bug in Designer to Studio import where the pitch randomization are not
  taking into account Designer allows user to specify a +- range (e.g. +- 5 semitones
  in Designer should be 10 semitones in Studio)
* Studio now converts the event volume randomization to a random volume modulator
  of the volume on the Event Macros.

19/06/13 1.01.04 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added support for source control locking of VCAs and Master Bus of the Mixing

* Fixed controls not being updated by automation on automatic parameters like
* Fixed wav file not getting removed after saving if the audio file is deleted
* Fixed crash bug related to copying and pasting of audio track with parameter
* Fixed crash when loading a Designer project using Windows Explorer (either
  via "Open With" or file association)
* Fixed crash when loading projects containing plug-in sound modules
* Fixed bug with Control Surface not getting removed properly despite setting
  the "Control Surface" option to "None"

07/06/13 1.01.03 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed project corruption when copying and pasting modules that have parameter
  condition from one event to another
* Fixed crash occurring after deleting a playlist item that contained a play
  percentage, when doing this via the keyboard shortcut
* Fixed playback and crash issues associated with multiple compressors
  connected to a single sidechain
* Fixed snapshot module fade curves not being set up correctly
* Fixed multi-channel playback issues for plugin sounds
* Fixed 3D Preview not being displayed when 3D plugins are added to the master

31/05/13 1.01.02 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed Designer to Studio importer crashing for some nested event categories
* Fixed the trigger logic section of the scatterer sound deck panel

30/05/13 1.01.01 - Studio Tool patch release

* Referenced events are no longer pulled in to the banks which they are
  referenced from. There is now a warning to prompt you to add referenced
  events to a bank.

* Disabled adding sound modules to transition timelines to prevent crashes
* Fix for values not being set correctly on snapshots
* Fixed metering getting stuck when event is paused.
* Fixed crashes on shut down if the project has an invalid custom plugin.
* Fixed copy and paste bug where copying an existing event and pasting it as an
  event sound causes the event sound to be routed to the same output as the
  source event
* Fixed crash when copying and pasting an event sound that has a module with a
  parameter condition within the event
* Fixed crash when moving more than two audio files to the bottom of a folder
* Fixed memory leak in scatterer sound deck panel
* Fixed scatterer sound not showing playlist item properties

* Added a warning when a referenced event is not assigned to a bank
* All snapshots are placed in the master bank instead of being pulled into banks
  by events referencing them.

27/05/13 1.01.00 - Studio Tool minor release

* Added support for locking of mixer strips in the Mixer or Mixer Routing window
* Added start offset automation for Single Sounds
* Added programmer sound module
* Added command line tool
* Added "Logic Tracks" label and button to hide tracks
* Module names are now used to improve the specificity of automation track names
* Added support for renaming playlist items in Multi Sounds
* Added support for Mac plug-ins

* Optimization to internally remove inactive panner effects from effect chains
* Fixed Studio incorrectly generates fade curves between 2 modules on different
* Fixed Designer to Studio import creating "Loop" parameter with invalid range
  of 0.0->0.0 instead of the intended 0.0->1.0.
* Fixed Designer to Studio import creating a distance parameter with name
  "(distance)" instead of the "Distance".
* Fixed Designer to Studio incorrect import of FMOD ParamEQ's frequency gain
  automation point's Y value.
* Fixed Designer to Studio incorrect import of envelopes' control parameter. They
  are now assigned to the correct game parameter in Studio.
* Fixed Designer to Studio import of autopitch if the autopitch parameter is set
  to event primary parameter. Studio now imports the auto pitch correctly if
  the layer's control parameter is the event primary parameter.
* Fixed saving issue with Playstation build setting resulting in project corruption.
* Fixed Studio incorrectly reporting error when adding new files to Perforce if
  the root specified in the client workspace has a case mismatch with what's on disk.
* Fixed flange effect not interpreting the rate parameter until moving the rate
  knob back and forwards a bit.
* Fixed issue where in some cases, the browsers in Studio defaults to reverse
  alphabetical order (Events, Mixer, etc)
* Fixed waveform drawing incorrect for audio that have floating point PCM samples.
* Fixed Designer to Studio incorrectly translating event priority. Events with 0
  are now assigned the "Highest" priority and 256 the "Lowest" priority.
* Fixed Designer to Studio import for FMOD Lowpass, FMOD Highpass Simple, FMOD Pitch
  Shift and FMOD Tremolo.
* Fix crashes when trying to save project/settings after loading a project with invalid

* Designer to Studio import now defaults project output format to Surround 5.1.
* Studio now allows user to bring up submit dialog even if there are mixer strips
  that are locked by other user. The mixer strips and any changes depending on it
  will automatically be put in the "On Hold" tab.

09/05/13 1.00.04 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed crash when deleting plugin effect with automations.
* Fixed Studio incorrectly determines profiler session folder as a missing folder
  in the Event's browser.
* Improved performance for profiler session graph rendering.
* Fixed issue where profiler session may not append to recording correctly.
* Fixed wording for "Remove from Scope" context menu item for snapshot tracks.
* Fixed crash when syncing if there is sub event and event to be removed as part
  of the sync
* Enabled "New Blank Session" command in profiler browser.
* Fixed crash when trying to build project via the context menu without a valid
  bank selection.
* Fixed bug with Perforce integration marking built bank files as text instead
  of binary which corrupts the file when checked in.
* Fixed crash when the undoing addition of an autopitch modulator to a sound
  then editing a property of that sound.
* Fixed bug in conversion of autopitch reference of sound instance when importing
  a Designer project
* Fixed bug in conversion of wet/dry reverb level of event to mixer send and fader
  level when importing a Designer project
* Fixed bug in conversion of pitch randomization in event and sound def when
  importing a Designer project
* Fixed bug by prompting to delete an event's references when it is deleted
* Fixed bug allowing creation of references to a profiler session
* Fixed crash when copying and pasting event with referenced event sound or
  snapshot if referenced event sound or snapshot has game parameters.
* Fixed crash when pasting sound module with autopitch modulation onto timeline
* Fixed intermittent crash in mixer view ocurring after resetting a fader
* Fixed crash when pasting an event reference module if there is associated
  automation for the referenced event's game parameter
* Fixed crash when pasting an audio track that has event reference module if
  there is associated automation for the referenced event's game parameter
* Fixed crash when trying to paste an event reference module onto an audio
  track of the referenced event (resulting in a recursive reference loop)
* Fixed crash when trying to paste an audio track that has an event reference
  module onto the referenced event (resulting in a recursive reference loop)
* Fixed crash when pasting an snapshot module if there is associated
  automation for the referenced snapshot's game parameter
* Fixed crash when pasting an event that has automation on a parameter of a
  plugin effect
* Fixed true peak calculation in loudness meter
* Fixed initial graphical display of loudness range in loudness meter
* Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly report failure to checkout/add files during
  saving if Perforce workspace root is set with lowercase drive letter
* Fixed Studio incorrectly import audio file instead of referencing an external
  asset if the "Shared audio source directory" is set using copy/paste of path
  from Windows Explorer
* Fixed Designer to Studio importer not naming the xml file for the master folder
  and master audio bin folder correctly

* Studio now prompts user for action when pasting sound module with autopitch
  modulation onto timeline. User can either choose to cancel the paste operation
  or proceed by allowing Studio to remove the autopitch modulator.
* Studio now notifies user of recursive reference loop during copy and paste
  operation and rejects the paste instead of crashing.

12/04/13 1.00.02 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed occasional crash when switching snapshots with control surface attached
* Fixed automation points being snapped graphically to ruler markings
* Optimized seeking across automation curves
* Improved behavior of auto-pitch modulator including support for shifting
  beyond +-24 semitones
* Improved playback latency for most events

09/04/13 1.00.01 - Studio Tool patch release

* Fixed profiler performance issue
* Fixed load issue when AHDSR modulator is added to plugin parameter
* Enabled snapshot copy and paste
* Fixed event browser selecting first item after the context menu is closed
* Fixed crashes when copying and pasting snapshot module if the snapshot has
  game parameter

25/03/13 1.00.00 - Studio Tool major release

* Added support for checking out and submitting built banks.
* Added support for dragging items to drop over a tab to switch tabs.

* Fixed playback glitches when sounds are placed end-to-end on the timeline
* Fixed playback of Sound Scatterers with non-zero pitch
* Fixed sends sometimes going silent if there are multiple sends to a single
  return bus
* Fixed sort by name being case sensitive.
* Fixed copying and pasting of event into multisound or sound scatterer
* Fixed incorrect merge of xml under certain conditions
* Fixed copying and pasting bug when copying an audio track that has
  other audio track routed to it
* Fixed bug when undoing a paste of sound module when trigger conditions
* Fixed incorrect logic that allowed user to paste sub event as event
  which would result in a crash

* Banks encoded as PCM will now always be PCM16 instead of deciding based
  on the source file format.

25/02/13 0.02.04 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added support for Perforce connection to unicode server
* Added warnings for broken plugins

* Fixed bug where multichannel sound are not displayed correctly in the
* Attempted fix for crash when reloading files after syncing by allocating
  a buffer upfront.
* Fixed bug where copying and pasting of Event with SubEvents or EventSound
  adds dummy mixer inputs to the Mixing Desk
* Perforce preference panel now displays the correct error if user switches
  to "none" character encoding when attempt to connect to a unicode server
* Perforce preference panel now updates the available client on password
* Fixed bug where replacing audio file does not update the input channel count
  of the track the module is placed.
* Fixed broken banks after autopitch modulators are added and removed
* Fixed a bug where password for Perforce settings is not saved
* Fixed crashes when attempting to paste a copied event sound that was created
  by copying and pasting an event onto an audio track
* Fixed copying and pasting of sub events. Sub event can now be pasted to
  other non sub event.
* Fixed crash when attempting to introduce cyclic event references (e.g.
  Event A having a event reference sound back to itself)
* Fixed bug where mapping are missing from built banks if a custom DSP
  has automation or is scoped into a snapshot.
* Fixed stall when attempting to load a project or create a new project
  after altering source control settings for Perforce (Perforce Only)
* Fix to prevent creating recurive references to events
* Added "New Blank Snapshot" context menu item
* Fixed bug in Studio where it report false negative when checking out
  files if the filepath in the source control and the disk file have mismatch
  casing. (Perforce Only)
* Fixed crash when trying to load a project with event sound and automation
  or modulation on the event's parameter.
* Fixed missing mapping when project that has custom plugin effect that has
  automation or is scoped into a snapshot.

* Build error dialog now prints out the filename of missing files for
  error code 8.

15/02/13 0.02.03 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added Sound Scatterer module
* Added Event Sound references
* Added support for drag and drop to Banks Browser
* Added individual and multi-selection building of Banks
* Added editable label to modules in multi-track
* Added submit key file mechanism to Studio such that only one user to allow to have
  the submit dialog up at a given time.
* Improved error reporting for building Banks

* Fixed crash bug when copying and pasting
* Fixed audio source file in Audio Asset not getting checked in on submitting
  a newly added audio file
* Reduced memory usage for properties
* Fixed false negative when Studio incorrectly report failure to mark files
  for delete when in actual fact it did succeed (TFS only)
* Fixed intermittent crashes when undoing removal from ordered relationships
* Fixed a bug where banks can never be deleted. (banks will reappear once project
  is reloaded)
* Fixed crash bug with trying to submit a subEvent.
* Fixed potential bug with restore point trying to restore files from previous
  restore point in the same session
* Fixed incorrect reporting of save failure should one fail to obtain lock
  for pending changes. The changes would have been successfully be written to disk.
* Fixed bug in sync merge and conflict where we are retrieving the incorrectly
  base revision for merging which lead to a project corruption due to missing
  mixer input. (TFS only, happens when one user makes modification to event and
  event has been deleted by another)
* Better handling of renaming and modification merges (Studio should now merge
  modificated files to the renamed destination if exist) (Tested on TFS)
* Fixed entering "-oo" when editing decibel levels
* Fixed bug that caused ADSR and Random modulators to stop working on pasted
* Fixed crash when attempting to submit if an event/mixerbus has more than 2
  invalid references of the same type.
* Fixed bug where Studio deletes audio file xmls from the project even though
  user did not explicitly do so and audio files are still in used.
* Fixed bug where Studio reported false negative after successfully renaming
  a mixer input when renaming an event. (TFS only)
* Fixed incorrect upmixing when multiple buses are routed to a bus
* Fixed crash when reloading files if the files introduce new instances of
  plugin effects with automation.
* Fixed crash when importing Designer project that has 2D event with 3D Pan
  Level envelope (Studio now ignores these envelopes since they are disabled
  in Designer).
* Fixed 3D Panner gain when min and max distance are equal
* Fixed bug when copying EventSound with automations on parameters.
* Fixed bug when copying tracks with EventSounds.
* Fixed bug where Studio wasn't checking in deleted mixer input files
  for event sounds (TFS only)
* Fixed crash when attempting to use Sync, Merge and Commit (SMC) if synced
  files has changes to effect chains.
* Fixed bug where cursor goes jumping around a Parameter has a non zero seekSpeed
  (only for Designer project/workspace).

* Improved Perforce Source Control setting panel to display any error in
  establishing a connection.

18/01/13 0.02.02 - Studio Tool patch release

* Added support for Designer to Studio autopitch on sound def instance migration
* Added "Move To..." and "Move To Cursor" commands for modules
* Added "Move To..." command for automation points
* Addded "Set Color" menu bar item

* Fixed displaying of AHDSR values for snapshot intensities
* Fixed crashes when renaming items if no source control has been setup
* Fixed major bug where saving a mixer return that has sends would destroy the
  effects chain
* Fixed major bug where saving project with side chain that are connected to compressor
  on the mixing desk would result in a crash when reloading the project.
* Fixed bug where Studio will report failure to check out element (e.g. event)
  if the element has previously been renamed.
* Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly reports failure to delete event on
  save/sync and merge/sync, merge and commit action if the event already exists
  in source control and has been previously renamed by user before deleting.
* Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly checks out global reverb when an event is
* Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly checks out tag when an event is deleted.
* Fixed bug where pasting to tracks was not always available via the menu bar
* Fixed Designer to Studio migration so that it takes into account the audio
  source directory of the project (using the PC's setting at the moment) when
  working out a suitable path for the shared audio directory settings.
* Fixed bug where Studio failed to derive the correct path for audio in Designer
  project if the project uses the audio source directory settings.
* Fixed crash when reverting changes (i.e. deleting events) on project during
  the same session the changes were made.

11/01/13 0.02.01 - Studio Tool patch release

* The File->Export GUIDs... command now writes a GUID lookup function
  definition to GUIDLookup.c (in addition to GUIDs.txt).

* Fixed crash when attempting to submit event with new nested event
* Fixed crash when copying and pasting bug related to plugin effect
* Fixed Distance and Angle parameters not being created properly by live update
* Fixed crash when deleting a snapshot from the mixer
* Fixed crash when importing Designer project that has reverb defs.
* Fixed bug when copying event sound with automation track adds them to the
  containing event instead.
* Fixed crash when copying multiple sounds with cross fade and automations.
* Fixed bug in TFS where renaming a newly added event on a new session resulted
  in error on save.
* Fixed crash when trying to submit snapshot changes.
* Stopped Studio from shutting down at sturtup when the audio playback device
  is not available

* Improved the saving procedure such that it only back up files that will
  be changed/removed instead of cloning the entire project. It also now try
  to restore the project files on save failure.

7/1/13 0.02.00 - Studio Tool minor release

* Added mixer snapshots:
  * Snapshots set overriding changes in the global mixer
  * Snapshots can be prioritized within the browser
  * Entire strips can be selectively scoped in to snapshots
  * Each property in the mixer can be scoped in individually
  * Snapshot modules can be added to events to trigger snapshots
* Added sub-events:
  * Sub-events are events that can be triggered and positioned independently
    while being routed into a master event
  * Sub-events appear as inputs in the master event
* Added music features to the Event Editor:
  * Tempo markers can be placed on the Timeline
  * All sound module now have a Trigger Behavior drawer to control
    delay/quantization as well as conditional activation
* Added channel ordering settings for meters
* Added units to random modulators when modulating properties which have a
  linear response
* Improved zoom range for Timeline and Game Parameters in the Event Editor
* Added Bring to Front and Send to Back menu items for regions
* Added audio file auditioning functionality to Audio Bin view.
* Added "Identify Local Changes" to source control context menu.
* Added "Loop Playback" setting
* Added shortcut keys to toggle hiding of view areas
* Remember cursor position after playback
* Added Routing Browser window
* Added support for stepping in to nested events via breadcrumbs
* Added keyboard shortcuts to launch/activate windows
* Added support for loading project with invalid Audio File and Mixer Return references
  (e.g. missing reference due to certain multi users scenario)
* Added Return Bus groupings in "Add Send" Effects Deck context menus
* Added ability to drag Return Buses from mixer routing views onto the Effects
  Deck to create new Sends
* Added ability to specify units in text entries for properties
* Added ability to enable manual checking out of events and speciying whether to lock them
  on checkout.
* Added ability to double fader to reset the value
* Added editable value labels to range sliders

* Critical bug fix for a number of crash issues related to renaming items in the browser
* Fixed crash when loading an unknown version of Studio project files
* Fixed bug which caused module fade curve, adsr and randomizer to not work in a
  copied and pasted items (e.g. audio track).
* Fixed crash bug when selecting the master track after copying a mixer send.
* Fixed up the "Browse" Source Control dialog for TFS integration to handle
  "All Projects" properly
* Fixed up issue with empty path for TFS settings in preference dialog.
* Fixed issue with TFS integration now being able to open files for add.
* Fixed crash when creating fade curves on existing projects (introduced in
* Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly resolves buggy fade curves and ends up
  removing them.
* Fixed issue where Studio incorrectly removes audio files on save when the
  workspace is modified.
* Fixed bug TFS settings not updating the available workspaces
* Fixed bug in TFS integration when a file is marked for delete resulting
  in failure to save
* Fixed bug in TFS integration not showing certain modified items in the
  submit dialog
* Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly checks out folder/mixer group file
  when adding/deleting items even though the file does not change on save
* Fixed clicks when starting sounds that have a crossfade
* Fixed sounds fading incorrectly when they have more than one crossfade
* Fixed event browser search to include folder name
* Fixed crash bug related to copying and pasting of module with auto pitch
* Fixed bug where the track output format is not setup correctly on load
  if the audio files on the track are external files
* Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly determines a file is an external reference
  if the full path starts with the path set in Preference (e.g. c:\media,
  c:\media 02\test.wav).
* Fixed mouse picking of region end handles when ends are close together
* Fixed metering in nested events
* Fixed bug where loop regions aren't sized correctly on first load
* Fixed bug where source control settings are not saved if the project user
  settings file is readonly.
* Fixed crashes when syncing involves removal of events, mixer return
  or audio files.
* Fixed issue with new projects not including mixer buses in the Master Bank
* Fixed bug where renaming newly added items does not add the files correctly
  when using TFS integration.
* Fixed VCAs not being added to the Master Bank
* Reduced memory usage for large projects
* Optimized project save and load times

* Third Developer Preview release

* Added more informative hint to TFS preference settings.
* Studio no longer attempts to perform "Identify Local Changes" when opening
  a project. User now has the option to do it at a later time via the context
* Source Control Browser functionality now uses a tag icon to indicate progress
  instead of popping up a blocking progress dialog.
* Source Control Browser now has a proper icon for project.
* Some improvement to load time of large project.
* Studio no longer attempts to update source control status at the start. Instead it
  now does it on demand when source control status is visible or user has performed
  some source control operation. (i.e. when something is revealed in browser, etc)
* Studio now attempts to stomp over the .user and .user.vc user settings files if
  they are readonly.

13/11/12 0.01.04 - Patch release

* Fixed crash when adding volume automation to sound modules which contain a

9/11/12 0.01.03 - Patch release

* Made Designer importer more robust against duplicate guid (by generating
  replacement id).
* Fixed occasional crash when in Open Recent on Mac
* Fixed issue where corrupted Studio project resulted in a crash dialog instead
  of an error dialog indicating the cause of the failure.
* Fixed Autopitch modulator changing a sound's pitch when adjusting its region
  (bug introduced in 0.01.02)
* Fixed autopitched sounds not changing pitch beyond the region's initial start
  and end positions after being loaded from file (bug introduced in 0.01.00)

29/10/12 0.01.02 - Patch release

* Fixed crash when deleting a module from a copied AudioTrack if there are fade
  curves for the module.
* Fixed crash when executing an action (e.g. delete) via keyboard shortcut while
  altering dial value.
* Fixed not being able to automate stereo pan dials.
* Fixed crash when copying and pasting multisound module with playPercentage set.
* Fixed bug in importing of Echo effects from a Designer project/workspace.
* Fixed potential issue with automation curves when importing Designer
  project/workspace with event having multiple similar effects on the same parameter.

19/10/12 0.01.01 - Patch release

* Fixed crashes when importing Designer project/workspace
* Fixed fade curves copying when doing a multiple sound copying and pasting
* Fixed writing of callstack in log on Mac
* Fixed crash reporter not showing when fatal error is encountered on Windows
* Fixed minidump not being written correctly on Windows

16/10/12 0.01.00 - Minor release

* Added copy and paste for audio tracks, return tracks and effects
* Added copy, paste, and delete menu items and shortcut keys
* Added zoom in, zoom out, and zoom to fit menu items and shortcut keys
* Multiple trigger regions can now be copied and pasted
* Added option to set module colors in the Event Editor
* Added ability to assign a name to sound modules by double-clicking on title
  tab in the deck
* Added Sort by Name functionality to Audio Bin, Events Browser, Mixer Routing,
  Tag Browser and VCA Browser
* Custom ordering is now possible in the Tag Browser and VCA Browser
* Removing audio files that are referenced in sound modules now warns user
  and cleans up sound modules if deleted
* The Submit dialog now remember the Submit and On Hold status of items
* Added sidechain compression
* Studio now supports migration of Designer's Event 3D Cone properties to
  Angle parameter with automation curve on Master Track
* Added ability to edit game parameter name and range
* Added ability to open audio file in external program via Shift+W or context
  menu of selected single sound modules, audio files in audio bin or File menu
* Crash reporter now appears as soon as application crashes and will reopen
  application afterwards
* Added recent files menu item
* Improvements to indication of selected items

* Fixed issue that prevented custom sorting of items in the Audio Bin and
  Events Browser
* Fixed issue where Studio was unable to load project if project is readonly
* Fixed issue where audio files are not moved to project recycle bin on saving
  project if the audio files are readonly.
* Fixed modulator tab not showing for nested event parameters
* Fixed FMOD Delay effect delay buffer being cleared when changing delay time
* Fixed selection of owner's effects deck for the current automation tracks
* Fixed native file menus hiding floating windows

* Second Developer Preview release
* Missing audio assets are now highlighted in red text in Audio Bin
* The Submit dialog now expands the tree view by default and expands the branch
  on adding new items
* Studio now set the module colors to match Designer when importing a Designer
* Studio now migrates Sound Def name to sound module name when importing
  Designer project/workspace.
* Added progress indicator when opening project files
* Copying automation curve now flattens curve if destination units is not
  compatible with the source (e.g. dB to Hz) as well as constraining points of
  the curve if the destination effect parameter has a different range

28/09/12 0.00.04 - Patch release

* Studio now pops up a message box notifying user of unsupported/invalid audio
  file(s) when dragged and dropped onto the Audio Track or Audio Bin
* Fixed crash when trying to drag an audio file onto audio track if the audio
  file has previously been imported and deleted from the Audio Bin
* Fixed project corruption when overwriting a different project on disk
* Fixed bug in 3D panner where rolloff and envelopment buttons did not match
  panner's internal state

* 3D panner rolloff and envelopment modes will change for existing projects

20/09/12 0.00.03 - Patch release

* Added dry level parameter to FMOD Delay effect
* LFE can now be muted/unmuted on bus panners

* Fixed crash when undoing the adding of an audio or return track while the
  track is selected
* Fixed various crashes when opening and creating projects
* Fixed issue with banks not being able to encode using Vorbis on Windows
* Fixed issue with birds eye view not refreshing when a module is deleted
* Fixed graphical glitch when tracks are added and removed in the multi-track
* Fixed graphical glitch when tracks have long names
* Fixed graphical glitch when resizing loop regions
* Fix panning issue introduced in 5.00.02
* Fixed automation not working after opening a project
* Fixed a memory leak when running Studio for the very first time

* LFE is now muted by default when upmixing from mono or stereo

14/09/12 0.00.02 - Patch release

* Improved UI performance in the Event Editor and Mixer
* Added Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Zoom To Fit menu items

* Fixed UI issue with automation curves not displaying correctly when an Event
  is first viewed
* Canceling the consolidate dialog in Audio Bin preference settings now
  restores the directory to the last set path

12/09/12 0.00.01 - Patch release

* Fixed issues that prevented Studio from running on Mac

27/08/12 0.00.00 - Initial release

* First Developer Preview release