hi,I have done the change of source voice, but I can’t find the suitable method in your SDK to save the voice after changed. My code is :

system->createDSPByType(FMOD_DSP_TYPE_PITCHSHIFT, &dsp);
dsp->setParameterFloat(FMOD_DSP_PITCHSHIFT_PITCH, 1.7);
system->playSound(sound, 0, false, &channel);
channel->addDSP(0, dsp);

after changing the sound could play normaly ,but how can I save the sound after changed to a .wav file. could you offer me some help?

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Hi Xingsheng,

I replied to your email but I will put the response here as well for other people’s benefit.

If you wish to save the altered voice to a .wav file then you will need to use FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_WAVWRITER.


Please keep in mind that if you require to output to both speakers and the .wav file at the same time you will need to create a custom DSP for this.

I hope this helped.


  • Xingsheng

    Thank you for your reply!I will try it

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