private void FmodERRCheck(Fmod.RESULT result){
    if (result != RESULT.OK)

private void InitFmodSystems()
    Fmod.Factory.System_Create(out system);
    system = new Fmod.System(IntPtr.Zero);
    system.init(3, INITFLAGS.NORMAL, IntPtr.Zero);

    channelGroup = new ChannelGroup(IntPtr.Zero);

    FmodERRCheck(system.createChannelGroup(null, out channelGroup));

Hi there
this time I get unknown error.
in c++, when invoke playSound() function we can be replace ChannelGroup value to 0 or FREE.
but C#’s example not exist every website.
so I can’t coding with compare to c++ codes
what’s wrong in this case?

  • Cameron Baron

    Can you confirm the system_create and system.init both return FMOD_OK?

  • Beomhoon Choi

    Cameron Baron Sorry man, i was so foolish xDDD
    I’m trying to construct after System_Create. Ha-Ha
    so system instance be baby.

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