Is anyone creating multichannel audio files that have more than 8 channels? (4 x stereo, or 7.1 setups).

And if so, how are you creating them? Sony Sound Forge seems limited to 8 mono channels. The program “wavewizard” mentioned in the FMOD manual is no longer available.


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    • 4 years ago
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    Wavosaur is pretty good for creating mutlichannel files.
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Sound Forge 9.0 and above should be able to create multichannel wav files (up to 32 channels). As Pete mentioned, Wavosaur can get the job done, as can Audacity.

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Thanks. When creating a New File, SoundForge seems limited to a set of multichannel presets that only go up to a 7.1 arrangement (8 mono).
As far as I can tell, you can’t just enter an arbitrary number of channels.

Recently downloaded wavosaur. Never even thought of trying Audacity.

Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Mathew Block
    With Sound Forge 9.0 there is a drop down for the channel count which goes up to 7.1, but you can type any value in. Perhaps this is different in your version of Sound Forge?
  • Robb
    Well, what do you know :-) Just tried it, and yeah, it worked. Sometimes the answer is a little too obvious. Many thanks.
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