Issue was due to me misunderstanding and 32-byte aligning buffer size rather than the actual memory address. Issue resolved.

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When using FMOD_STUDIO_LOAD_MEMORY_POINT, the buffer needs to be 32-bit aligned. Which would explain why you don’t get this error every time.

Make sure to keep the buffer around, you can only free it after receiving a FMOD_STUDIO_SYSTEM_CALLBACK_BANK_UNLOAD callback, otherwise use FMOD_STUDIO_LOAD_MEMORY to create a copy.

  • Fredrik Svantesson

    If you look at my original code sample, you’ll see that it actually is aligned correctly (it’s 32 bytes btw, not bits, but it uses a define anyway)

    And yes, I am keeping it in memory

  • Cameron Baron

    Can you try with the logging libs, they should provide more information on the cause.

  • Fredrik Svantesson

    Looks like FMOD seem to think that the data isn’t 32 byte aligned

    [ERR] AsyncCommandTableShadow::system_loadBankMemory : Error! FMOD_STUDIO_LOAD_MEMORY_POINT buffer is not 32-byte aligned!

    However, I’m pretty sure that 800 bytes are aligned to 32 bytes?

    I logged my variables just to be sure:
    BANK SIZE: 800, WAS 774, PADDED WITH 26

    This only happens for this bank as well. The other banks are much larger and always loads correctly:

    BANK SIZE: 12480, WAS 12474, PADDED WITH 6
    BANK SIZE: 5663456, WAS 5663456, PADDED WITH 0

  • Fredrik Svantesson

    Or wait, should the actual memory address be aligned to 32 even bytes? Not just the actual size.. ?

  • Fredrik Svantesson

    Yup, that seemed to have been the case. My bad! And thank you for the support Cameron, very appreciated!

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