Hi all, i am just now getting into FMODs DSP engine a little more, but i’m
lost (as usuall). could someone help me with a sample?

here is a small DSP example i made:

Function DSPCallback (originalbuffer As Void Ptr, newbuffer As Void Ptr, length As Integer, param As Integer) As F_CALLBACK
Dim Raw intX As Integer
Dim Raw Buffer As USHORT Ptr

Buffer = newbuffer

If bPlaying = True Then
    For intX = 0 To length -1
        Buffer[intX] = Buffer[intX] >> 2
    Next intX
End If

WaveCB = newbuffer
Function = newbuffer

End Function

This sounds kinda funny. it makes the sound choppy. Tho i know this
is far from the correct way to do DSP. I was just wondering if someone
could help me with something simple for me to experiment with? I do
not know how complicated it is to raise the pitch of a somg without
speeding it up. But maybe that could give me something to start with.
I am using FPU quality.

Thanks in advance

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How do i process both pairs?

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I know it is LRLRLR, but how, all i have is a pointer to an unsigned short.
where is the LRLRLRLR in it?

Would it be:

Do Until intX >= Length
Buffer[intX +1]


or something like it?

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i finally figured out why the custom strream would keep crashing my
program, it seems when i compile using optimized output with LCC it crashes.
I just turned off code optimization and tada! it worked. But why would it
crash? Also, does anyone have any simple dsp routines that I could play

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