Hi everyone, me again! 😀

My app using FMOD is coming along nicely, but I’m wondering if something I’m planning for the future is possible.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to have FMOD send audio to two different soundcards within the same VB5 app?

The only relevent function I can see is FSOUND_SetDriver, but it must be called before FSOUND_Init – meaning it can’t be used to seperate audio in the way i’d like. Is it possible to run two FMOD “instances” within the same VB5 app?

It’d be useful for people running two soundcards to be able to seperate the sounds that my app produces.

Ideas anyone?


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The easiest way (Should work, but haven’t tested yet)

make a copy of fmod.dll, ie named fmod2.dll
make a copy of fmod.bas, ie named fmod2.bas; change all reverences within from fmod.dll to fmod2.dll, and add a FMOD_ before the function names
Include both .bas files to your project.

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