platform: Win32
setup: Win2k/XP (all service packs/updates), Creative Live! Value snd card, DX9

I’m trying to load raw PCM data with FSOUND_Sample_Load with the following flags FSOUND_8BITS | FSOUND_MONO | FSOUND_UNSIGNED | FSOUND_LOADRAW.

Unfortunately, it seems to be ignoring the FSOUND_UNSIGNED flag. I’ve loaded the file into GoldWave as signed data and it sounds exactly like the output from FMOD (i.e. wrong). Is there some subtle detail I’m missing?

Also, I noticed the following comment in the “simple” example.

“Play 8bit sound at any time (limited to 3 at a time)”

Is this a per sample limitation or a global limitation (i.e. 3 channel max playing 8 bits simultaneously)?



Edit: I test converted an input file to signed with Goldwave and it works whether I set FSOUND_SIGNED or FSOUND_UNSIGNED so it’s pretty clear to me that those flags are being ignored.

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[quote="brett":3nrt67hh]Looks like in one of our upgrades to the uploading system this stuff got broken. I’ve just updated the dll and put it at
It should work ok for you.[/quote:3nrt67hh]

OK, I’ll give that a shot! 8)

[quote:3nrt67hh]Well, that is a feature, it is just showing
FSOUND_Sample_SetMaxPlaybacks(samp2, 3);[/quote:3nrt67hh]

Ah, sorry, I missed that line of code. 😳

Thanks for your help 😀


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