We are developing a natural speech application. Meaning that we make sound samples of may words and play them back.

One issue have come up.

Foe example the word “World” and “Wide” will together be “worldwide” and there’s no need to sample “worldwide”, but just play back “world” and “wide” in one go.

Here we have a performance issue.

What we would like to have is a function that plays two or more files straight after each other without calling each one of them. With no (or minimal) delay between them.

For example: PlayQueue “world.mp3, wide.mp3”

An internal function in FMOD would probably be more efficient than calling each file from the outside.

Is this possible today ?


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I think this will not be done, since the complete structure in FMOD would be gone. The streampointers returned would nog refer to a single stream.

You could of course load each file you want to be played into a seperate channel, start playback and immediately pause them.
You now only have to link the end callback to unpause the next channel/file.

Maybe there are other better solutions, but this is what I would do.


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