I would like to know if it’s possible to do this with fmod:
given A, B… short mono looping sounds.
I would like to play a 3d sound with would be a stream created by mixing A,B… with varing volume, frequency.

(As an example, it could be used to play a engine sound depending on the rpm.)

By reading the fmod documentation, it seems that there are at least 2 solutions:
1- playing A,B,C at the same 3d location, with different frequencies…
2- providing a custom stream and doing the mix myself.

so my question is: can I somehow use a fmod mixer to do (2)?


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that’s unfortunate…
All those great optimized fmod mixing routines wasted…

And if I had the commercial license (and thus, the source code), would it be easy to reuse the mixer for such purposes?

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[quote:l0vz8sr2]I dont know how easy it might be, even if i had to do it i don’t think it would be too easy.[/quote:l0vz8sr2]

I thought so…

[quote:l0vz8sr2]I dont see how just playing 3 sounds is any different to manually mixing it. It still goes through the same mixer in the end. The only difference is you are calling the 3d functions for each channel.[/quote:l0vz8sr2]

Well, I see a few differences:
1 – perforamnce wise, I guess a 3d sound is more costly than a 2D one. So I imagine it would be faster to play one 3d sound and 4 2d sounds, rather than 4 3d sounds.

2- most importantly, if the 3d hardware comes into play, then there is the problem of chanel allocation. If there are several of thoose sounds, then they will eat the 3d channels 4 times as fast. And when there will be no more channels, the ressource manager will stop the sounds independantly from one another, so leaving 1or2 out of 4 chanels playing for one “mix sound”, and it will not sound as expected… (I know this, because it’s what happens with my current directsound implementation, and that’s why I’m looking into fmod… 😉

[quote:l0vz8sr2]FMOD Ex software engine can connect multiple sounds to 1 channel, therefore allowing 1 channel to control and 3d position multiple sounds, if you want to try the pre-release alpha you can contact fmod.org for access.[/quote:l0vz8sr2]

Thank you, I wasn’t aware of this new version.
I will ask more info.

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