i have got problems using the
[code:2bp14s85]FSOUND_Stream_Net_SetMetadataCallback[/code:2bp14s85] function.

The callback is fired but if i try to get the data from the stringpointer, the program crashes. The interesting: i succeeds in the VB-IDE but if compiled it crashes…

I use the function provided in the fmod.bas

to get the value of a pointer to an string and the declaration of my callbackproc which is called through fmod looks like this:

[code:2bp14s85]Public Function METACALLBACK(ByVal pName As Long, ByVal pVal As Long, ByVal pUserData As Long) As Long
showinfo (GetStringFromPointer(pName) & ": " & GetStringFromPointer(pVal)) ‘ this lines causes the error
showinfo (CStr(pUserData)) ‘ if i skip the first 2 calls and only call this line, it succeeds compiled and in IDE
End Function[/code:2bp14s85]

Normally, i would think, that the function ‘GetStringFromPointer’ has an error, but it does work in the IDE(!!)

Could it be a threading-problem? The threading in the IDE is not the same like the threading when compiled.

Is there a trick to get around the problem or am i doing something wrong?
I was just wondering why nobody else did ask this in the forum. So there should be a solution isn’t it?
I am using Windows2000 and XP.
I read somewhere that this could be a problem on NT-based OSs while it works on Win9x.

I really dont know what to do – please help me


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