I’ve tried to use FMUSIC_LoadSongMemory(…) and found that it does not work correctly.

First, I tried to use FMUSIC_LoadSong(…) and FMUSIC_PlaySong(…) and everything was just fine.

Then, I’ve decided to link my own files loader and started to use FMUSIC_LoadSongMemory(…).
It returns OK. But never plays music.

Could you help me?

/EyeGem, Russia/

P.S.My machine is:
Pentium 233 MMX
Sound Blaster Vibra 16 (ISA)
Windows 98 Second Edition
DirectX 8.0a

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I found that LoadSongMemory() loads music someway incorrectly (samples problem). That’s strange, because I think LoadSong() and LoadSongMemory() should be quite the same.
Just now I will try to avoid this problem by emulating disk I/O operations with FMOD’s file operations callbacks.

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Hi there,

I have nearly the same problem.
I used FMUSIC_LoadSongMemory
for a long time successfull. Then
I tried to load a mp3 file with
FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile also from
memory but it does not work correct.
There is a screeezzze sound when it
starts to play and then its like if
the music is forwarded and the song
strarts nearly at the end of the music track. But then he plays with normal speed.
Don’t know what’s wrong with that function :sad: cause when I load the song without the parameter (to load it from memory) it works fine. It’s only when I load it from memory ?!

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I think that LoadSongMemory is someway really buggy… It’s pity.

But now I have no any problems, coz i’ve coded FMOD’s file operations callbacks (thanks God, they do work), and now all works!

Another moment is that in version 3.4 it’s buggy in the same way… Hmmm…


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