i used the sample code from the FMOD Player to seek in a Tracked Media, and it works well.
For my purpose i would like to know what the position in seconds after that seek !
I constantly update a Clock, but a call to :

public int getTime()
int time = FMusic.FMusic_GetTime(moduleHandle)
return time/1000;

return 0;


only returns the time played since the playback was started! For Stream based Media this all works good

Any sugestions && Many Thanks,

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yes, i searched this forum a lot about this unlucky fact. Calculating the average lenght is possible as i read. So i have to calc to average
lenght of each order and calc them together, there was some formula: BPM / 5 right ?

Mods that loop/jump at the end will fall outside this calculation, and will not show correctly.
Seems that winamp scans the files really carefully. Anyway most people do not hear mods but i like to include it so this is the best way to handle this first for me.

ie you can’t just multiply the order number by a millisecond value for example, mods have pattern jumps etc)[/quote:2o8g5tc5]

How to get the millisecond value to talk about ?

  • jens
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