Case study:

I play a sound, it plays on hardware channel 1
I then pause the sound. ( its a man walking sound )
Then the game plays loads of sounds that max out the channel count and so the hardware channel for the walk sound is reused.
Most of the extra sounds stop. (short explosion sounds) But one is still playing on the HW channel the walk sound was on.
Then I unpause (restart) the walk sound using the handle I was given by the original play command.

What happens?

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I’ve now done what most must do and add some code that tries to unpause my sound, if it fails it replays it remebering the new handle.

My question was not 100% clear, what I was wondering was if the paused sound would [i:28w8323g]move[/i:28w8323g] to another channel, aswell as any other things that may happen. But after reading old posts I guess it don’t. No big deal, just need a bit of extra ‘unpause’ code.

All clear now. :)

( i wish all SDK’s were as easy to use as FMOD )

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