Hello all!

I’ve been fiddling with the recording subsytem for a while now, and I have gotten it to work great! Of course, with an exception. 😉

Whenever I call FSOUND_Record_StartSample, whatever sound comes through my mic is also output directly to the speakers. For this application, such behavior is not very desireable!!

I’ve tried turning the Clip & Copy DSP Unit off, but it had no effect. Turning it off did, however, prevent the audio from coming thru when I actually did play the sample.

Any ideas?

I’m running on a PIII 933 with Windows XP SP1; fmod 3.73
Outputing to: Windows Multimedia driver
Drivers: {0: ‘ESS Maestro’, 1: ‘Modem #0 Line Playback’}
Current Driver: ESS Maestro
Mixer: Autodetect the fastest quality mixer

Recording Drivers: {0: 'ESS Maestro', 1: 'Modem #0 Line Record'}
Current Recording Driver: ESS Maestro


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Indeed that was my problem. Unfortunately, the driver on my laptop doesn’t have a volume control for microphone output! Works great on my desktop though, so no worries.

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