Linux on the ARM processor includes the Sharp Zaurus family of PDAs, but is not limited to that.

It would mean the ability to build proper sound support into any kind of ARM-based embedded system or PDA.

I’d still very much appreciate it if a build of FMOD3 was released with ARM Linux support, although it was suggested that FMOD3 won’t have any more platforms added. (surely this wouldn’t be a major project? Both Linux and the ARM processor are already supported, just not the combination).



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I’m not certain about how popular the Zaurus is. The user community loves them, but Sharp has decided to only release them in Japan now.

However, the Zaurus is simply one example of an StrongARM processor running Linux inside of a PDA or embedded system (including any kind of MP3 player). There are varieties of Linux available for loads of machines, including HP/Compaq iPaqs (see for example http://www.ipaqlinux.com/ ) and Siemens SimPads (http://www.opensimpad.org/).

They all run SDL, but IMHO SDL is in no way as nice as FMOD, if only API-wise.

Imagine what you can do with FMOD on the NSLU2 (http://www.linksys.com/products/product … 3&prid=640), using a USB soundcard! (see http://www.batbox.org/nslu2-linux.html for inspiration)

In any case there is no doubt in my mind that everybodies future will contain ARM processors combined with Linux in one form or another, so it is a good platform to have in your portfolio. (Latest polls suggest that embedded Linux is approximately as popular as WindowsCE for embedded applications, both at 20% according to http://www.vdc-corp.com/ ).

Most likely the number of ARM processors in your life at the moment will surprise you, presuming you have a couple of electronic gadgets.

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