That`s probably a usual question for newbies, but still…

Some ITs aren’t played properly. I have read somewhere, that this happens if an IT module is written in ModPlug. I am writing music in the original Impulse Tracker (2.14), and still, my modules aren’t played properly. They mostly lose notes.

I have posted one on modarchive.com:

[url=http://www.modarchive.com/cgi-bin/download.cgi/L/long_waiting.it:2633rn82]Long Waiting[/url:2633rn82]. While playing the first piano section (starting on 1:13), the piano instrument is played without some notes (probably due to the “fadeout” effect), and, overally it sucks 😉 . For comparison, there is a mp3-rendered version [url=http://mp3.wp.pl/p/strefa/sciagnij/84558.mp3:2633rn82]here[/url:2633rn82].

If you can, please answer by e-mail. I never know when i will be online again.

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