now make Player(what we call WINECHO) with FMOD
almost done, so l has final test serveral times.

but some time mp3 file can’t recognized total Length.
so my plyer set end of file when 1/3 point of song.

i plyeing WMP same file, it’s no problem.
at that time WMP shown 350kb/s <- it’s mean bitrate? l don’t know of the
all of audio playing mechanism,format etc,….

i got this problem last night, i need some infomation for
similar about this.

and does anyone know abot MIDI file visualization.

mybe it’s can reference below site

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Use the MPEGACCURATE flag when opening audio files, and do one of the following:

(1) Wait for FMOD for finish scanning the file before playback begins;
(2) Continue polling FMOD for its length estimates, because I think they can change as FMOD scans a newly-opened file.

Method #1 is probably the way to go–it’s less prone to problems and the time cost is usually negligible.

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thank you

but what is deffrent between FSOUND_MPEGACCURATE and FSOUND_NORMAL

maybe more resource needed then FSOUND_NORMAL?

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