checking to see if there is a chance for a CW compatible version of this version of ex. I’m looking forward to replacing 3.74 and to learn about all the great changes.

thanks a ton…
– z

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I’ve tried a variety of ways of doing this but had absolutely no luck. there is no specific codewarrior tool for doing this…

I’ve found threads like this:

http://groups.google.com/groups?q=codew … .ca&rnum=2

which recommend making a dummy dll and import lib, which I tried, and it got me to the point where I could compile without link errors, but when I ran the app, it says something like

“The procedure entry point ?init@System@FMOD@@QAE?AW4FMOD_RESULT@@HHW4FMOD_INITFLAGS@@PBX@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library from fmodex.dll”

when I compare my .lib with the _vc.lib, I see there are differences:




but I don’t understand these differences or what they mean.

I’m trying quite hard, but with no luck. any other pointers would be appreciated.

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looked, but there is no implib.exe or equivalent for codewarrior.

what I read in that statement above (and found repeated elsewhere) is that MWron says that ‘c’ dlls work but that ‘c++’ dlls will not. perhaps this is the reason why 3 works and ex does not?

anyway thanks a ton for helping out…

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