We are developing a media player using fmod (VB6)

We have come across a big problem when running on Windows Terminal Server.

Terminal Server use a software emulation (Microsoft RDP driver) of a sound card and sends the actual sound to the client.

What happens is that the sound stutters a LOT. Like sssss-ttttt-uuuu-tttt-eeee-rrrr

Have tried the demo programs that come with fmod. The VB example have the same stuttering regardless of using sample or stream.

The fmod.exe demo program works much better with an acceptable loss in sound quality.

The Windows media player and the built-in sound driver works perfectly.

Is there any fmod settings I can use or something ?


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Thanks Brett,

The solution was to set the BufferSize to 400 to get perfect sound.

But now the problem is the poor performance of the audio emulator on Terminal server. It takes over a second before the sound reaches the client. So the application thinks that the sound is finished playing, which is actually the case, but it has not played on the client yet.

Nothing we can do about that. Back to square one.

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