I got a problem when I use the PlaySoundEx function with pause option.

[code:3qkpwud7]int nChannel = FSOUND_PlaySoundEx( FSOUND_FREE, pSample, NULL, TRUE );
FSOUND_SetPan( nChannel, <somevalue> );
FSOUND_SetPaused( nChannel, FALSE );[/code:3qkpwud7]

If any other samples are playing ( like BGMs ), there is no problem.

But I’ve noticed a noise from the center-pan ( maybe a very short sound from first of the sample ) when no sample was been played yet.
And the noise was played as soon as I called the PlaySoundEx function. ( although I used the PAUSE option like above )

Can I solve this problem?

( fmod version is 3.73 )

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Thanks you for replying.

But I can hear the noise after calling the PlaySoundEx function with pause-option before resume it in channel ‘0’. ( maybe 3d hardware channel? )

I’ve tested this situation on the several computers, but the results were same.

And When I set the software channels ( like the FSOUND_Init(44100,16,… ) ), it has no problem.

Please test with below codes.
( and the sample that i tested was mono, 44.1khz )


FSOUND_SAMPLE *pSample = FSOUND_Sample_Load( FSOUND_FREE, "<wav>", FSOUND_HW2D, 0, 0 );

int nChannel = FSOUND_PlaySoundEx( FSOUND_FREE, pSample, NULL, true );
FSOUND_SetPan( nChannel, 0 );

FSOUND_SetPaused( nChannel, false );

getch ();


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[quote="brett":3bw155l9]Im sorry but I have to disagree that fmod is making a [b:3bw155l9]noise [/b:3bw155l9]before you are unpausing it. [/quote:3bw155l9]

I’m sorry about the expression ‘noise’.
As I wrote it in my first post, it does not mean a normal-noise.
I think it is the first part of the sample.


Please test with the sample above once more.

( and my result is here – http://ez.amiryo.com/linker/recorded-car.wav , I played it with pause, and set the pan to left, and unpause it. )

Thanks for your help.

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Thank you Brett, It works well after applying the new dll you gave.

Is there any problem on the current version?

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