Crash when using useplugins.exe

When you run the pre-compiled useplugins.exe from the bin directory, and choose an output, it crashes.

Crashes on every single output, except for ASIO (my sound card doesn’t support it anyway)

The wav and mp3 writer output, create a blank file, but crash before writing.

  • Opening in the IDE *
    Running does not work from the ide. It can’t load output_mp3.dll. For some reason output_mp3.dll is in the bin directory and not api/plugins?

After moving the output_mp3.dll into the correct location (api/plugins) it will now run successfully, but on using one of the output modules, it will crash.

The callstack looks like:
[code:33c519kt]CODEC_MIDI! 00a1274b()
CODEC_MIDI! 00a110db()
CODEC_MIDI! 00a11694()
FMODEXP! 10018024()
FMODEXP! 10009385()
FMODEXP! 1000e730()
main(int 1, char * * 0x003223d8) line 167 + 25 bytes

So it looks like there is a problem with midi, causing it to crash?

The rest of the examples seem to be working fine.

Cliff :)

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Is codec_midi compiled in? I changed the playstream example to play a midi and now it crashes.

Edit: I changed the useplugins example and it doesn’t work either – codec_midi crashes in its own thread after the midi starts playing.

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hi brett,

great to see aac and c#..:-)
but i have an error:

Every of your sample application can’t start, i get always:
FMOD error! (40) Error initializing output device.
on “FMOD_System_Init” call.
The c# examples also don’t work on the call “system.init”

I have a soundcard on this computer, and apps like winamp/media player do work.
Any ideas?


Problem already exists (examples and examplescsharp)…so fmod does not work for me on this machine..why? How can i help to find the error? screenshots,..?

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v13 and also 14 are working now.
Solution: Upgraded Directx7 to newest directx9

but i thought fmod (and your sample code) does not depend on directx?


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