I’m making a simulation of a turbine engine.
Here is a simplified explanation of what’s going on:
For the turbine to start up, there is a sound: “Starter_Engage_loop”.
(This sound is an electric starter engine)

Once the turbine has 15% of rpm, fuel is injected, and from then i use another sound “Turbine_Fuel_injected”

I’m using FSOUND_SetFrequency to simulate inc/dec of rpm.
Now, to make it more realistic, i would like to make the lower frequency’s of the “Turbine_Fuel_injected sample” louder during the first 4 seconds when fuel is injected.

Sadly, i find this in the documentation:
[i:28qi45ld]Note : Channels with FX enabled sounds cannot have their frequency changed.[/i:28qi45ld]

So my question is, is there some way to use EQ and SetFrequency at the same time ?


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