I just found out about FMOD, and am using it in Visual Basic 6, I had a few questions. Any other help would be appreciated. Here are my questions: (I have had msdxm working with the code I will tell later on, but I want something better to play mp3s, like FMOD!)

EDIT: I am using the .OCX of fmod (i forget where I found it). I also have fmod.bas

  1. What events are used for common MP3 media player functions (Play, Pause, Stop, etc…)?

  2. I will be using the following code to get the path and file info into FMOD (the “file browser” is a drive box, dir box, and file list box, those already work.) The line of code that will be excuted when hitting the “Play” button:

(Note that the “FMOD1.—–” info would be before the code)

Private Sub Command1_Click()
FMOD1. ——– = “Dir1.Path & ” \ ” & File1.FileName”
End Sub

  1. How do I get the spectrum analyzer to work?

Thank You for taking the time to help. 8)

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