Hey, just a while ago I was getting into C++ so right now I’m only at the basics, but I wanted to play myself an mp3 so I downloaded this FMOD bit, but with no idea how to use it 😕 After a few hours of kinda staring at the fmod.h file I managed to come up with this:


FSOUND_Init(44100, 64, 0);

song = FSOUND_Sample_Load(1, "mymp3.mp3", FSOUND_STEREO | FSOUND_LOOP_NORMAL | FSOUND_16BITS, 0, NULL);

FSOUND_PlaySound(FSOUND_FREE, song);




So I managed to get it to work, but seeing as I had to figure all this out myself (since most of the samples were over my head, and the simple ones didn’t play mp3), I was wondering if I did anything wrong here? What should be different here besides the fact there is no errorchecking?

Oh and also, when using FMUSIC the MIDI playback is horrible, is there any sort of way to pick a different MIDI device or something like that?

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