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Being a VB6/VB.NET Database programmer for 8+ years, I have been given the opportunity to delve into some multi-media programming. I have looked at DirextX, and found it too cryptic for what I want to achieve. Looking at FMOD, I think I have found the tool I want.

I am developing an application that plays a sound file (probably a .wav) to the user, and then the user responds back. I want to record what the user says, and store it as a (probably a .wav) file. I also want the recording to stop when the user stops speaking, without their direct input (eg pressing a button.)

Am I right in making the following assumptions? FMOD:
– will allow me to record sound files to disk?
– will allow me to measure either the amplitude (volume?) of the recording input or the VU levels? I plan to stop the recording when the sound level drops below a certain level for a period of time.
– will allow me to designame the file name and directory of where the recorded file ends up?
– will be nice and quick, and will not noticably interfere with other program operations (eg database query, screen redraw, etc)

Can anyone please point me in the right direction for any (or all) of the above items? If there is some sample code, it would also be appreciated.

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yes, i tihnk so, yes, yes.
recording etc. is quite well covered in the samples included in the fmod package (although there arent many VB samples but im sure you can easily translate the delphi or C ones)

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