Hi all,

irstly, I am very impressed with FMOD. With a small amount of time, and a little guidance from the samples and this forum, I have been able to meet a number of key objectives for my project.

Essentially, I have managed to record input from the mic to a wav file, and display the input as a pair of VU meters. I have done this by setting the play ‘marker’ slightly behind that of the ‘record’ marker as described in the C++ sample (and gee, did that tax my immediate knowledge of C++ 😮 !)

What I would like to explore is the following:
Is there a way of interrogating a stream using something like FSOUND_GetCurrentLevels(channel, l, r), but without relying on a play channel, rather just interrogating the stream? (eg FSOUND_GetCurrentLevels(stream, l, r) or something like it)

What will be distracting to my potential users is the fact that they will be hearing themselves speak through the speakers/headphones as they use my application.

What I want to ultimately achieve is to stop a 20-sec sample at some point by interrogating the current levels, and if they are below a certain point for a small period of time (eg 1/2 sec), then this would indicate that they have stopped talking, and the sample could then stop recording.

I would appreicate any ideas that anyone has on these items. If I have to use the play channels, then so be it. But if there’s another way, I’d like to hear it.


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