I apologize for my bad english.

I`m a beginner in windows programming, I just ask you to help me to find the correct direction to solve my problem.

I`m developing an application on WinCE pocket pc 2002 using Fmod in Visual C++ with Fmod. The application must work in two different mode: A) real time full duplex what receive from microphone is sent to the headphone B) record a wave file.

The problem is that after I want to send the wave file to a server and do some other action with J2ME.

My questions are:
– is the correct place to ask this question?
– is it possible to call Fmod API from J2ME MIDP 2.0?
– is it possible to do and what is the best solution? just only suggest me the concept to study and to use.

What kind of application I have to develop in C++ (application, DLL, COM…) and what solution I can use in J2ME to interact with C++.

My idea is to develop a thread in C++ an after send message from J2ME, but I don`t know if it is possible?

thank you,

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