I wanted to solve a problem when using Skype in conference with 5 peoples. Somes have a good mike and loud voice, other bad mike and soft voice. So I can’t find a good level in master volume.

So, I searched how to do it, and finally founded FMod. But after some hours learning and looking at tutorials, I need some help.

Basically, my soft, done with borland c++builder 6, analyse each chanel in a loop, and if the chanel is to soft (I can’t hear the guy with his bad mike), I increase the volume of this chanel.

//Initialize, direct output choice and driver use has been done
//like in tutorials

for (int i = 0 ; i < FSOUND_GetMaxChannels() ; i++)
if (FSOUND_GetVolume(i) < 50)
FSOUND_GetVolume(i, 50) ;

But, you’ll guess, it doesn’t work.

Is that a good way to try ? or a stupid one ?
Any idea, solution ?

Thanks !

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you need to use FSOUND_GetCurrentLevels to get the current level of the channel then use FSOUND_SetVolume to adjust the volume

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Thanks for your answer.

But it doesn’t work. In fact, I think I don’t catch any sound because my IF clause is always false, even with GetAmplitude(i) > 0 or FSOUND_GetVolume or FSOUND_GetCurrentLevels.

Something must be wrond in init. I’ll look again in tutorials.

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