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I was wondering why anyone would need/use to have the 3DMin/Max Settings in a sound object rather than at playback set it dynamically set them to the used channel. Is this on purpose to inherit these settings or not cleaned up yet.

I rather have them only set on a channel, because then I could use one sound to playback several times at the same time on different channels with different settings. (that would include Loop Modes).

Reuse of assets is important for us, so we have a clean sound object in memory that we can playback with different setting the way we want.

Any comments on this?

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To have the settings seperated from the actual sample is needed quite often. And because of the reason I named before: Reuse of assets.

Lets say, your gun shots in 1st person view need differnt settings than in 3rd person view, need different settings for NPC enemies.
Same with footsteps, all kind of weapon sounds, and so on.
So not the sound date stores the default values, but the object or the state the object is in.

When you drive a vehicle, probably the sound designer wants it sound differently than when an enenmy vehicle passes by.

Giving designers freedom to tweak sounds, without loading the same assets several time would be good.

I was just wondering if others here favour settings bond to the actual sound data.

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