Its like this. Most sound cards have a default sampling rate at 48 khz, so my fmod mixing engine is set to 48 khz. But many of the mp3 files I’m using are compressed in 44.1 khz. That means (or at least that is what I think it means) that fmod upsamples my mp3 to 48 khz before mixing it with the rest of my stuff. This would not be a problem if I’d just give my mp3s a hardware channel (which I’m not willing to do since I reserve the hardware channels for 3d sound, and my music does not fall under that), apparently the hardware resampler has a built in anti aliasing filter. But how ever this is not true for the software channel. I get horrible high-pitched aliasing frequencies when I play a 44.1 khz mp3 song through a software channel with a 48 khz mixing engine.

So basicly my question for the makers of fmod is this. Is it possible to have a anti aliasing filter on the resample in a software channel, or do I have to convert all my stuff (a lot of stuff) to 48 khz. (and since my SF batch converter is giving me grief I really can’t be arsed)



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