in my project i am using renderware, so when i set the listener position i call

FSOUND_3D_Listener_SetAttributes((Float)&p_vPos, (Float)&p_vVel, -p_vAt.x, p_vAt.y, p_vAt.z, -p_vUp.x, p_vUp.y, p_vUp.z);

now the at and up vectoors are changing every frame, but it seems that fmod is still using +Z as (0 , 0, 1) and +Y (0, 1, 0). i am calling update every frame, and negating the x axis or not seems to have no effect.

all my sounds seem to be depandant on if the listener’s at vector is (0 , 0, 1) but hte audio is still flipped( sound should be on left, but is emitting from right) what am i doing wrong? i can post more code if needed.

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