hi all!
In my game I added the FMOD sound to one of my racing cars engine.
At the moment when driving the car you can hear the cars engine sound which is looped.
I still want to play the same sound by looping it but whenever I increase the accelerator I want to hear a heigher tone of the sound and whenever I decrease the accelerator in the car then the sound should go to some lower tone. Just like it happens in a real car engine ie. if you accelerate then the engine increases its rotation/per minute which makes the engine to work louder and also it changes the tone to some higher tone. I don’t want to just increase the volume. I already know how to do it. I want to increase the sound tone. Just like in music you have a tone eg. Tone “C” and then “Cis” and the next tone would be “D”. How Can I achieve this effect. Some code examples or a tutorial on this would be a huge help! or anything!!

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