Im quite new to working with MacOSX, and i don’t have such a computer myself. I’ve built an application that runs quite well on both windows, linux och macosx.

Now i’m trying to use fmod for sound and then i get these errors when it’s run on macosx:
2005-04-21 20:10:22.527 xa-005[24740] ***
_NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0xa2e7938c of class NSCFString
autoreleased with no pool in place – just leaking
…. lots more

Here’s the compat code im using (to call the real main()):

What i can see, there is a “pool” in that code, why isn’t it used?

This is a c++ application and i link with libfmod.a and use the
frameworks SDL, Cocoa and Carbon.

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My problem was that i initiated and run all SDL things in a thread, thus
i seemed to get out of the context of the “pool”. It works not though.

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