I’m a beginner in programming with FMOD_EX and would like to ask if somebody could give me sample code that shows me how to sample a Signal from the left-MONO Channel of the soundcard, like an oscilloscope.
The Datas have to be stored in a buffer that will be overwriten every second.
The Data will be shown on the GUI at the same time (realtime). The GUI itself is not the problem.

Programming Language is C++ WITHOUT any Windows-API function.

Could that be done with FMOD_EX?
And How exactly?

Thanks a lot

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Hi brett,

thanks for the hint, but I doubt if its what I am looking for.

I tried to get it record and display the signal at the same time. It doesn’t work. Perhaps its not ment to work this way. Or did I something wrong?

  • looping record into a buffer
  • Callback every second to get the Data and plot the signal or do some calculations with it
  • eventually save the Data of the amount of the last buffer size.

Do I need the DSP Functionality to do it?
Do I need to record into a stream?


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