I’m a very amature programmer, just starting, and going to school and all and ect, ect, ect. Anyway, I used fmod to put sond into my project and it works great for playing mp3s I have stored in my project folder, but I also want to be able to play cds with my program, and I know fmod has cd functions but I can’t get them to work. What I need to do is make a simple process so that it will open the cd, read the # of tracks, and then play the first track, when it ends then i need to start the next track (which should be easy), but also, I want to add command buttons later on that will allow a user to be able to navigate through tracks using a next button and a previous button, so I also need to know how to stop a track and move to the next. I really don’t need the whole code, I like to figure things out on my own, I just need a better understanding of how to use the FSOUND_CD_Play, FSOUND_CD_SetPlayMode, FSOUND_CD_GetTrack, and the FSOUND_CD_GetNumTracks. Mainly with the get track and the get num tracks I just need to know if I can use those to navigate through the cd, like if they click next then I can use the get track to change the song.

Any and all help would be very greatly appreciated, thanks.

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