I am using FMOD_EX4.00.28 in a Windows enviroment and C++ language. I would like to post the following questions:

1) dsppluginviewer-Example, Line 1120: Why is there a Sleep(100)?

2) After have called “FMOD::System_Create(&fmodSystem)” I use the method “getDriver(&id)” and get a “id = -1” back! What went wrong?

3) The method “getNumDrivers(numDrivers)” and get “numdrivers=2” back. In a for-loop I then use “getDriverName” and get the same driver name twice. I have only one Soundcard in my System. Whats wrong here?

4) When I then use the method “getDriverCaps” on both drivers (1 and 2), i get back good values for the first driver and zeros for the second one. Is it possible that these functions have a bug?

5) how is it possible to use Frequencies of 48000 Hz when the soundcard only has a max. Frequency of 19200 Hz (from getDriverCaps()) ?

6) how can I find out in which frequency I have to call update() and afterwards getWaveData() to get tha actual datas? Or is there a possibility to use a callback for this in which I can use getWaveData()?



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