okay i checked the driver example and there i can only select the soundcard driver.
now i also want to set the playback driver (directsound, waveout, asio…). okay no problem so far but one driver might not be available on a different system.
so what i need is a way to find out what output drivers and also channels are available so that i can put them in a combobox.

i hope anyone can help me with this, i have tried for quite a while but i think that it cant be done with fmodex alone

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okay i do not have much time at the moment.
this is partly what i was looking for – the issue is that i dont know if i have other users of my software than me they might think: wow, asio support but really asio isnt available on the machine.
so what you are saying is, that there is no better way to do this?
well if fmod cant then i will need to find out how it can be done in windows.

also there seems to be a bug in the vb plugins example:
‘ Load up an extra plugin that is not normally used by FMOD.
result = FMOD_System_LoadPlugin(System, “output_mp3.dll”, 0, 0)
‘ If it isn’t in the same directory, try for the plugin directory.

    result = FMOD_System_LoadPlugin(System, "../../examples/plugin_dev/output_mp3/output_mp3.dll", 0, 0)
    ERRCHECK (result)
End If

i dont know what this is supposed to do but output_mp3.dll doesnt exist at either of those locations so the example will always fail, commenting it out works partly – then i get no sound.
okay found it: rename output_mp3.dll to codec_mp3.dll

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