I found a problem in my code that setposition is just work in some cases but I really can’t reproduce it with any example. I assume it is because I use a big Framework of DSP’s and streaming sounds. So I found a bug in read/seekData. The example I sent to support@fmod opens a SoundOrg then this SoundOrg is read by a user defined stream SoundA (SoundOrg->readData). Now I can play everything and I can do FMOD_CREATESTREAM on SoundA. Now I do exactly the same again reading data from SoundA to SoundB. Here it is pretty weird because now I can not do FMOD_CREATESTREAM. I am pretty puzzled … Do you have any Idea?
Do you have any explaination? I my real world case I get pretty big memory usage approx. 60MByte per MP3 (probably, the decoded data I think). I the attached example the memory usage isn’t reproduceable.

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