Hi all, again.

I would like to start experimenting with some of the synchronization techniques with FMOD. (I’m ussing FMOD 3.7.3, Win32, VS .NET 2003). I’ve looked through the documentation pertaining to the Synch callback functions, but which thread will the callback be executed in?

I’m working on a single-threaded game engine, and I’m assuming that FMOD runs in its own thread (guess it’s not really single threaded 8) ).

If I use the callback to provide feedback to my system, will I need to create a Mutex around the memory that would be influenced by the callback? I just want to do something simple, like have the callback create an event which will be queued for the rest of the engine, but since I’ve been assuming single-threadedness so far, I may have to go in and change a bunch of project settings…

Anyhow, thanks in advance for any help!

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